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'Golden Voice' -- The Secret Homeless Money Drop

1/28/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams just pulled off a HUGE surprise for the homeless man he shared a tent with on the streets of Ohio -- when he drove up to his friend's corner and dropped off a MAJOR wad of cash.


Sources connected to "Golden Voice" tell us ... shortly after Ted ditched rehab, he reappeared at his old stomping grounds Monday ... but this time he was being driven around in a black SUV.

We're told Ted located a man named Victor (pictured right) -- his best friend and tent-mate on the streets --and immediately pulled over the car.

The reunion was emotional -- and after the men exchanged a hug and some kind words, Ted gave Victor a wad of cash and promised to help him out once he gets his own life back in order.


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#47 Mike.... I'm not a loser, by posting my thoughts which you may not agree to does not make me a loser. If you would have read my first comment in full I did say... I would have supported and got him help and made sure he was clean before his voice became attached to my product. Take your time getting back.

1366 days ago


Mike - Our lives are made up of by the choices we make daily. We chose to get up in the morning, we chose to go to work, we chose who we work for, we chose not to do drugs, we chose not to drink booze. Charlie has made a choice to be a drug driven loser. This man was given a choice (at no charge all free from Dr. Phil) he chose to walk out of rehab. This man was given many opportunities to have this great life and he chose to walk. I have no sympathy for him or Charlie because it's wasting my time and yours.

1366 days ago


who-dey...being "chauffeured" doesn't always mean you have a driver wearing a hat and coat. It means that someone was driving you because you can't drive because you don't have a license (which he doesn't).LOL It would be sad if he blew this shot a getting himself together. I'm hoping that he make it.

1366 days ago


Wish you hadn't have shown the friend's picture. That man will now be hunted down, robbed and killed. Not the best decision TMZ. You could have done the story without showing the identity of the friend who received the cash.

1366 days ago


why are people so pathetic on here. he did a nice thing. you ppl go on about his 15 minutes of fame is almost over and crap. he just wanted a job out of this, not worldwide fame. and get this, he got a job..and other jobs will follow. he just needed a break and he got it. it's like you want him to fail to make yourselves feel better. so what, he didn't stay in rehab. rehab doesn't work for 90 percent of ppl anyway. and rehab was forced upon him. He did a nice thing for his friend. Sooooo, stfu!

1366 days ago


This story made me well up. Men still do good works.

Also, it reminds me of a scene from the movie Coming to America.

1366 days ago

you know it    

A great story here, but did you know one of the signs of the end is where the extremely poor become filthy rich?

1366 days ago



1366 days ago


Ditto what Cindy (#52) said. TMZ.. You have just exposed a HOMELESS person's identity, picture, and location (since Ted's old tent had even been revealed online) and revealed that he was given a _large amount_ of CASH. Thanks for endangering him.

1366 days ago


It's great that he didn't forget his friend. He wants to help his friend. This is a great act of kindness and more people should do something to help each other out. Don't be an idiot and make gay joke you immature ignorant idiots. Have a good day!

1366 days ago


Stupid Dr. Phil has devoted 4 shows to this loser and gave him FREE rehab!! i can see now it was a waste of time and money.. Ted is full of himself. also Dr Phil sent his g/f to FREE rehab. she is prob. out by now also. NO MORE about this jerk!! he thinks he is just fine..

1366 days ago


"A fool and his money are easily parted." nice gestures are not always smart. He needs to look out for himself at the moment.

1366 days ago


A lovely, welll-intended gesture, I am sure. However, if his friend is alcohol or drug-addicted the worst thing he could do is give him a wad of cash. I have known a couple of addicts in my life and speak from experience...

1366 days ago


It sad so many people are so cynical; it just shows how much their lives suck. If your life sucks you hope and wish that someone has it worse.

That was just too much too fast, of course it had to pumped the breaks and slow down. I think at the end of the year he well pulled himself together and be able to take up those job offers. He will be doing better than most of the people who are saying such negative things.

I pray for him and wish him the very best.

1366 days ago

say what    

So help out another homeless man knowing the mother of your children struggled to feed your children and clothed your children. The childrens mother already mentioned the kids themselves are struggling too. Shouldnt blood come before all else? He also never paid a dime in child support. Priorities are messed up...he coudn not even finish rehab. If he can not even finishe rehab then what makes you think he can hold a job?

1366 days ago
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