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Oksana's Ex-Bodyguard Sides With Mel Gibson

1/20/2011 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The person who knows more about Oksana Grigorieva's claims against Mel Gibson than anyone tells TMZ ... Oksana is grossly exaggerating or downright lying about the alleged domestic violence incident.

Kristian Herzog

Kristian Herzog -- who served as Oksana's bodyguard until recently -- tells TMZ, Oksana admitted to him Mel never punched her, as she claimed to authorities.  Rather, Herzog says Oksana told him Mel slapped her, and that's it.  As TMZ first reported, Mel admitted slapping Oksana because he says she was shaking baby Lucia wildly.

Herzog -- who has been subpoenaed by Mel's lawyers in the custody war  -- tells us Oksana admitted to him that she secretly taped Mel Gibson "to pressure Mel to pay her money."  Oksana is currently being investigated by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for alleged extortion.

Herzog -- who was privy to virtually every conversation Oksana had with her lawyers -- claims he had a sexual relationship with Oksana -- she denies it. 

Herzog -- who runs The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills -- calls Oksana a "sexual sorceress."

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, had no comment.



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Good. Maybe this development will help Mel against this vixen.

1371 days ago

M. Gabriel    

Didn't I tell you!!! Didn't I tell you!!! LOL!!! All those Mel haters were going to say Mel paid anyone who sided with him! STUPID, STUPID PEOPLE!!! You make me laugh! Ha, ha, ha! Your as dumb and delusional as skanky!

1371 days ago


Gloria your next! Be afraid, be very afraid.

1371 days ago


As far as Gibson's rants go, some have to realize that there are people that CAN push your buttons so much that you explode into fits of rage. This may just be the case. I don't condone Gibson's rants/raves/fits of anger/rage but it's well possible that this woman just pushed them all and got what she wanted from it-on tape-to extort.
All of this is coming back at her. If she wanted to extort money from Gibson, she surely should have found better tactics but instead she took her extortion plan too far looking for celebrity status along with it. In this plot, it backfired on her.
She wants celebrity? She got it but she may just lose her child and end up in jail for it.
What a ditz.

1371 days ago


Interesting that old Horrowitz has no comment for this. I think he knows his client has had it ;)

1371 days ago


Kristian Herzog (left) was served on Wednesday as he left one of several interviews he did about Mel and Oksana. One of his stops was with Mike Von Fremd (center) of ABC News. (tmz 1-19-2011)

several interviews. Herzog has decided to start talking like a parrot. Maybe Oksana should have left with her Mom.

1371 days ago


Looks like these puzzle pieces are more than enough to get an arrest warrant signed.
Thank you horrorwitless for being such a putz

1371 days ago



1371 days ago


I'm trying to stop laughing long enough to throw a couple of questions at you guys. How long do you think it will take before the dentist tells the truth? And how long is the line up to the DA's office to cut a deal?

Posted at 10:41 AM on Jan 20, 2011 by Celtic

Well, I can't stop laughing either --

* + * + * + * + *

'The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round . . . all through the town.'

Tee hee

Posted at 10:44 AM on Jan 20, 2011 by middleagedcrazy

Yep, the writing is on the wall. I predict that a few more will toss the EVIL ONE under the bus as well.
Still can't stop laughing!!

1371 days ago

M. Gabriel    

Maybe Oksana should have left with her Mom.

Posted at 10:47 AM on Jan 20, 2011 by JWW

NO, NO! She can never pay for anything herself! She is waiting for the tax payers to pay her flight via a DEPORTATION!

1371 days ago

Snow White    

Unfortunately, everything Herzog put in to print/net WILL be used to impeach his credibility, no matter what proof he may claim to have. Add in the fact that he is a convicted felon and Oxy's "lowers" will have a field day with him if he ever takes the stand.

Hate to say it, but it's true.

1371 days ago


Whore + Prostitute = Sexual Sorceress

1371 days ago


Scooby Doo would've solved this mystery a long time ago. The bitch wants his money. She extorted him. She leaked tapes. She is a whore. She needs to go to jail. She had those two kids, by two famous men, for money. They are dollar signs to her.

1371 days ago


Ox can avoid a trial if she pleads guilty to the charges when they finally put them out there. Then there will be no need for Kris or anyone else to testify ; )

1371 days ago


AAAAAAAAWESOME!!!! Oh happy day. Finally the tide is turning!!!!
Thanks be to God. :)

1371 days ago
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