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Cops: Palin Has NO Connection to Prostitute Ring

1/25/2011 11:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Anchorage Police Department is adamant they have NO information connecting Sarah Palin's husband Todd Palin to an alleged prostitution ring, despite a recent tabloid report ... TMZ has learned.


The APD released a statement explaining they did seize evidence in a massage parlor sting operation -- but none of the evidence showed any sort of link between a massage therapist named Shailey Tripp and Todd Palin.

The APD also claims the National Enquirer published their story without ever contacting officials to check their facts.


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Or... the Palins are about the most powerful family in Alaska and the cops are in their pocket.

1366 days ago

Vegas Wrestling    

Not like The National Enquirer is exactly a fact checking news source, they're like TMZ only you don't see the guys acting like tools on TV daily.

1366 days ago


This hate for the Palins is getting out of hand. first she was blamed for the shooting by a nutzo who actually described as left-wing... now this.

if the media isn't blaming her for everything that goes wrong anywhere in the world, making fun of her teenage daughter's weight, now they're talking about Todd Palin being involved in a prostitution ring?

I think the left have gone politics to hate to off the deep end. I mean they've gone nuts, two fruit loops short of a box of cereal, a fry short of a happymeal... WHACKO.

1366 days ago


tmz will stop at nothing to try and bring the palins down.

1366 days ago


Hmm...I wonder why left wing, liberal, communists are so obsessed with Palin. They constantly create BS stories and lies to throw at her. The left and the Communist News Network need to be more concerned about the current president and his insanity.

1366 days ago


Carl, yeah, the cops are so totally in their pocket. That's why the Trooper union fought her administration half the time and her taser-happy ex brother in law still has a job. (eye roll)

1366 days ago

Andre R.    

Its just like what Hanover Fiste said in Heavy Metal:

"In all the time I've known him (Capt. Sternn), hes never done anything immoral..." (Hulks up slightly) "Except for the preschooler's prostitute ring!" (audience gasps in shock, Fiste returns to normal) "And as long as (.....), hes never done anything illegal..." (Hulks up again, this time more so) "Unless you count ALL the times he sold dope disguised as a nun!!" (audience is in more shock now) "Never in my life have I know a more law-abiding citiz-(Hulks up) "AWW GIMME A BREAK!" (.....) "SHUT UP, SHUT UP!"
"He's nuthin but a low-down, double-dealin', back-stabbin', empty-headed perverted worm!" (starts to severely HULK UP!)
"Hangin's too good for him! Burnin's too good for him! He should be torn up into little bitty pieces, and BURIED ALIVVVVEEEEE!!!!!" (Is totally and completely a Hulk now!)

(proceeds to smash the podium, then goes after Sternn!)

I know that this dialogue from a 1981 animated movie has nothing to do with Todd Palin. I just wanted to have a little fun.

BTW, was Hanover Fiste some type of shape-shifting alien? Well, after Sternn gave him the 35,000 Zulaks, he shot him off into space, along with that glowing green marble (The Ultimate Evil In The Universe). God, I loved that movie!

1366 days ago


I hope the Palins sue the butt off the national enquirer!!!!

1366 days ago


Barney Franks boyfriend ran a prostitution ring out of Barneys apartment and Barneys still in congress.

1366 days ago


I hear the code word to get into Todd's champagne room was Moose Knuckle.

1366 days ago


The vigor with which lefty moonbats are going after the Palins are actually getting totally comical. I laughed out loud. It's like they just randomly attached his name to a convenient news story.

1366 days ago


National Enquirer say Barack Obama cheated on his wife with Vera Baker. Michelle will bail on Barry when he loses the next election.

1366 days ago


The National Enquirer, like it or not, has broken many cases that turned out to be absolutely true.

The OJ Simpson picture of him wearing the murder shoes
The John Edwards affair
The Tiger Woods affair

I bet the right wingers think the Enquirer is absolutely true on the Edwards affair, but suddenly they are lying when it comes to the Palins?

I believe it. First of all, the whorehouse is NOT going to leave info on Todd lying around. And secondly, the Palins have the Alaska State police in their pockets. Remember how Sarah got Walt Moneghan fired? And how Todd covered it up? And thirdly, if I were a man married to that horrible witch with the voice like nails on a chalkboard, I'd be running to a whorehouse too!

Keep on it Enquirer - the truth will come out.

1366 days ago


Oh, imagine that. The National Enquirer did not check their facts. Color me shocked.

1366 days ago


Why would TMZ report this story? This goes against their agenda. (scratching head)

1366 days ago
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