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Jon Cryer -- Time on His Hands

2/1/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jon Cryer has been involuntarily freed from pesky tasks like learning his lines on "Two and a Half Men" -- at least temporarily while Charlie Sheen figures out his life ... and there's an upside for his kid.

Jon picked up 10-year-old Charlie from school Monday in L.A.

They say the best things in life are free.  Good thing, because according to documents obtained by TMZ ... Cryer is losing $400,000 an episode while Charlie is MIA.


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More BERTA! Less Sheen! I like the kidnapping Charlie idea! They could do a whole season like that!! The "1/2 man" used to refer to the kid, now it refers to Sheen.

1356 days ago


They should do some drug testing before/after filming each episode. Screen for alcohol consumption. Make the actors sign an agreement the minute they agree do embark upon filming a next season. If actors cannot manage their own lives, then the employer should be able to have a heads up for which direction their employee is heading so they can write scripts accordingly.

They could have written Charlie Sheen out of the script if they had known ahead of time!!! They could have replaced him with Emilio Estevez.

1356 days ago


I always assumed Sheen was the half a man they were referring to in the title anyway.

1356 days ago

Doc Hollywood    

Sorry Jon Cryer you are losing $400K a week while Charlie Sheen is getting his life together. It's something he will never accomplish. $400K? Wow I could live 10 years on that kind of money. It's so unfair.

1356 days ago


There would not be a show without Sheen ... what's the matter with you people. Cryer is NOT the star. Get over yourselves.

1356 days ago


You can't call it "Two and a Half Men", if one of them is missing.

The booze bottles on the set don't actually contain booze (tea for scotch/bourbon, water for vodka, etc...).

Charlie's personal problems are just that...his problems. Two divorces, kids he doesn't see, having to live under the constant scrutiny of the crap press, and live in the shadow of his father...a great actor in his own right. No wonder Charlie parties harder than most.

There's a reason he makes $1.9M per episode...the producers realize he IS the he owns part of the production company.

The cast and crew have made vast sums of money, and could probably use the rest. It takes a week to shoot a single episode, and nobody is losing money, now that the show is in syndication. And they will be receiving residual money for the rest of their long as the show stays in syndication.

1356 days ago

George Erdner    

First, everyone is correct that some of the biggest laughs are from Alan, Berta, and Jake's lines. But they are only funny in context because Charlie's actions set them up. I think that the show could manage maybe four or five episodes without Charlie before jumping the shark. Of course, there's a good case that the entire "Chelsea" story arc jumped the shark.

As for the money the rest of the cast is losing, unless Sheen's rehab stint is really, really long, they'll still probably shoot the same total number of episodes.

1356 days ago

Who cares    

Never watched one episode

1356 days ago


Time to think spinoff. Cryer is very talented and so is the cast of two and a half. Put Charlie on a world cruise and let the show go on.

1356 days ago


I hope that Charlie gets his act together soon. But he does not carrie this show. John Cryer is very funny and they have a great cast. There are a hundred differnt ways to go with the show without Charlie. Maybe it will be a wake up call if they can make it work without him.

1356 days ago

Un Believable    

TMZ should leave well-enough alone. All TMZ seems to do is use that lawyer/baby bottle sucking dude stick his big fat schnoz in everyone's business! It's sad that no one can live their life without getting hounded by a bunch of buffoons such as those from TMZ.

1356 days ago


Charlie Sheen is not a man- he's a drug addicted spoiled,hollywood *******. So many people out of work ( including all his coworkers) and this coke head is getting 2 million to screw up-send him and Lohan to JAIL where they belong. His attorney say he's in pain-many people have LEGIT medical problems that they do not cure with Coke-what an *******!!

1356 days ago


The producers could replace Sheen with any actor (Matthew Perry would be good) and the show could go on perfectly. It's Jon Cryer who couldn't be replaced or the kid, the mom and Berta. Jon has more lines most of the time and he is way funnier. Hopefully Sheen will get his act together and realize his health is more important than skants (sp) and drugs.

1356 days ago

J Hass    

Here is another example of why this world is so screwed up. It's all about money for CBS, Sheen, Cryer and the rest of the cast. I choose not to watch this show simply because Charlie Sheen is on it. I also choose not to watch certain pro sports because of the arrogance of these high paid athletes.

1356 days ago


I love charlie!! but Alan,Berta,Jake and the rest of the cast could carry this show for a while without Charlie.
I don't believe that the home rehab will help. I do hop he cleans up his act for his kids sake not just the young one but the oldest ones too!! Charlie get well soon!!

1356 days ago
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