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Halle Berry: He Put My Kid At Risk!

2/1/2011 10:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Halle Berry claims her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry is a crazed, jealous man who put their child at risk,  while he claims she's the jealous one who flies into rages and is a no-show in the baby's life ... sources tell TMZ.

Halle and Gabriel are locked in what has turned into an epic custody war.  Sources tell us ... while Gabriel was dating someone  last year ... he claims Halle would call, screaming and swearing at him in a jealous rage.

Gabriel is claiming ... when he went to London and South Africa with Halle and Nahla last August when she was shooting a movie, Halle would sometimes not return for days, when she was supposed to care for the toddler.

Gabriel also claims Halle cares more about dating than parenting.

But our sources say Halle says it's the opposite -- that Gabriel is petty, jealous and irresponsible.  But the most serious allegation ... we're told Halle believes Gabriel put Nahla in immediate harm's way by being inattentive while the child was in his care.

Halle has dropped out of a movie so she can go to court this week to fight Gabriel for custody.  We've learned there is no custody order in place.  Up to now the former couple tried to work out an arrangement themselves, but the deal they struck has fallen apart.  Halle says she's got deep concerns for Nahla's well being while she's with Gabriel.

Halle Berry

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No Avatar


You people who have negative **** to say need to take a good look in the mirror but don't break it. You all wanna condemn people when you are condeming yourself actually. So get a life or find one to buy if you can afford it. Halle Berry is the **** and those talking bad about her need to shove it up the ass.

1329 days ago


He ia a whore dog no question.. too cool to be married ..huge woman is good enough for him..a looser for sure..

1329 days ago


He ia a whore dog no question.. too cool to be married ..huge woman is good enough for him..a looser for sure..

1329 days ago


Whoever or whatever Halle was before becoming a mother, you can look at the body language between her and her daughter and tell how much that little girl is attached to her. Anyone who is trained in child development would see that right away. That does happen when a parent is neglectful and irresponsible, quite the contrary. It is also for this reason I wasn't at all surprised when the couple announced their break-up. Whenever I saw picture of her boyfriend holding their baby, which was rare, they really didn't look they had bond, like a child being held by a near stranger. You could tell they did not live together and that Halle was her primary caregiver.

1329 days ago

Know it for a fact    

Well, if she's the same kind of parent that she was, an owner, to multiple pets that got eaten by coyotes, I say give custody to the father. It seems like every time she was on Leno, she had another dog taken by a coyote because she lets them outside. You'd think she'd learn. Have to side with the baby daddy on this one...she doesn't strike me as being unselfish...and I really like Halle Berry...just not as a Mom.

1329 days ago


Tell Halle I will be with her anytime she wants me too. She is beautiful to me and always has been just let me know at

1329 days ago

Darla Holycross    

Interesting. Nobody ever refers to the father of Goldie Hawn's children as her "baby daddy". Wonder why that term would come to mind for Halle Berry? Bigots.

1329 days ago


i hear a lot of BS from you sexist...Poor takes two...he must not have been too bad...she married him and had a kid by many different guys has it been....Sorry to bash Halle, she's my girl and all but don't just blame the guy...that's what happens when you have all the money and fame but going into a relationship with the wrong intentions...two beautiful people making babies, beauty turns ugly.

1329 days ago


Halle Berry has a bad track record of picking partners..I tend to think she is the problem after all these "devastating" unhappy endings. Perhaps she chooses men on their physical appearances...not their character and intelligence?

I have known women like her....glamor pusses....but when they turn 50...astounded that the whole world isn't in love with them anymore. Halle is getting near that point...then what will she if you ask me ...all she has going for her is her looks!

1329 days ago


To Mrblue:What kind of nitwit are you?This has nothing to do with color,I get so tired of ppl talking about someones race everytime a issue comes up with these celebs.If you can't reply in good taste then you should keep your comments to yourself.

1329 days ago


I think this guy is out for money, money, money. I do not believe Halle Berry puts herself before her daughter. No one knew Gabriel Aubrey before Halle and now he is trying to get publicity because of her. Does he pay any support for their child? He is a disgusting human trying to cash in on Halles' fame.

1329 days ago


#14 Mr. Blues you are ignorant and should focus on getting an education. I can't imagine any woman, black or white, with or without fake hair, having anything to do with you. Please do yourself a favor and crawl back under the rock where you came from.

1329 days ago


Her daughter is adorable.

1329 days ago


This is so funny....because I actually called this when Halle announced she was pregnant by this loser. She's too independent and this relationship never would have worked. I'm surprised it lasted as long as it did.

1329 days ago


So much negativity #14
Grow up

This has nothing to do with race!
and there is always two sides to a story. Halle however should of been much smarter seeing she is a millionaire. Do making a bad decision such as getting pregnant by him make her a bad mother? NO. You can tell halle is a great mother just by her daughters face and body language when they are together. halle should definitely win the case.

1329 days ago
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