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Olbermann's Next Move --

Getting Social with Sorkin?

1/23/2011 12:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Write what you know, the old saying goes -- and Keith Olbermann might be about to do just that ... with the help of the most famous Hollywood writer around.

Now that he's out of work, the former "Countdown" host could contribute to a show "Social Network" scribe Aaron Sorkin has in the works ... this according to EW.

The mag says Sorkin has a pilot script in the works about a cable news show and Olbermann might contribute in the form of his signature rants.

Sorkin was famously panned by critics because the comedy sketches in his failed show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" weren't very funny. Having Olbermann write your political rants would certainly nip that problem in the bud.


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Sorkin, Olbermann or Olbermann, Sorkin, it could be a dynamite team. Come on back louder and stronger, Keith. It will be the "best team in the world".

... And "blood libel" be on all you FauxNews devotees. You deserve Palin, O'Reily, Limbaugh, Beck, Bush, Cheney, Murdock, and that crybaby Republican Speaker of the House, and that Witch, and Mitt, and Nixon, and Agnew, and all your champions of corruption and stupidity.

1377 days ago

Frank Rizzo    

Can't they just lock that guy up somewhere and make him shut up!

1377 days ago


In a Rolling Stone profile from 2007, Olbermann had a lot to say about Beck:

"A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The very dangerously bigoted guy who is selling himself as a pragmatic philosopher. I don’t think he sees his own bigotry. There’s something about him that suggests that, one night, he’ll say something that will cost him his career in television."

I guess Olbermann had the right idea, just the wrong host. In retrospect, this is just more evidence that if you take everything Olbermann says and then flip it 180 degrees, you find the truth.

1377 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

That's all we need; a couple of pompous windbags teaming up for more angry passive-aggressive programming.

P.S. For those of you who delight in criticizing other people's spelling, grammar, & punctuation based on their political beliefs, check your own crap first before you post. Not so smart now, are you? Btw that wasn't really a question. You can also cut the urban dictionary-speak. That's for lazy idiots who b*tch about the same public school system the rest of us passed & graduated from with no problem.

1377 days ago


Thursdays ratings....for the lazy:

FNC THE OREILLY FACTOR 2,918 676 1,324
HLN NANCY GRACE 632 143 298

Oriely's second showing at 8pm almost beat goofball olbermanns first run....MSNBC isn't really loosing anything, besides their highest rated loon, which really isn't saying much.

The right doesn't need to argue because a, we're the right side and b, the ratings speak for themselves night after night, week after week, month after month. Seriously, go look at the ratings, MSNBC is hanging on by a thread....meanwhile Fox is flying high, always in first place leaving a large gap between them and second place.

Love being on the winning team!

1377 days ago


Olbermann's the biggest "Jerkoff"

1377 days ago


Considering neither one of them has any regard for the truth, they should be a perfect couple.

1377 days ago


Hey Diana, 2 and a half men, Jersey shore and Skins get great ratings too. Crappy entertainment always gets ratings in America, so what's your point?

1377 days ago

zorbing ball    

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1377 days ago


I like watching Keith's show it is very informative and is very straight forward unlike Fox News which many of you foolishly watch even though you know you are being lied to makes me think of the war in Iraq a war started basically on lies and was proven so yet we continue to fight there JUST DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE.

I respect Keith's journalism so much that I got hooked onto his show i was flipping through the channels a year and a half ago seeing what all the major news networks are talking about off course Fox news just made me switch the channel right away then same thing happened with CNN but not as swift as fox I then turned to MSNBC watched the whole episode of "Countdown With Keith Olbermann" and was immediately hooked not only can I see the true sense of journalism from this guy I can also see what he was bringing to the show was the Truth something foxnews is the opposite of.

I am very disappointed with Keith's decision cause hes one of the last few real journalists around that will tell it like it is much less so with Jon Stewart who although chooses the satirical route with his show yet he tell you the news without covering up the truth like foxnews yes foxnews. One thing that comes to mind that may be the reason for his sudden unfortunate departure might be the Gabrielle Gifford's shooting and the not surprising post response from our very patriotic politicians. I couldn't be more disgusted when Sarah Palin and the likes thereof acted like they had no accountability for what happened even though she proudly used terms like RELOAD! I can see why Keith might not want to be any part of such a corrupt and atrocious system of government where blame is passed onto each other instead of claiming accountability like Keith did and surprisingly John McCain. Although they are not directly responsible for the Arizona shooting they stood up and said something out of their hearts instead of their behinds like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, & Rush Limbaugh have been doing.

I wish Keith all the best kind of like how i did the same with Dan Rather who was also a journalist I had huge respects for its a shame how we just keep sinking deeper and deeper into the abyss where the truth is very hard to come by its all up to Jon Stewart Now.

1377 days ago


we need to stop watching all news until they start telling us the real news we only hear what they tell us most of it is bs we need a real news network

1377 days ago


This guy is an a$$ clown of the highest order. Nobody cares about him or what his next endeavor might be. Go the he11 away bathtub boy.

1376 days ago


Bathtub boy's new job.

Have you no Sham....Wow SIr?!?!

1376 days ago


Posted at 7:02 PM on Jan 23, 2011 by NotoriousRambo

Two reasons I know you are an idiot.

1. you turned off Fox News
2. you think a graduate of a cow school (Keith Olbermann) is a "real" journalist

1376 days ago


Watching this guy is paramount to "Water boarding", in fact I would rather take boarding than watch his grumpy, anger ladden, hate filled diatribes. He gives libertards a truly ugly face not to mention his vacuous ramblings. I think he should retire to Cuba and scrub Castro's boots. Then maybe he would appreciate American and all that we once stood for.

1376 days ago
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