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Suze Orman -- Octomom Only Had $300 to Her Name!

1/14/2011 9:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman went on "Oprah" this morning with her personal financial adviser Suze Orman -- who explained that Octo's financial situation was so bad last year ... she only had $300 to her name.

Suze's been teaching Octo how to save up ... and during the show, she also got Nadya to reluctantly admit that she had a "baby addiction" when she decided to fill herself up with embryos.

Octo also revealed that she made $1,500 during her infamous garage sale a few months back.

As for Octo's financial future -- Nadya told O she's simply looking to get by because she doesn't want to get rich ... insisting, "I love my dilapidated van."


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Nobody wants to watch a do***entary on her, that's obvious, or there would be one. Networks are interested in one thing, and one thing only, and that is making money. If she could make them money, they'd hire her. Obviously she's not worth it.

Why not get a "REAL" job. She could certainly work nights in the field that she worked in previously. Has she even applied for a job?

1323 days ago


Suze Orman is terrible - charging people for financial advice???

That's an oxymoron right there! If the person actually had money, well they wouldn't really need advice would they? What it seems like is that she is preying on the poor :( How sad.

1323 days ago


Still getting attention. Unbelievable! Those children should have been taken from her a long time ago. She is a poor excuse for a mother and a human being.

1322 days ago



1322 days ago


So now Oprah and Suze are in on helping the octoscam???! UNBELIEVABLE! Do they not know that Natalie doesn't put much in her name???? Hence the not having much in her name because she HIDES what she has....why not ask her why all the names changes. Do they really expect people to buy this crap that Natalie has no money? Come on she is a SCAM artist and has been conning the California taxpayers for years....all the while using her children to do it. Why is she even on Oprah? Why is Oprah playing along with the LIAR does she has trouble finding viable quests to fill her shows. Do they really think they can change a sociopaths can't be doen and they should know that...what a bloody waste of time.

1322 days ago



She is not charging Octoslut for anything. You have no idea what a financial planner is do you? They aren't debt counselors - they give financial advice to people who have money and want to find ways to invest it. She is a FINANCIAL PLANNER. You must have money in order to plan what to do with it. She doesn't prey on anyone.

She has been working with octoliar for 6 months to try and get her finances in order and help her with ways to manage the money she has coming in. She is trying to help that ungrateful, entitled POS.

1322 days ago


When will the Octoshow be done?

It's been done,done,done since way before the ludicrous photoshopped bikini barf. She just hasn't figured out yet that the very last thing the world would ever want to see is an x-rated mother of 14. People are instinctively repulsed by the mere premise. Not to mention how she has neglected and failed to nurture her trapped victims.

Instead she gets on-line totally loaded -- so wasted that lately her lawyer or his wife fill-in late nights with celebrity economics lectures rather than let her rant-- and starts listing all the many, many completely irrational reasons she is entitled to a reality show.

No one is going to help her anymore because everyone knows that none of the money will ever reach those trapped kids. It hasn't so far and she's blown probably close to 2 million, much of it donated.
So why bother?

If she had only kept her clothes on and even pretended to care about those babies she'd be rolling in the good life right now and had everything she schemed to get.
Instead she threw it away. Just threw it away to play at being half her age and apparently twice her actual IQ. I really do believe that she is cursed by God to be a failure at everything she touches for the rest of her life. She is the Midas of Shhit.

She has to be the stupidest villains that ever lived. She was given everything and she systematically destroyed every bit of it. And still keeps yowling for more.

I am so very grateful to Oprah for finishing her off. A year from tomorrow she'll be trying to get those food stamps to last til the end of the month and the only stair climber she'll ever see again is the bannister in the projects.

Maybe it is actually a good thing for her that she is far too much of a delusionally idiotic sociopath to comprehend how much of a nightmare her life is about to turn into.
Poverty, addiction, sickness, impairment, death. Wait til she finds out what it is like to be chronically and continually falling apart a piece at a time with no doctor able to do much about it.

She has what time she has left on earth to remember that she deliberately and repeatedly made the choice to steer right into the thick of every disaster. There is no one who pushed her. She brought every bit of it down on herself.
And she is utterly misguided in her belief that she can hide behind those babies. She seems to be the only one who hasn't figured out yet that she is going to be cut off, derided and despised every minute until she gives those kids up.

All resisting that will do is give her life of continual destitution until she does. She'll just be dragging it out for herself. Her kids will each hate her for doing this to them. It look like some already do.
There is no happy ending for this Disney addict.
No toy that will evr make it better for those kids.

1322 days ago


Posted at 10:24 AM on Jan 14, 2011 by Boze
Kimba, you`re claiming it was Nadya`s choice not to have a reality show. It was NOT her choice. She doesn`t have one because nobody would give her one!
Boze, by your own website you dug up cop/pasting it on here proves that TLC had admitted that "Nadya was getting all kinds of offers After the birth of the babies, TLC acknowledged that several of its affiliated production companies began reaching out to Suleman to discuss a possible reality show. At the same time, TLC viewers — using the network’s website as a sounding board — threatened to boycott any new show that would feature Suleman and her brood." (So how can you say she didn't have a choice? These so called "affiliates" of TLC approached Nadya and she has stated from day one that she didn't want a reality TV show, that she would settle for a doc-mentary because that would be what every six months to a year as appose to filming her kids five days a week? It sure screwed up some of the Gosselin kids, with them acting out, bullying, disrespecting students and teachers, fighting and name calling to the point they got kicked out of school. So I can understand not wanting Elijah and the rest of her kids being influence by that kind of lifestyle. Elijah doesn't like the cameras, catch him in a good mode and he's fine with it, a bad day he wants no part of it and will act out as he did with the eye-work doc-umentary. And from what I understand Eye-work contacted Radar Online whom Nadya was working for doing daily diary on their gossip website. My guess is eye-work was the only ones willing to work with Nadya giving her what she wanted (doc-umentary rather then a full reality TV show) and that's why she went with them. Only no network would pick up Nadya story due to the bad press and publicity she was getting from the public and the fact that she had turned them all down prior according to TLC. So eye work found a took the one time show to UK who ran the doc umentary, but eye-work from what I understand is based in US so I don't know how that worked...

Are you proposing that everyone in this country, as well as others, change our opinion of her simply so that you and Nadya can have what you want? Not. Gonna. Happen.
No, I'm not asking anyone to do a thing but let Nadya handle her own business and stop trying to prevent her from finding a study employment. Boze, many are telling Nadya to get out there and work like she has 2-3 children. She has 14 all under the age of 9. Though she is all caught up with her monthly mortgage, she has a whopper of a balloon payment hanging over her head which she is having trouble paying. Which explains why she allow Oprah to exploit her on the show. Perhaps Oprah, Suze and Nadya worked something out. I don't know... All I'm saying is; how is she going to work when haters, YES HATERS are blocking her? She can't find a 9-5 because it won't begin to put a dent in that balloon payment yet alone food, pampers, milk, medical and utility bills. The media pushed Nadya into the spotlight, so she's pushing back to earn a living for her family. She's never going to give up her kids, she loves them that much not to give them up. Why do people think it's so easy to give up your own child? It's the hardest thing any parent has to do and if giving the choice will not do it. IMO Those must be the people who doesn't have kids or never had to give up theirs to support such idiotic suggestion.

Now people can say what they want, think what they want. But Nadya has tried her hardest to remain off food stamps and disability. She took on various quick jobs to make end meat and providing for her family without being a burden on taxpayers for two years now. The well is just running dry and she need a little help. Like I said, Nadya must be desperate as ever to go running to Oprah and Suze asking for their help. My thought Boze, if Nadya didn't care about her kids going hungry, their home, friends and schools being taking away from them. I don't think Nadya would have ever gone to Dr. Phil, Oprah or Suze. And notice she didn't ask the public for help, she went to the top people that can actually pull some strings and get things done. People whom has help others in her situation before... Nadya is a mother crying desperately for help to keep her family together and in the only place her children ever called home. I truly believe that.

1322 days ago


Is she kidding? She put her kids homelife in jeopardy by having her electricity shut off? I'm sure they will be so proud of her when their friends tease them about this!! Even they know how much money she has blown thru in the last 2 years...they know about her plastic surgery....they have seen her go from mom to a walking caricature...they are surrounded by flatscreens, video games & plastic junk!! So much more important than electricity & food...This women is the epitomy of the lowest class life form of a "mother" I have ever seen! Disgusting!!!!

1322 days ago


OH Kimba10.....SHUT UP! you get on here everyday and talk gibberish. It is clear you are Nadya ok girl so just stop! Most people already have your number and know the truth.

all I can say is that I am going to get my boots out because theBULL S..T is going to be knee high today. real eyelashes? yea right. real lips? yea right. rubberband body? yea right.

Liar Liar

1322 days ago


I think that everybody agrees that Octomom does not have the skills to get a regular job that will allow her to support 14 kids.

So, if she is going to support the kids through her own effort, it will have to be through the entertainment industry. However, it is also apparent that this won't be successful, either. Her situation is not very entertaining, and her personality is rather repulsive. She will probably attract occasional interest as a freak, but not enough to earn a living.

Given the reality of the situation, what is the best thing to do? As difficult as it may be to do, giving up the kids for adoption would be the solution that most rational people would opt for. I know it sounds callous to advocate breaking up a family, but how much of a family can this really be? There are too many kids for them to form meaningful relationships with each other, and Octomom can't possibly have enough time to establish real maternal relationships with all of the kids. As a child, I would much rather have a close relationship with an adoptive mother and father than a distant relationship with a biological mother.

We can't expect Octomom to act rationally. Her primary interest is being the center of attention, and that won't happen if all of the kids are placed in better cir***stances.

1322 days ago



What planet are you from? You don't have children unless you can afford them! She had SIX children already and asked to have 12 embryos implanted. All while not having any viable means to support the ones she already had. She didn't accidently get pregnant. This was a planned and calculated move. You also don't go begging people for help. You go out and get a matter what. How about working nights? Now there is a novel idea! NOBODY owes her anything. Least of all Oprah, who made her living the old fashioned way. She earned it!

1322 days ago


Posted at 10:26 AM on Jan 14, 2011 by ilovegossip
Nobody wants to watch a do***entary on her, that's obvious, or there would be one. Networks are interested in one thing, and one thing only, and that is making money. If she could make them money, they'd hire her. Obviously she's not worth it.
That's not entirely so. there's been quite a few doc-umentaries that Nadya has done to earn resources for her family. It is with those interviews that she was able to pay her monthly mortgage. I personally had no idea about the German and French doc-mentaries on Nadya, yet alone Doc-umentary filmmaker Luke Campbell who talks to BBC News about his experiences making OctoMom: Me & My 14 Kids for a Cutting Edge to be shown on Channel 4 in the UK at 9pm Nov 12 2009. These has been brought to my attention. The latest one from the German done in October of 2010 I just seen couple weeks back because people brought it to my attention. So you are wrong, people do want to see her doc umentary, people are interested in Nadya whether they are rooting for her or want her to fall flat on her face. They're watch, they're talk about her and they will gossip about her. Which is why we all are here and I'm sure every single one of will be watching the Oprah show. Some to watch her get stomp all over and other will be watching to see if she actually get the help she desperate need rather then just hate and anger to up ratings.

Why not get a "REAL" job. She could certainly work nights in the field that she worked in previously. Has she even applied for a job?
Who would hire her? We already saw how people react to her getting a reality TV show... Boze prove that. Sad to say, people have such a hate for this woman just because she now has to try and make a living off the media who pushed her into the spot light in the first place. And what I don't get is no one is complaining that Kate Gosselin is selling out her kids lives to make a quick buck and so are the Duggars and hosts of other reality TV shows on TLC with high multiple babies. How we know these people didn't deliberately have kids to sell them to TLC? Since they sure as hell didn't turn down TLC offers. Now is Nadya wrong for turning TLC or whomever else offer her a reality TV show in the beginning, I think so. But Nadya is also known for making bad choices, people were already starting rumors that she had octuplets to get rich and get a reality TV show like Kate Gosselin. Had she taking it, there would have been a lot of I TOLD YOU SO's! But Nadya imo should have taking it, she wouldn't be in the position that she is in now fighting for her kids right to remain in their home and with the only mother they'll have. Fighting for them to stay together as a family. Single mom in need and I so hope and pray she gets the help she needs. If not from Oprah/Suze then by some rich audience and viewers out there. She was offer onces a home in TX. by some strangers when the bellflower force her into moving out of Whittier, let's hope those same folks call in to help. :)

1322 days ago


Not to worry. The American taxpayers will bail her out.

1322 days ago


So now she's begging to Oprah? Like that wasn't expected.

1322 days ago
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