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Regis Philbin -- I'm Retiring from the Talk Show

1/18/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Regis Philbin says he's finally ready to give up his talk show gig ... after 28 years on the morning shift.

79-year-old Philbin made the announcement this morning on "Live with Regis and Kelly."

Regis said he'll tape his last show towards the end of the summer -- but he didn't give a specific date.

During his announcement, Regis joked, "There is a time that everything must come to an end for certain people on camera, especially certain old people."



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I have watched Regis and Kathy and then Regis and Kelly for YEARS. I think Regis is definitely a class act, and he will be missed on that show when he leaves. However, he also deserves to relax and enjoy life with his family and his new grandchildren, so good for him. All the best to you Regis, and we will keep on enjoying you until your last show airs!

1382 days ago


i enjoyed regis, now that he's leaving i would like to see steve harvey would be an excellent co-host, if anyone agree respond by writing same. harvey, harvey, harvey

1382 days ago


This is the network kicking him out and they allowed him to make the announcement. They want someone younger. This is life - old is not valued like it should be.

1382 days ago


First of all #23 Thank you for saying what i was thinking, and Now on to this Matter, I am So Sad, I have had Seeing Regis and Kelly on my Must do list for some time. Now it may not happen. As i am unable due to My Husband has ALS to make the trip, with the Airports the way they are during the Winter Weather, Cant take the chance of not being able to get back in a Hurry, Regis in my opion is a Class Act, I will certainly miss the way he makes me laugh.

1382 days ago


Regis is leaving at the right time -- while he still loves the show and the audience -- and industry -- still loves him.

1382 days ago


How about NEIL PATRICK HARRIS as the new host??? He would be AWESOME!!!

1382 days ago

june crafton    

It's about time! I didn't like him when he was second banana on the Joey Bishop show. Yes Yes I'm OLD!

1381 days ago


It seems strange that Regis is suddenly retiring. I think there is more going on than he is saying, like he is being forced to leave. Besides doing LIVE he travels all over the country doing appearences. Why would he leave a successful show where he only works one hour a day and takes all the vacation he wants, he has said many times he gets to work fifteen minutes before show starts in the morning. I feel bad if he is being forced to leave.

1381 days ago


i LOVE watching the show and have for years and years. Rumors abound that Regis is a real jerk in real life and a big flirt with women. I believe that all, HOWEVER, i think he is hilarious--he makes me laugh OUT LOUD!!! i have been through some personal tragedy over the past few years and he always cheered me up. I think he is very much on top of things--good luck replacing him!! i will probably never watch the show when he is gone. I like Kelly a lot, but she is really getting annoying with the Charlie's Angels Pout Face...and she acts a little much like a diva. You are nice Kelly, cool it with the antics or i am THROUGH. xo regis. i will miss you.

1379 days ago

Zelda Gudenhopper    

Take Gellman with you. What a dunce. Loves halloween way too much. Gets his 'woman thing' on. Zelda

1378 days ago


I had to comment on this one...Regis sucks.. he is a old bag that makes no sense, never was funny and really does not work anyway, that show is bull**** and so is he! How much more do you want you greedy old bastard?? You work two hours a day and makes million for nothing! He did us all a favor let someone younger who has something to offer the world and can entertain us get a shot.Im tired of these old TV personalities holding on forever..this is not the 60's wewant to see cool young people on TV, not grumpy old men. All this man talks about is Dean Martin, Frank and old man Rickles he is 800 years old its about time..why are people upset over this?! they must be born in 19-who gives a **** us a favor and jump in a casket Regis you suck!

1378 days ago

Joyce Hunter    

After reading over half of the comments, I cannot add anything that #'s 23 and 96 have said. I also agree with #107. Having said that all I can add is "May God continue to bless you."

1378 days ago


I sure would be happy with all the millions he makes and keep it up kelly

1378 days ago


I agree with comments 4 and 6. I think that Gelman, Kelly Ripa and everybody were trying so very hard to keep him current and even with pop culture and it never worked for the past few years. Gelman's very computer/tech savvy and his devices he showed on TV never fit for Regis. When they had him dressing like Situation on Jersey Shore for their annual Halloween special last year, I knew that was it.They've exhausted everything on him and . I don't think he likes the reality show trend that so common now such as the Kardashians and the meteoric success of Jersey Shore and didn't want to say anything bad to their faces. Gelman tried to dress him up to be hipper and current on 5 different theme shows a few years ago, but Regis went back to his classy suits the next week. He's very much into Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, the Rat Pack artists, and he still likes talking about that classy era. I don't think you'll hurl him into the Autotune dance pop of now. But I think that Regis' memories of that era are exciting to hear every time he mentions it on his show without being too overly nostalgic or stuffy. He keeps it fresh every time. That's another part of him I'll miss when he leaves the show this year.

1377 days ago


I would think being on the show as long as he has it would be time to retire. I am a homemaker so I don't get paid and he gets paid the amount he does and he is mad about the pay cut. Pay cuts are better than canceling the show. I am tired of celebrities throwing a fit about money. I get none so I would love to get the amount celebrities get no matter if it is a pay cut.

1377 days ago
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