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Dr. Conrad Murray

Pleads Not Guilty

in MJ Death

1/25/2011 2:18 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray just pled not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of Michael Jackson ... telling the judge, "I am an innocent man."

When the judge asked Murray for his plea, he said, "Your Honor, I am an innocent man," adding, "I therefore plead not guilty."

Judge Michael Pastor ruled earlier this month that there is enough evidence to force Murray to stand trial.

Today's brief arraignment is part of the process.

The trial date is set for March 28.

If convicted, Murray faces a maximum of four years in prison.

By the way, we promised you we'd go live with the arraignment, but the technical wizards at  KABC TV in Los Angeles couldn't find the right cables to plug in -- they cover L.A. like no one.


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Versailles Castle    

Thank you TMZ for being at the right place whatever happens! Thanks to your cameramen, we'll get every details of the trial!As you always know everything before anybody, could you just tell me why there is a soft toy in the room?;) I BELIEVE that this beautiful white rabbit belongs to the set, doesn't it?
God bless you TMZ! From France with L.O.V.E.!

1359 days ago


hi cherwood and others..
i was just going to give my opinion regarding the prescription stuff and mj...
yeah i think he had a pain med problems brewing that escalated with the chandler extortion..
and i think he had some pain med issues when bashir was taping him , because he was simultaneously being ripped off by the germans , taking over his business affairs etc, so to me it was either encouraged on their part or he was kept in that condition to make robbing him easier..
when the bashir bs aired i think it put mj in a tailspin , naturally, and he let his guard down even more, which is how the arvizo maneuvered their way into his room etc to try and set him up.
he was never alone with those kids before...
their mom kept insisting they stay in the main house etc. well we know that crap , right?
at any rate after the horrific trial , we also know mesereau sat him down and told him to get out of dodge(neverland)because he had humiliated these prosecutors and they would be coming after him again to make his life miserable..
from what i have read about mesereau, he shoots straight from the hip.
i would venture to say he told mj to clean up his act as well regarding meds or whatever just because he was such a big , vunerable target...and i would bet mj took that advice because the trial was such a nightmare for him...

his family saying he was an addict etc, others from the past like deepok or the spoon bender were all pre trial people..
i reallt think mj got his act together after that ...i hear just the opposite when p treacy is talking aboaut him , how he would endure a lot of pain rather then take meds etc..
so if the defense wants to bring in people saying he was a drug addict i really dont think they will find anyone recent...
he didnt even have a nightcap in that room, eating healthy etc,
this was not a suicidal person or someone so desperate to sleep that he would have taken things into his own hands..
try as i might to try and figure out what rabbit the defense is going to try and pull out of the hat...
i can not think of one resonable doubt regarding murray..
i only question if this was intentional or not..

1358 days ago


hi nan

great post!
IMO: the jackson's get a bum rap when it comes to michael's life. it like: keep the jacksons out, blamed for his troubles, stand by his side when allegations come against him, he has nothing to do with them, the family should have done something, he has no contact with them, parents there during TII negotiations, don't allow them on the property, they took evidence from the mansion, michael forgave his father, etc,etc, etc.

i agree with you 100000% that michael was not suicidal and not that "desperate" for sleep. from the way conrad tells his story michael was sleeping fine until 6/25/2009. no real complaints. from what I can decipher, michael's routine medication management was working okay up until a few days when murray claimed he was trying something a little different with meds. without medical records though, it's all lying word of mouth in regards to anything said by murray.
whether or not it was intentional, I have to say yes. Otherwise why would murray remove evidence and delay calling 911?
IMO: Murray delayed calling 911 because he was manipulating the time of death. IMO: if michael was demanding (and he could be), murray killed Michael in retaliation. Sony & AEG couldn't be happier.

1358 days ago


there was a lot of money riding on michael and i just can not believe you leave the golden goose alone to die like that by accident...unless he just got pissed off a mj for something and just wanted to put him under for a long time so he wouldn't have to be bothered with him,,,

do they put a catheter and a pad underneath someone all the time or is it as if they are going to be gone for a long period of time or something??
maybe some of this stuff was not done to him until he was unconscious..

1358 days ago


do they put a catheter and a pad underneath someone all the time or is it as if they are going to be gone for a long period of time or something??
maybe some of this stuff was not done to him until he was unconscious..
Posted at 1:53 PM on Feb 6, 2011 by nan
hi nan
I was thinking about that a couple of weeks ago. Especially since murray placed the monitor on Michael's finger after he called security. Michael had on the catheter when Alvarez entered the room. I think it was Alvarez who stated that murray placed the monitor on michael's finger.
For all we know, murray went to the bathroom to P.P. and that bag of urine that was discovered was his not Michael's! lol!
Murray is a silly slick liar and goof ball manipulator.
I would not put anything past him.

1358 days ago


-#717: Hey nan...WHAM, BAM, THANK YOU MA'AM!! As always that post was on point and took NO PRISONERS!!
Thing is, I'm not sure about the Bashir fiasco, but I do know that it was the same time when he had that FAKE Geller on one side setting him up with the Bashir debacle, and Weisner and Konitzer on the other, robbing him blind and taking his Power of Attorney--that in itself is still a HUGE mystery to me...why would he do that unless someone slipped he something.....I know he had to take meds for various conditions, and I think he may have been taking anti-anxiety meds around that time.....
Bottom line, I totally agree that there is NOTHING in his latter years that can be TWISTED into drug abuse, try as they might.....he was finally living for HIMSELF and his CHILDREN, who he discovered were the most VALUABLE part of his life. It's hard to explain but I just can tell that he was in a really great place for the first time in YEARS, which is why he was so excited for his VICTORIOUS return to the stage..........sigh.....
BTW: That's a good point about the possibility of the Catheter being put on Michael after the fact. It corroborates Murray's LIE that he had been giving Michael Propofol every night to help him sleep for 6 weeks.....

No Peace till Justice!

1357 days ago


this murray is not a nice guy.Remember the sheepish smile in the first pic.s that came out?Now in some of the clips from the
arraignment, the one where he is turnung his head more to the right,he has an angry ,ugly expression. Also look up on tmz"This Is It" producer starwitness in MJ Preliminary.

1357 days ago


I think conrad murrary should be strapped very very tight in an electric chair in a room so that all michaels fans can watch the murdering git get fried alive with sponge on the sponge. He should DIE because of what he did to the best entertainer in the whole world. DIE MURRAY DIE I REALLY HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!

1356 days ago


i dont know if anyone is familiar with this site but it is a very good resource.
here is an article kim brought to my attn..

1356 days ago


4 years that's it...? that's a slap on the hand...give me a break 4 years...what a joke...

1355 days ago
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