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Jason Davis

Arrested for Drug Possession

1/28/2011 4:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jason Davis -- the famously inebriated grandson of Marvin Davis and alum of "Celebrity Rehab" -- was arrested last night in Newport Beach, CA. for possession of a controlled substance ... TMZ has learned.

Jason Davis Mug Shot
The arrest comes a day after the "Celebrity Rehab" live reunion show, in which Jason claimed to be clean.

Davis -- brother of Brandon Davis -- is otherwise known on TMZ as Gummi Bear.  He's been busted for heroin in th past.

Davis is being held on $20,000 bail.

UPDATE: Dr. Drew, host of "Celebrity Rehab," tells TMZ, "Jason was honest about his struggles with his sobriety on the reunion show. Hopefully, now that there are legal conquesces, further treatment will be mandated, which he so desperately needs. As I said when I saw him Wednesday, we care for him very deeply and we are here for him."



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Sad sad    

He appears healthier looking in that photo then from the last pics I saw of him. The attitude is a front. Look beyond that and there's a scared little boy.

1365 days ago


Who is clown better yet who care Over Hereeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

1365 days ago



1365 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

Jason will DIE if he doesn't change EVERYTHING. Doesn't matter how much money he has or how VALUABLE he thinks he is.

Gummy's another success story for "Dr." Drew. Drew helps so many people with his "reality" show. What a bad joke! People, if you need help, get some real help and stay away from these TV doctors.

"Dr." Phil is another "doctor" who is a joke. Entertainment is not life-saving usually.

1365 days ago


Apparently when they bleeped out audio on the reunion show Jason said something about a friend of his who was high and jumped off a building and somehow it's his fault. But I don't know who his friend was or what the cir***stances were.

1365 days ago


too bad cause he is funny, and sad and lonely.

1365 days ago


Why would anyone waste their sympathy on this loser? He doesn't givea**** about any of you (or me). Send him to a deserted island with a pile of blow and let his own body stop the problem. The end. Better yet, send his foul brother and Sheen with him.

1365 days ago



1364 days ago


This guy is nothing but a spoiled brat, living off of his grandfathers fortunes. He has done nothing in life on his own except disgrace his family name. He's nothing but a sore ridden heroin addict that knows nothing about life. He probably couldn't even use a screwdriver, except to stick up his *******. He will die young. If he was a normal person that didn't have billions of $$$ to back him up, then he could possibly be saved by a lengthy prison term. That's the kind of rehab he needs. One that would humble him and make him a man.

1364 days ago

that girl    

I knew he wouldn't last. He was trying to break out the rehab center to get his nod on while the cameras were rolling. Jason Davis is a bonifide dope fiend. Unfortunately, he's gonna wind up losing his life over this ****.

1364 days ago


Ok, someones comment was that Dr. Drew failed again, that is not true, because you can only do so much for someone it totally up to that person weather they stay sober, you can not help someone who wont help themselves. Jason Davies, did not even want to be in rehab . he had his mind made up when he went in. i prayed everyday for him, when i look at jason i see a lost ,lonley and scared little boy , who has went his whole life wanting and needing to love him. this is a true example that money can not buy happiness. so please dont be so quick to judge. he needs prayers and alot of them thank you

1364 days ago


So sad !! I was a fan of the show and hoping he would try to really get some more help...

1364 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

I watched this most recent season of Celeb Rehab and if there was one person in the group who I could tell was NOT serious about the rehab process, it was Jason D. He is like a little boy in a man's body - immature, childish, and stunted in his maturity. Anyone who believed he was serious.. I have some property to sell you.

1363 days ago


Dude, from one diabetic to're gonna die. And soon.

1363 days ago


leif also looked high during the reunion. they all looked very presentable thou. jason, you have a borrowed life as we all do here on earth. please don't be a tear to your mother and a shame to your father. you all have to count your blessings and just value the life. be thankful you were born normal with no physical deffects to do damage to yourselves like you are doing by taking drugs.

1362 days ago
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