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'Golden Voice' -- The Secret Homeless Money Drop

1/28/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted Williams just pulled off a HUGE surprise for the homeless man he shared a tent with on the streets of Ohio -- when he drove up to his friend's corner and dropped off a MAJOR wad of cash.


Sources connected to "Golden Voice" tell us ... shortly after Ted ditched rehab, he reappeared at his old stomping grounds Monday ... but this time he was being driven around in a black SUV.

We're told Ted located a man named Victor (pictured right) -- his best friend and tent-mate on the streets --and immediately pulled over the car.

The reunion was emotional -- and after the men exchanged a hug and some kind words, Ted gave Victor a wad of cash and promised to help him out once he gets his own life back in order.


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my opinion    

This is a vary touching story that Ted Williams would help his friend, it shows his wonderful character I truly hope the best for Mr.Williams he has a horrible fight ahead of him with the addiction, if he truly wants this success for himself he has to focus on the reality that he has to TOTALLY give up the drugs and drinking IMMEDIATELY.

Best wishes, Mr. Williams

Love,Peace,Kindness & Respect makes a better world for us all

1299 days ago


@ Vanessa, "they let him live in that tent with that man". Vanessa, his wife took in kids that he had with other women after he bailed on her. That does not seem like someone who would let one sleep in a tent if they had a place for you. That is someone who does not want the smell of crack, alcohol and bums swirling and wafting around her environment.
We're not drinking Haterade with regard to this guy, we're drinking You f'ing di3k ade because he at least,by the barest minimum, should give something to his wife and kids. After that, he could go crack himself to kingdom come. This woman didn't go to the child support people and have them lay in wait for his a$$ over these years because if she did, he would not be sporting it up like he is and it would have been his toothless buddy who was going to have to pour coin into his shaky palms.
We're all for fair play but when a guy insists on being a di*k,we insist on being the feet that need to be kicking his a$$.

1298 days ago

David Wolfe    

Victor was to have been standing on the intersection that day but was sick so Ted took his place. Ted was making good on what "they" got that day.
I am making this up, But Friendship is real and being on the street is not pretend.

I agree, this is kindness.

1298 days ago

Ted Williams    

I gotta look out for my hommies yo.

1298 days ago

samantha badon    

give the man a chance stop hating maybe God has a plan for u to.

1298 days ago


Woo hoo now I can buy a bottle of ripple and a rock!

1298 days ago



1297 days ago


i think mr williams have gay sexual ralionship with this guy and with others ,you can see the way he has been acting up ,he got so gay manners ,maybe tmz should do some investigation just to make some more publicity around this guy..
i bet he want matt from the today show ...he is like his sexual fantasy

1296 days ago

Mr. Glover    

Hey guys. You all are really being less Christlike here. Psalms 40 read it. Ted has a blessing here and it happens to be a test from God and its a golden blessing because there's a ultimate purpose behind this. Its a purpose which half of the blog senders don't have the dark experiences, or having being emotionally/spiritually bankrupt, would be able to identify. I too was homeless, on drugs, ate out of trash cans, and emotionally hurt everyday because people just looked at me with no love and cross the street because they saw me walking on the same side. Those moments really did hurt. Hey look i don't know if this his first rehab (in recovery its different strokes for different folks) it took me 14 rehabs, and I too just like Ted did only 2 weeks at my first. My excuse was that I thought I was cured and since I was fresh out of school earlier that year, and having accomplished a class of which taught me how to cope with depressing anyhow, i thought i was wasting a bed for somebody who really needed it. I later down the long road ahead found out that the decision i made that day was a lie from the addict self which was still inside. Today I have almost 5 years of clean time by only GOD'S grace, will, mercy, and guidance. It wasn't till my 11th rehab when i began to have a spiritual relationship with GOD and the AA/NA fellowship. At that time i was at grave bottom. Mr. Ted, "If someday you happen to read this, you need to take upon yourself that there is no straggling the fence with your demons they are very trickery and powerful, only a power greater than them and yourself will be the only source thats going to set you free of your bondages and pitfall, but you have to really want it Ted. You have to own it." The world will always be full of eviltistic spectators because thats how the enemy works. Just how GOD can use us as a vessel to help someone, the devil can also to tare somebody down or back down. (SHAME ON WHOEVER) Last but not least Mr. Williams,"Just think about all of the homeless people in the world, years later on down the road, will be able to know that someone was just like He or Her, was able to overcome their pitfalls, cure himself spiritually, and not only to become a citizen again, but a citizen of a "Golden Purpose". Just get yourself healed first Ted, your family and the inspiration for others will all fall in place. Note: In recovery how much you put in is what you get out.

1293 days ago


I pray to God he doesn't let the world down

1291 days ago


God loves a cheerful giver and Ted has a good heart. People are so heartless, take away their credit cards and some are a paycheck away from being one the street. If we could learn to love a little more, and not be so greedy,selfish and down right mean spirited. The world would be a place. I am praying for Ted and his family.

1288 days ago

John Taylor    

I believe Dr. Phil succeeded in tearing him down just to ad to his own tv ratings. He did'nt pay Ted enough.

1286 days ago

John Taylor    

What happened, did God take a few days off and put Dr. Phil in charge of judging people ?

1285 days ago

Dave Thomas    

The comments from many of Ted's nay-sayers really disturbs me. In todays world, and unless your filthy rich, we, as in older citizens are just a paycheck or one mistake away from Ted's old corner and a card-board box with painted sign. Ted's struggle is far from over, and it always will be a struggle for someone coming back from the brink of nothingness. I for one embrace his come-back and send all the encouragement and prayers necesary for him to finally succeed.

Go get me Ted.......Those of us who have been down that road support you. Remember Ted, God loves you and he's not done with you just yet. So my kindred spirit, may your days be blessed and life be long.

God Bless
Dave Thomas

1176 days ago
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