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Jean-Claude Van Damme -- 4% Tipper

2/2/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jean-Claude Van Damme dealt a low blow to his waiter at an L.A. nightclub -- tipping only $40 on a $940 bill ... and TMZ has obtained a copy of the receipt.

It all went down at Drai's in Hollywood this past Sunday night. No word on exactly what the former action star ordered ... but upon racking up the hefty tab ... our source says JCVD dropped a tip that amounts to just over 4%.

We're told the wait staff was not pleased. No duh.

In fairness to Van Damme -- he's from abroad. Folks in Brussels don't live by the 15-20 percent rule. Calls to Van Damme and his people weren't returned.

UPDATE: A rep for Drai's says a 15% gratuity was included on Jean-Claude's tab ... and that his $40 was on top of that amount.


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brown dynamite    

40 is enough for the waiter, stop b1tchin. I worked as a waiter for years, and i've seen people rack up huge bills where I didn't have to do much service. stop b1tchin'

1321 days ago


is it possible there is an auto gratuity? or that he assumed there was one (as there is normally with table/bottle service)?

1321 days ago


I was a waiter back in 93' and let me tell you.....he was as tight as a ducks you know what back then as well. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

1321 days ago

Hey Now    

Tip should have been at least $150. Tell his people to carry a calculator next time.

1321 days ago


He did the same thing to me a few years back left like 9 bucks on 150.00 foreign or not he knows the difference. What a complete loser. Then again look at his career. karma is a bitch

1321 days ago


He spent enough on the food/drink, maybe the waiters employee should start paying more wages. The whole tipping thing is retarded anyway.

1321 days ago


Why does it matter if he ordered a $500 bottle of ABC instead of a $10 bottle of XYZ? It doesn't require any more effort on the waiter's part to open the more expensive bottle.

1321 days ago


maybe he tipped what they earned, that concept seems lost to the wait staff of America

1321 days ago

Hey Now    

Well - either way - I think he could have left $100 at least. $40 sounds super cheap on a > $900 bill

1321 days ago


The receipt doesn't stick out at the top of the paper on top of the receipt. There is no way he ordered alot of low-priced drinks. $40 tip for a couple minutes of work getting a couple drinks is more than enough. Why do waiters think that their income should depend on the deep pockets of people who can afford expensive bottles at a club? Taking that foil off the champagne must be really difficult.

1321 days ago


I've often pondered who is the bigger douchebag Jean-Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal?

1321 days ago


Hell, He could of at the very least rounded off the whole bill to a thousand bucks and the waiter would have gotten a little more.
Oh, and to those who think being a server is so easy obviously have never had to do it. We don't know how many people were in his party and how many servers had to divvy up that tip.
And you know they share that with busboys, bartenders too. Most place if you have a high profile client, like a celeb, all you do is take care of their table and cater to their every whim, and they can be there for hours. And if they are rude or very demanding, believe me you work for that money.
So that may be all the servers made that night, because they were assigned to his table and made no money from other tables.
So no...40 bucks isn't great.

1321 days ago


America is the biggest douchebag! The rest of the world don't do this stupid tipping **** - pay the staff a proper wage - why should the customer be forced to tip - add the ****ing tip into the check - people are out to have a good time, not a stupid bloody maths test. Different tipping percentages for different services, how bloody pathetic. You're hired at an hourly rate, THAT'S what you should be paid, nothing more, nothing less - wankers! Americans bitch far to much!

1321 days ago


Considering the prices these places charge, the owners should be able to pay employees a fair wage. Tipping is just an additional TAX. We are taxed enough as it is.

1321 days ago

bob watford    

Maybe the service sucked??? Any douchebag waiter that sells the receipt to TMZ....well odds are he probably sucks balls as a server. This whole thing where it is expected that people tip 15-20% is idiotic...exceptional service maybe.
Sorry douchebags...wait staff don't deserve to make as much as biologists and professors. Who'd a thunk it....

1321 days ago
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