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Jon Cryer -- Time on His Hands

2/1/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer has been involuntarily freed from pesky tasks like learning his lines on "Two and a Half Men" -- at least temporarily while Charlie Sheen figures out his life ... and there's an upside for his kid.

Jon picked up 10-year-old Charlie from school Monday in L.A.

They say the best things in life are free.  Good thing, because according to documents obtained by TMZ ... Cryer is losing $400,000 an episode while Charlie is MIA.


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Before this show started this guy was my neighbor in North Hollywood I caught him digging in my garbage for food many times. So lets don't forget he is Lucky to have Charlie for five years and syndication of this series. He is nothing without Charlie.

1361 days ago


Tammy #37 wrote
I know some of you don't wnat to hear this, but: there is no show without Charlie! I watch the show because all the comedy that happens on the show all stem from Charlie's action.
So you don't think the writers could beef up some of the others parts? If you think Charlie's character is the funniest, fine. But remember it's the writers that put the words in his mouth, and give him his actions, not Sheen. They make it easy for him by writing the part so he just has to play himself. Charlie isn't the creative genius behind this show.

Posted at 10:37 AM on Feb 1, 2011 by karlew

Sure, they can beef up the supporting parts, but they need Charlie. The supporting cast have great one-liners/zingers, but it'sonly funny because they play off Charlie and it's too late to put the same words into another actor's mouth and have the same success. Sorry.

1361 days ago


What is this show about?

1361 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I can't stand that sissy, prissy, dimwit Jon Cryer. He really made fun of Charlie last week on Conan O'Brien. If Charlie Sheen is like Charlie Harper, is Jon Cryer like Alan Harper? The most obnoxious character ever on TV. Can't stand him. I haven't heard anything about the Cast supporting Charlie. Without him there is no show. Charlie, Jake and Berta are the best on the show. The others just take up space. Without TV make-up, Jon is really ugly!

1361 days ago



Before this show started this guy was my neighbor in North Hollywood I caught him digging in my garbage for food many times. So lets don't forget he is Lucky to have Charlie for five years and syndication of this series. He is nothing without Charlie.

Posted at 12:08 PM on Feb 1, 2011 by NickSunset


If what you say is true, then Jon Cryer is "tickled pink" to be getting paid, period! The reality is that there are substantially more actors/actresses out of work than those who are making millions of dollars per year. 2 and 1/2 Men is a very successful show with its current format and I don't blame the producers for allowing Charlie Sheen to get his act together because he is MAKING THEM MONEY!!! Charlie Sheen's father, Martin, was a successful actor and Charlie, himself, has been working as an actor since age eight. On the other hand, Jon Cryer would be the quintessential "starving artist" who lacked Charlie's advantages and good looks. Their different backgrounds makes their on screen chemistry very interesting. IF IT AIN'T BROKE, DON'T FIX IT!!!

1361 days ago

Sad sad    

NickSunset seriously shut up.

1361 days ago


400,000 ... DAMN!!! O.O I Hope Charlie Sheen gets better soon & the cast getting their money they work hard for & making awesome shows because THIS SHOW IS TOOO AWESOME!!

1361 days ago


Look, I know a lot of you don't like Charlie, but he is the reason for success of that show, like it or not. No Charlie, the show would suffer immensely. That is truth. I 'm glad you find this guy and Berta to be the funniest, but without Sheen, there would be a huge void. Guaranteed. He has that something special that makes people want to hang out with him or know him. Like these stories on TMZ. There's something about Charlie. That's why he gets paid the big bucks.

He has a problem, and you people are ****ting all over him. You don't know his life, his issues, his troubles. You just think he's an overpaid actor having too much fun. Kind of heartless aren't you? Team Sheen!

1361 days ago


I can't believe some of the comments on here...who really cares if Charlie makes more than him, 400, 000 PER EPISODE seems crazy to me! He makes close to 6 million for yapping. It's just nuts. And honestly losing a million or two most likely won't have any impact on him what-so-ever.

1361 days ago


Boo Hoo Cry me a river @ $400,000 an episode!! Not that your worth it. Just like your character on the show you are nothing without Charlie....They new when they took this on w/Charlie how he was basically as do all the women he gets involved with so Boo Hoo to all! He made them all $$$ and now expect us to feel sorry for all the females w/his kids or the other actors on this show. Not happening, bigger problems in the world right now than his sorry butt unable to make his $400,000 an episode!

1361 days ago


Question: did Jon name his kid after Charlie Sheen? That is quite an honor to charlie, and goes to show, everyone still loves charlie b/c he's simply a great guy. As they say on the show...teflon. we forgive all sins. I still love you charlie!

1361 days ago


Good luck to Charlie, I hope he gets better!! I don't see why they don't tape the show without him while he's gone so the other actors could work for their families. They could make it look like he went away on a vacation maybe! Jon is really good too, In fact they are all good! My husband and I really like the show! Good luck guys

1361 days ago


Jon Cryer more than deserves what he gets

He MAKES that show succeed, not "Charlie"

Give Jon Cryer a damn raise!! Like 2 million per episode

1360 days ago


Sooooo, according to you TMZ, it`s all about the money? The man`s spending time with his kid, money has absolutely nothing to do with that. Harvey you got a brain cell in there?

1360 days ago


I'll never watch "Two and a Half Men" again. Charlie Sheen is a complete idiot. That show mirrors his real life too much. Only his real life is much worse. Drunken, drugged over-the-hill wanna-be playboy. Only he's got no class and he's GROSS. And it's just ugly and sad. He's a very bad parody of himself. Knowing as much as we do about his drug, alcohol and porn addictions just makes watching his show not funny. Really, really not funny. No more for me and everyone I've talked to feels the same. Jon Cryer - you're very talented and funny (unlike Sheen who really never was either). Jon - find a new job yesterday.

1359 days ago
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