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Kelly to Regis:

You're WHAT?!?

1/18/2011 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Live! with Regis & Kelly" tell TMZ ... Regis Philbin blindsided Kelly Ripa with his retirement announcement today ... telling her less than 15 minutes before they went on the air.

Regis and Kelly

We're told Kelly was "stunned" that Regis didn't tell her well in advance.  But one source connected with the show tells us, "She wasn't upset."

Our sources say Regis felt if he talked about it before making the announcement, it would have leaked out.


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K.R. with her loud mouth & total narcissistic persona ruined this show for me a long time ago!

End of an era with Regis leaving, as are her 15 mins. of fame, finally!

1377 days ago

Jean Paul    

Time to go, I will miss all those funny sounds coming out of that old guy snort...SNORT....SNORT... yuk....listening to that while having your coffee in the morning,,,gulp....keep Kelly with a weekly guest co-host

1377 days ago


Good for you Regis! Be with your family and enjoy them!! I think that Jay Mahar should take Regis' place. He and Kelly always had chemistry.

1377 days ago


To all those mentioning her husband as a replacement, that wouldn't work as they wouldn't be able to vacation together. They'll probably use the audition process to pick someone from obscurity.

1377 days ago

Enough Already    

#48, I couldn't agree with you more. When Kelly came on board I slowly stopped watching. Now with Regis soon to be gone, I'll never watch it again. Kelly's ego is way to big for her body and her personality is so bad. Two seconds of her and I'm ready to hurl. I'd take fingernails on a chalkboard anyday over her! She's probably sitting back rubbing her hands together with an evil laugh thinking, "MINE! IT'S ALL MINE!!" Maybe they should take the show off all together. Without Regis, it's nothing. Kelly take your boney ass arms and body and go find a job sponsoring Burger King or something......

1377 days ago


Regis Philbin has ALWAYS had it more together than either Kathie Lee Gifford, an egomaniac, or Kelly Ripa, an exercise addict and possible anorexic. And, if you watched the show regularly, you would know that the first 20 minutes are among the funniest ever on tv. The nasty comments about him are perfect examples of ageism in our society. And I'll bet these same people treat their older relatives or any older people they meet in public the same way - as over-the-hill and useless.

1377 days ago


He should have left years ago. Sick of his talk about his ailments and Joy's demands at restaurants.

This show needs to be cancelled. Kelly Ripa is DEPLORABLE and I stopped watching the show years ago because of her calling in and disrupting The View after she insulted Clay Aikens!

Hope the witch and her gay husband go bankrupt and live in the projects with those brats of theirs.

1377 days ago


Hire Cosmo Kramer and get rid of Kelly Ripa,she's dreadful..

1377 days ago


He is dying of cancer, let him be.

Ricky Gervais has been tapped to replace him, they are in negotiations.

1377 days ago

A.G. Stevens    

#54 Middol - First, Kelly is awesome. And second, she has made more money in a month than you will in your whole career flipping burgers. God, you are jealous! Who cares about that loser Clay Aiken anyways!

1377 days ago


Ok number 58:"Ms. Ripa" got all upset at Clay for putting his hand overher mouth when he was trying to ask a question and she had to be the queen and keep talking. Then she made a remark about not knowing where his hand had been. Do you remember that later there was a tape of her putting her hand over Rigis' mouth? Kelly Ripa is a bigot and her husband is dumber than a box of rocks. Let her take over the show and it will be cancelled in 3 days. She has zero personality and has no talent besides being rude and insensitive to people. She is really showing her age by being so stick thin. Just fold the show up and say it was a great 28 years!

1377 days ago

A.G. Stevens    

I don't care about Clay Aiken so I could care less about this old incident. I liked Regis too. But I wouldn't mind a weekly guest co-host. And sometimes Kelly with another girl. Kelly knows Regis, it's not some random celeb off the street.

1377 days ago


I'm sad to see Regis go but it's time and I hope they give Mark a shot as Kellys' co-host they would be great together. Good luck Regis and I hope Joy is ready for you.

1377 days ago


its about time. well deserved Regis

1377 days ago


Im so happy for Regis and wish him the very best. Some people that commented are so mean and evil. Kelly has the right to look how she wants. If she was too heavy then you would complain about that. Also all who said anything about Mark your Just jealous that she has a fine,handsome, and sexy husband and you dont. I wish the best for Kelly, I love her deeply.

1377 days ago
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