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Mark Zuckerberg -- Modest Move

1/14/2011 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and "Social Network" fame has made a big move -- into a 3,800 square foot rental in Palo Alto, CA.
Zuckerberg, whose estimated worth is $7 billion, now has to walk just a few blocks to work.

The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, in case Sean Parker comes to visit. The home also has a tricked out security system.

Nice to see a 26-year-old who knows how to manage his money.


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#29 BUT he DID give the money away. How many celebs do ANYTHING with their cash but spend it ALL on themselves? It's the thought!

1357 days ago


Facebook just spent 8 million on " FB.COM" he is not so frugal or modest

1357 days ago


@ #25... you really suck at math.

1357 days ago


My only comment is why doesn't he buy a house instead of renting. Look that is a nice area I know because I live in the Bay Area, but there are lots of nicer places too.

1357 days ago


For all those people(including TMZ)who think he is managing his money well and made a wise decision on the house. Keep in mind he is just "Renting" the house which is basically throwing money away but then again he is probably just renting the place until he builds his own.

1357 days ago


#7 he didn't donate a few Billion to Newark schools! He donated 100 million. Still a lot of money but a far cry from 2 billion. I can understand not being in a huge house but put that house on 5 or 6 acres somewhere nearby

1357 days ago


Man, his parents did an outstanding job!

I wish more young people got it when it comes to $$.

In a few years he'll be sitting on a fortune and the nation will be so far in debt. He could run the show. If he's not collecting cats in the basement here or something.

1357 days ago


shame it looks like an illegal mexican haven with all the satt dishes sticking out.

1357 days ago


Palo Alto is a very expensive and exclusive area. This house cost at least 2 million! He paid big bucks for this place.

1357 days ago


This house may look modest but I guarantee it is well over a million. Palo Alto CA is one of the priciest zips in the Bay Area.

1357 days ago

fioo hoos    

With these high gas prices and underwater home sells renting is cheaper than just the taxes in some states plus he`s a kid why built untill you know where you want to live for the next few years.He could still have a body guard or two.I`am sure they like the location more than the house.Having billions and STILL being able to fuction in public is worth more than having to hide from everyone and everything and people whom have made thier own money don`t have to live the high life to enjoy life and living in a cage makes you hate money after time.Rich or poor everyone is the same..only people who build walls have to live in them

1357 days ago


When you are rich, you live in a mansion, when you are wealthy you live in a modest house or apartment. Zuckerburg could buy every house for sale in the that town if he wanted to, but expressing his wealth isn't his priority. It's like Warren Buffet said "I always loved making money but never really cared much for spending it." He was the one that started the billionaire challenge, to give away atleast half your wealth in your lifetime.

1357 days ago

Ralph Lauren    

Very VERY Intelligent man.

1357 days ago


I love the house. But why not buy? Renting is dumb when you have that much cash.

1357 days ago


Dear #5, he gave FIFTY % of his income to charity last year. FIFTY PERCENT, dude, respect that.

1357 days ago
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