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Tiger Woods with His Kids -- A Real Pick-Me-Up

2/1/2011 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Tiger Woods spent some quality time with his two kids, Sam and Charlie, along with his mother Kultida yesterday in Orlando.

After losing yet another golf tournament this past weekend ... Tiger really needed a lift.


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j. jose regino    

TIGER - No one is perfect in this world. One trips or stumbles in many ways. Get out there and show them that you are still Number ONE. The people who continue to poke their ugly fingers into your personal life are just jealous of your triumphs and successes. They want to be in your shoes, but they haven't got your "IT" to WIN. Most of these people who hates you are Whites who thinks they own the world.

Go out there and start kicking asses! To many of us you are still NUMBER 1.

1369 days ago

j. jose regino    

To: Kabe, the No. 48 'Commentator' - Your language depicts ugliness by calling people "TROLLS". Please be reminded that color of one's skin or his/her features are not measures of respectability nor culture. One wonders if you understand social tenets.

1369 days ago


The paparazzi should leave Tiger's kids alone!

Let's give the children some privacy and a chance at a normal childhood.

1369 days ago


let he that cast the first stone and no one did,give this man a break ,if his name was johnny no one would care,he is the best golfer and thats who he is!!!!!!!!!!!!

1369 days ago


too bad, the kids don't look very happy with him

1369 days ago


I think Sam and Charlie are beautiful children. Tiger, like everyone else in the world has mAde some mistakes but everyone deserves a 2nd chance. I think he will be a better person and hope he starts playing great golf. He is the greatest golfer to watch. Good luck to you , Tiger. There are alot of people pulling for you.

1369 days ago


The children are precious, but better to let them stay that way without the harassment of photogs when going to class.

1368 days ago


The children are precious, but better to let them stay that way without the harassment of photogs when going to class.

1368 days ago


OKAY HE DOESNT OWE NO ONE ANYTHING>> WHO WITHOUT ANY SIN CAST THE FIRST STONE>> SELF CENTERED IDIOTS>> that is between him and his ex wife.. and let me tell yah.. NO ONE will not know you are not with that many women.. SHE KNEW>> SHE WAS EMBARRASSED the tricks called his house.. THATS a nono..without him 100 mill..but if he loses endorsments lifestyle is 10grand.. PRIVATE IS PRIVATE>> HE PLAYED GOLF not the POPE and NOT JESUS..and the kids really calling the kids names.. Really

1368 days ago


They are the cutest kids they look just like him

1368 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

What an unhappy looking family.

1368 days ago


It's INSANE that photographers are still chasing these kids around. Or that TMZ is actually running these photos. Give me a break -- or better yet, give these children a break.

1368 days ago


Glad he is being a father to his children. Especially when you have a lot of dads somewhere living it up while their children are on welfare. Cheers all around for Tiger!

1368 days ago


Leave the kids out of it ... they are no more to blame for what Tiger did than you or I. On other hand, the mother Kultida is a different story, as is the father Earl (may he rest in peace). Just like the tale of Frankenstein, their narcissistic, self-serving experiment in the laboratory ultimately went awry, with the inevitable "disastrous" results playing out as we've seen. In fact, I would say that Tiger himself could be freed from some culpability for his actions. The dye was likely cast long ago, when his parents denied him a normal child's upbringing, all just to satisfy their own selfish agenda and egos. To those of you who would view your own children as personal "meal tickets" ... you'd probably be wise to take a good, long, hard look at this sad story and appreciate how it can all ultimately end.

1368 days ago



You all throw your pathetic insults at this guy, and last year he made over $75 million dollars, and is laughing all the way to the bank (your jealousy is showing BTW). He could buy your whole trailer park!


1368 days ago
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