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Tony Little -- Jack LaLanne Was My Homie

1/25/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tony Little -- the high energy fitness icon with the golden ponytail -- claims he's particularly broken up about the passing of Jack LaLanne because the two shared a pretty strong friendship.


TMZ spoke with Tony -- who  tells us he and Jack first met while hocking fitness products on the Home Shopping Network several years ago and remained "good friends" for a long time.

Tony tells us Jack would often kick it in his HSN green room -- saying, "He’d come bursting in wearing his spandex outfit and zebra sunglasses ... he would just light up the room with his energy."

Tony adds, "I've lost a friend and a role model. Losing Jack is losing the single best fitness influence America ever had.  He was the greatest and his passing is a tremendous loss for all of us.”


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Of course Tony loved Jack, he lo9ves all men.

1370 days ago


Jack Lalanne: "And have you seen Tony Little, the guy who screams on TV? He's like an imbecile. He says you need this little thing to hold you while you do a sit-up. Why does the government let him get away with it?"

From Outside magazine:

1370 days ago


A lot of wannabes stepping up trying to cash in on Jack's reputation. Sorry dudes, but we saw Jack on television telling us to exercise (only equipment you needed was your own body and the occasional chair) back when exercise wasn't even popular, so step off.

1370 days ago


This guy has crazy eyes. He's scary.

1370 days ago

artie help    

tony little pee pee. this pony talid tool box couldn't carry jack's jock.

1369 days ago


Hocking: To disable by cutting the tendons of the hock; hamstring.

Hawking: To peddle goods aggressively, especially by calling out.

1369 days ago


Hocking: To disable by cutting the tendons of the hock; hamstring.
Hawking: To peddle goods aggressively, especially by calling out.

1369 days ago

Get back to work!    

Is Tony Little really Ms. Mann? Inquiring minds want to know.

1369 days ago


Don't Tony and Jack's son Jon look very much alike? Kinda like they may share the same outfits, jewelry, make-up, bathroom, BED? What? Over the line? Not for Hollywood, baby!

1369 days ago

Oval Beach    

First off, Tony Little is just that...little...small balls...small tool...he is really worthless in regards to health and nutrition. Now...onto Jack LaLanne. I don't loath anyone from the health/nutrition world more than I do Jack LaLanne. He preached a clean life but while he did that, he decided to throw in some PREACHING (the "God will smoot the sodomites" kinda preaching). He was a homophobe bar none. I personally hope that there is a special place in hell for people like him. Rot in hell old man...rot in hell.

1369 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

there is no way tony little looks the way he does without the use of roids... give me a break! "little" is what likely describes what's left of his manhood.

richard simmons did how many "sweating to the oldies tapes?" that guy was a ball of energy and even HE didn't look like tony little...

he is NOT a role model

1369 days ago


I don't know how he gets away with selling krap on HSN.

1369 days ago


I bet Tony is asking Jack what it's like to give God a workout. We will miss your advertising and your juice. Check out how much Jack kept it going all the way through his life.

1369 days ago


It's 'hawking' not 'hocking' , unless they met hanging out in pawn shops.

1369 days ago


ill tell yah what he died when he was 96 im a pretty f`ing tough dude and i remember him in them juicer mercials from the 90`s which would have made him lets say 70-80 yrs old and i would not have messed with him in a dark friggin alley! god rest your soul jack. ty for making fitness important to us all!

1369 days ago
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