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Doctor: Charlie Sounded Like He Was in Severe Pain

2/1/2011 6:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Paul Nassif -- the guy who called 911 the night Charlie Sheen was rushed to the hospital -- described Charlie as sounding like he was in "severe pain" when he spoke to him on the phone that night ... but couldn't tell if Sheen was inebriated.

Dr. Nassif also described the drive home from the hospital with Charlie -- during which, as we first reported, Charlie was acting like nothing ever happened.

The interview airs tonight on HLN's "Showbiz Tonight."


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Physical Graffiti    

Possibly he didn't remember what happened?!?!

1368 days ago


What a great friend Charlie has in you Paul. Now I see why your wife always appeared embarrassed by you on RHOBH!

You have no shame!

I know I wanted to rebreak your nose when you gave a consult to Mauricio's mother!

You want to know a man's character? Look at his, I guess Charlie won't break up with you for this.

1368 days ago


Dr. Nassif and his wife, Adrienne, are good decent people. Charlie Sheen would better off associating with people like them.

1368 days ago


Isn't he a plastic surgeon?

1368 days ago


Actually they are the only two on there I liked and could relate with (except the whole "living in BH" thing :) but always amusing when she would put her hand to her head!

And Charlie has always been resilient.....just sad that there are children in all of this.

I wish he would learn how to keep it more on the DL and then it wouldn't end up such a circus!

1368 days ago

All Charlie does is to shock the sh-t out of everyone, especially his dad, who's certain Charlie will die one day of a stupid OD incident.

1368 days ago


Ahh Dr. and his Wife, such a privilege to be blessed with their friendship Charlie. Hopefully you will take any advice and help they offer you and perhaps they should be a lot closer friends then some of the other hanger on'ers you have around you. I have found that most of an addicts problem is the people they associate with and the addict is usually the one footing the "bill" to have someone to party with.

God Bless you Dr. and Mrs. Have always loved ya both since HWBH started and definately not for the bling, but for the people you are.

1368 days ago


He stabbed him in the heart with a needle and brought him back to life after he overdosed like in Pulp Fiction

1368 days ago


Dr. Nassif also described the drive home from the hospital with Charlie -- during which, as we first reported, Charlie was acting like nothing ever happened.
acting as though nothing happend.hey TMZ you arent certain yourselves that a suit case of coke even made it to the are just going on hear for all you know nothing did happen.but that comment about acting as if nothing happend implies that you were there and you know for a fact what all went down.btw i wonder how much money tmz paid the porn star for the story??

1368 days ago

Chuck Sex Tape    


1368 days ago

Lori seems these friends (who seem to be decent people) are enabling Charlie to continue his ways by making it sound like "No Big deal...he just OVERDOSED"...The Nassif/Maloofs should be careful with who their name gets associated with...of course the Maloofs own the Palms Hotel in Vegas and we all know NO DRUG USE EVER GOES ON THERE....RIIIIIGGHHHHHTTTTTTT.

1368 days ago


Is nothing sacred anymore?

Can't someone get help without having every aspect of it blabbed to anyone who will listen??

There are times when you do something for someone no matter who they are and keep your damn mouth shut.

1368 days ago


Aren't there HIPA laws for this kind of a thing? I don' think we really need to know all this. Get better, Charlie. You would a great loss.

1368 days ago

Jen PIcklewiser    

Isn't this doctor violating HIPAA laws by discussing Charlie Sheen's medical condition?

1368 days ago


This guy looks like a plastic freak.

1360 days ago
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