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Dire Straits -- Classic Song Ruled Offensive in Canada

1/13/2011 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

26 years after the Dire Straits classic hit "Money for Nothing" first hit the airwaves ... the song has been ruled "too offensive" to be broadcast on Canadian radio ... because of a homophobic lyric.


The issue first arose last year, after someone filed a complaint explaining that the song contained the homophobic F-word ... three different times.

The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council ruled that the word is indeed offensive -- and ordered radio stations to use an edited version of the song.

The CBSC explained that societal values have "shifted" since the song debuted ... and "the broadcast of the song in 2010 must reflect those values, rather than those of 1985."


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You people commenting are pathetic. Oh, and just a little FYI, the edited version has already been airing here for YEARS. Stupid news is stupid.

1376 days ago

Mr. Pervect    

This is why nobody listens to radio anymore.

1376 days ago


sure, they edit that out, but it's ok to swear in a "Canadian" song for example... The Tragically Hip's "Locked in the trunk of a car", a line says "Where you can see I became chronologically f u c k e d up"....oh yeah, we also have Canadian Content rules where radio stations HAVE to play a quantity Canadian music. No ifs, ands, or but about it....

1376 days ago


It's a great great song.

But this is the sign of a good change in public values, people, not a bad one.

1376 days ago


americans shoot each other in the head and canadians ban a word in a song - which is better? hmmmm, I wonder. get over yourselves, you don't have such a great country.

1376 days ago


LOL at America!! You trained the terrorists for 911 in your own school you even provided the planes! I can go buy 6 houses in almost ANY STATE for what houses in Canada are worth. Your country is unemployed and ****ed for the next decade. Your own stupid Gun laws and ''American RIGHTs'' just helped contribute to another tragedy with a 9 year old girl dead among others in Arizona. Before you wanna make fun of any other country think about it for a sec.

1376 days ago


Hey Americans,

You guys blank out lots of words in songs on the radio too. Let's not get all high and mighty over this now. Also, just last week you guys censored Huckleberry Finn. What's the diff?


1376 days ago


Wow!!! Here I am this am reading my homepage with coffee and WHAAT??? Jeeeze, I'm Canadien. I'm ashamed.
Leave these songs and books alone.
PC my ass...change in societal views my ass...

Stop this censoring. We can handle the words. Telling us, the masses what is not okay sounds to me like
Do this,don't do that...

Government get out of our lives. We are free persons.

I am believing we are not so free. Democracy,my ass.
I'm pissed at all this PC crap.
Who are you to tell me what language I can use or what words I can read in a book or hear in a song?
Enough already...

1376 days ago


Ugh... The CRTC is a complete joke. They are so out of touch with everything and they need to remove their heads from their asses. Just because one person is offended, it doesn't mean that the rest of the population is. Or if they are, they decide to change the damn radio station, not listen to it, and move on with their lives.

1376 days ago


@Kev - you and I are on the same page buddy!!

1376 days ago


This happened because one guy complained,,,,, Oh for the love of Christ !!! oop's did the C word offend anyone ?? Well I am lodging a complaint that the word God offends me. Now that should take care of censoring 80% of country music,,,, to which I will be thankful !!

Oh and to #10 re; Damn French,,,, Suce mon Grande votre batard !! ;)

1376 days ago


Well, that's gay...ooops, I mean stupid!

1376 days ago


same battle that happened here in the US when it first came out. they used an edited one after it was first brought up. history repeating

1376 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

Really Canada? You allow the Trailer Park Boys (I love them, btw!) to air in your country and they have used every offensive word known to man, but you don't allow this?

1376 days ago


What next? Will we ban the Bible for being homophobic? Since when does a person's sexual orientation give them more power than heterosexuals? Why does sex come into play at all? Why not keep your mouth shut about what or who you are, like most heterosexuals and just brag about your job, your family, whatever. In other words, homosexuals need to stop saying their 'different' and just accept who they are. No need to re-write history, or insist you have the write to ban all aspects of cultures past because you don't like it. There's lots of things I don't like, but being a heterosexual means I have no right to complain.

1376 days ago
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