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Prince and Zsa Zsa 'Not Offended' By Lampanelli's Joke

1/22/2011 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli's tweet about Zsa Zsa Gabor's amputated leg pissed off a bunch of people -- but Zsa Zsa and her hubby weren't among them.

Lisa's tweetbomb dropped early Friday morning -- "Zsa Zsa’s famous mansion on sale for $28 mil. The home is just too big for her now that her shoe collection has been cut in half!"

But Prince Frederic von Anhalt tells TMZ he thought "it was very funny what she said," adding that he and Zsa Zsa are "not offended at all."

The Prince said he and Zsa Zsa even cracked a joke of their own about the whole ordeal: "When I broke the news to Zsa Zsa about her leg being amputated, we joked together that at least her foot doctor will only be half the price now."

Leave the jokes to the professionals.


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Yeah...Zsa Zsa's not offended because he has her all doped up still...when did he finally tell her the bad news? I doubt she knows what day it is let alone that her home is up for sell.

1349 days ago


He cannot "dope up" anyone. Dumb statement. She is in the care of her own personal physician. Stop dumping on the man she clearly loves.

As for Lisa L., she's part of a growing bunch of comedians that use abuse in lieu of being actually funny. Being abusive is not funny.

1349 days ago


Lisa L is a c**t. She's not actually funny so she has to make fun of the catastrophies of others. That's not comedy. (Take note, Seth McFarlane.)

1349 days ago


I take it this Lisa is just another crackpot loud mouth? I've certainly never heard of her.

1349 days ago


Number 5, you do realize she just had her leg amputated, don't you?!!?!?!?

1349 days ago


If she can afford such a large house, she most likely has the dough to fill it with shoes.i agree that finding the perfect match isn’t easy, but you will find him or she when the right time comes.Every love story will unfold on it's own. Start your own wealthy love story for real at meant to be the place to connect with beautiful and successful friends !love it

1349 days ago


A big ef you to allllll the haters who got on Lisa's case, Respects to Zsa Zsa and Prince for having a sense of humor, something a majority of people who commented on this yesterday lack. Hallelujah we actually have real people in this world who don't overreact to spilled milk!!!!

1349 days ago


Yes, it might be a bit early for the jokes but you know, Zsa Zsa has a wonderful sense of humor. I can't see her getting the least bit upset over a comment like that. In fact I could see that coming out of her own mouth.

1349 days ago


I don't understand all you PC whiners out there. Lisa made a joke and it was hilarious. It was a JOKE. You people take it like she was being malicious about it. Whatever. I'm glad Prince Von-A-Hole and Zsa Zsa can joke about it.

You people need to lighten up. The world is too great of a place to cross your arms and frown all the time at every little thing someone does.

1349 days ago

simon says    

Leave Lisa alone. It was a friggin JOKE.and it WAS funny. Zsa Zsa has always had a wonderful wit about her, and I can assure you, she did get a chuckle out of it. As for the house, ONE of the MOST BEAUTIFUL in BelAir., Zsa Zsa is fine with the sale,She will be living in a Home which best fits her needs physically.I'am a friend of hers,and Zsa Zsa has approved this message.

1349 days ago


Is he talking for zsa zsa or did she really think it was funny, I have a hard time thinking she would think that this was funny. He's a slimy dirt bag looking for a pay day

1349 days ago


hey maybe zsa zsa can sell half her shoes to heather mills.

1349 days ago


Lisa L is the most foul mouthed media whore out there. The "joke" was NOT funny! Zsa has been thru hell and back and lost a leg?!? That is not funny to ANYONE who has a heart. Lisa is a mean spirited BITCH...I hope she looses her tounge to cancer...Now how "funny" would that be?!? Made "fun" of a fellow roaster that passed away last year?! How low can this no talent hack go!?! She is a pimple on humanity.....wish she would "pop" & go away...

1349 days ago


Unless you are related to Zsa Zsa and/or have a close relationship with her, it doesn't matter if you found the joke to be offensive or not. If she didn't mind, then no big deal. My dad lost an entire leg to cancer, and when he was being rolled into surgery from pre-op, he said "well, as least a pair of socks will last twice as long." People who can make it through such difficult things in life are able to do so because they can laugh at themselves. Best wishes to Zsa Zsa and Prince.

1349 days ago


I have never heard of this idiot (Lisa L.), but she appears to be another modern-day no-talent jerkoff! Hope someone finds her funny, but I doubt that would be anyone with a brain.

1349 days ago
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