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Schick -- We're Cutting Our Ads from 'Skins'

1/24/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The exodus continues ... Schick has now pulled its commercials from the controversial MTV show, "Skins."

MTV Skins Controversy

A rep for the company tells TMZ, "After 'Skins' on MTV aired last week, the makers of Schick Hydro decided not to advertise during the program because some of this show’s content is not aligned with Schick corporate guidelines."

So that makes Schick, Subway, H&R Block, Taco Bell, Wrigley and GM to pull its ads from the show.

UPDATE: A rep for MTV tells TMZ, "'Skins' has earned the loyalty of fans across the globe for its thoughtful and honest portrayal of teen life today. An internationally acclaimed scripted drama, the show has been honored with a long list of prestigious awards. MTV stands by the US adaptation of 'Skins' and the vision of its creator Bryan Elsley."


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1367 days ago


this show must be popular with all the sex offenders out there

1367 days ago


I'm interested in seeing the ratings for tonight's episode.

1367 days ago


Now, if they would all step out of some of those other shows... Jersey Shore for one, Housewifes for another and lets not forget that one with Sara Palin... TV is nothing but crap anymore.

1367 days ago


SKINS brought to you by the good folks at NAMBLA and Howard Stern.

1367 days ago


The same thing happened with Jersey Shore. A lot of big companies cut their ads from the show and now it's one of the most popular shows on television. Hopefully this one will get cancelled before that happens.

1367 days ago


Does this mean that everyone on the show will now be "un-shaved"?

1367 days ago


Everyone of them should pull out

in fact pull out of sponsership for everyone of those teenage sex shows they call reality shows on MTV....if they see thereselves going under from no sponsers they might even wise up and see that people are good and tired of that and go back to music as they had originally. Otherwise slap a XXX rateing on them and limit them to 18 and above like playboy.....

1367 days ago


Good for these companies whose products I buy and will continue to do so now that they have shown their decency.

Any company sponsering this and other trashy shows, ie. the E Channel and ABC will be boycotted. The women on many of these shows are a disgrace and the ones on "The View" would be fired for sexual harrassment on any other job if they made the remarks to the male guests they find "sexy" let alone some of the topic they unnecessarily "discuss" and foul language used.

1367 days ago


I'm not from the states but like to read TMZ but damn, u all are a bunch of uptight people over there:)
Why pull ur ads from a show? thats just publicity.
I watched the first episode because it got all this going on.
and please people...this is real live and u know it!! don't be this stuck up...

1367 days ago


ALL the sponsors should DROP this show. It's the LAST thing we need after just reading the article about Teen Mother newsmaker pumping gas!

1367 days ago


ok so i watched the first episode last night on demand to see what the hype was all about and while I will not let my kid watch this I really dont know how this is any worse then other crap on t.v. They talked about sex and drugs but didnt actually show any sex and drugs is showed on alot of shows. I am not saying any of this is right but alot of shows are on air or alot of movies being made like this. How many movies out there or shows are portraying teens having sex and getting drunk so how is this one so different? Parents dont need to let kids watch them. Reality is that the show was not very good and would of probably gone away if such a big deal wouldnt of been made. Now they made such an issue out of it that everyones heard of it now and will want to watch. They made a bad show a hit.

1367 days ago


Why the hell would you say "good"? Its a descriptive show yes, but its very informative about teens in America. And as for Schick, your brand isnt Schick. Its a crappy razor and hydrants that have been around at affirdable prices for a crappy shave. THink Gillette everybody! Don't worry, the more contreversy and dropped sponsers, they'll be back, and fighting for advertisement time. What you all dont understand is that the more contrevery you bring, the more viewers want, so thank yourselves for making a future multi-million dollar hit. :) "HI HARVEY!"

1367 days ago

I'm a crazy person...    

This is ridiculous! I really don't see what the big deal is.

We are an ever-changing country with an ever-Amended Constitution. We are the Land of the Free and we have Rights! The beauty of the USA is that we allow people to do whatever they want to do and those that have a problem with it are usually just uptight Conservatives!

There's nothing wrong with a few underage kids gettin' down and dirty. They do it anyways so why not televise what's really going on?!?!

I have my second pitch meeting this week with MTV brass and things are looking positive. "Untitled Bestiality Show" is the working title. I'm turning the cameras on an as yet undo***ented side of Americana.

My last pitch, "Untitled Pedophilia - Who Say's They're Too Young?" was shot down, but I have faith in America and MTV! It'll be on the air soon! People said gay marriage would never happen and look where we are?!?! Polygamy is on the TV right now!

The beauty of our country is that people have the Right to do whatever they want to do and anyone who disagrees is a bigot. I'm all about "Rights": whether they be straight, gay, underage, different species, WHATEVER! I have the "Right"!!

Good job, America!! Thanks for making this country something our Founding Fathers could be proud of!

1367 days ago


I'm not from the states but like to read TMZ but damn, u all are a bunch of uptight people over there:)
Why pull ur ads from a show? thats just publicity.
I watched the first episode because it got all this going on.
and please people...this is real live and u know it!! don't be this stuck up...

Posted at 1:35 PM on Jan 24, 2011 by maikel

This is NOT real life in middle America can sceam it as loud as you want. but I work with kids this age group every day and yes there is some of this going on BUT not the majority of the teens ....They are not dressing like street walkers , talking filth and sex and partying , partying , the show wants you to believe....They have real lives, sports and school and a lot of the kids are working to help their family or to have make their own money...

I am so tired of teenagers depicted as sex talking ,trash dressing idoits who all want to be rap stars , movie stars or rock stars like on disney, or nickoloden ....... tv shows like that are the worst influence on kids today....

Enough said.....scream ain't going change my mind...

1367 days ago
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