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Mark Zuckerberg -- Modest Move

1/14/2011 4:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and "Social Network" fame has made a big move -- into a 3,800 square foot rental in Palo Alto, CA.
Zuckerberg, whose estimated worth is $7 billion, now has to walk just a few blocks to work.

The house has five bedrooms and four bathrooms, in case Sean Parker comes to visit. The home also has a tricked out security system.

Nice to see a 26-year-old who knows how to manage his money.


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I am just a few miles from Palo Alto. I don't know know why he's renting here, when there's much better property in other parts of Palo Alto or either Menlo Park or Atherton. Duh, Mark!!!

1348 days ago


I have that car. It rides very, very low. It must scrape out terribly in that driveway. I wonder if the car is his too. That would be really cool.

1348 days ago


Yeah this dude is seriously looking for trouble. Doesn't he realize we're in a recession right now, ppl are hungry and are starting to do just about anything to get money. He's like the billionaire next door neighbor. I really doubt that he'll be living in the house, but he has to know that if he has anyone living in their that they will be subjected to the crazies also.

1348 days ago


While I applaud him for wanting to be frugal, he needs to think about his safety first. Simply put, he is not safe in a house that is ten feet from the road in a public area. Seeing this picture alone makes me want to rob him.

Buy a cheap car and cheap clothes, but he needs to buy a house that is more secluded and secure than this or he's just asking for trouble.

1348 days ago


oh please the man is a BILLIONAIRE no way he lives in this house. i am sure he gets mail there so he can look like an everyman and has a huge pad elsewhere. the security risks alone (no gate etc) are a big no no, not to mention the crappy setup in his basement/den. sorry not buying it.

1348 days ago


He is smart enough to know that big car means small. But he is too dumb to take care of the security of the thing that brings him so much money.

As for TMZ. That was a cruel thing to do. A guy is trying to be modest, and you guys are showing off his new house to God knows how many people who are hungry for money. Smells like wannabes!

1348 days ago


5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms sounds big to me! why did social network mention myspace, but not say how it is different! it is plainer looking and has "interested in." what else?! and why did the value of facebook drop from 20 billion at the end of the movie to 7 billion?

1348 days ago


No matter how much money one has - there is always the question of "How much is enough?" Looks like this is enough for him.

1348 days ago


At least the electric bill will not cost a fortune like Nic Cage's house probably does.

But the security issue would bother me. I'm sure he will never actually answer the door, but some moron could easily break a window to get in, even if a bodygaurd is there 24/7.

If he want's to be frugal, he should buy a thousand acres in Montana (somewhat cheap), fence it off, have a small home in the middle of it with panic rooms, and communicate with the Facebook office through the 100's of computers he probably already has.

1348 days ago

northern gypsy    

RENTAL ??? i don't think so !!! ALWAYS have your name on the title...
it doesn't have to be a monster home...but...he needs to OWN !!!

1348 days ago


Yo! My house was bigger than that!

1348 days ago

the real diva    

love facebook. always on it. but it is nice to see how he is staying down to earth. not living it up..or showing off his wealth. good for him. all the best to him.

1348 days ago


Why is everyone praising him for being frugal with a buck. THAT house in THAT location is probably two million dollars a month.

1348 days ago

silver rose    

i think it is way too accessible for someone of his stature financially.... It feels a bit too John Lennon'ish and Versace' for my tastes but good for him.

1348 days ago


If he bought a $20 million dollar house then so many would complain...he goes this route and so many....complain. He is giving half of his wealth to charity and for that people....complain. As kickaboo said, danmed if you do, damned if your don't.

1348 days ago
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