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Ex-Super Bowl Champ GOES OFF on Valet

2/2/2011 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

St. Louis Rams Pro Bowler D'Marco Farr went off on a valet last night -- and it's all because the guy asked Farr to move his car out of a tow-away zone ... and TMZ got it all on tape.

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Ok, I know this is TMZ on the internet but why are there so many stupid trolls here? Can't you guys spread out a little? Besides, what kind of lame ass has to sit around pissing people on the internet off with your useless drivel to be entertained?

1329 days ago


#2. George Clooney? The guy that has a crush on the real George Clooney? I see you on another board making trouble. But can't defend DW on this one. Acted somewhat of an a/s/s. But he wanted to make it right with they guy offering to pay the guy as opposed to going back out in the cold to move his car. I bet that valet guy was fired as soon as his boss sees this clip. You best believe that. And on the other hand...all you suckers that are making all these racist attacks on him would not breathe a word of it to his face. He would park his fist in your mouth and his foot in your a/s/s. Key board tough guys. WANKSTAS!!!

1329 days ago


Mr. Farr was wrong to curse at the guy, but he did ask about whether he wanted a tip or why he was making such a big deal. I am almost positive that he regrets the incident and even more so that the "hype" mongers of TMZ were there. He has been nothing but a great guy in the St. Louis area, a great commentator on the radio and a postitive representative of our football team. I will now look at all of the negative reports from the media in a different way. We've all done things we regret and maybe the media shouldn't exploit them all!!!!

1329 days ago


You don't get a free pass to treat people like crap just because you are famous, cold, or whatever. You people act like the valet is some lower life form that doesn't deserve respect. Money isn't everything. Farr was out of line and has an air of entitlement about him.

2brtn2, it's amazing that you consider what TMZ did here as hype mongering. They just pointed a camera at him and hit record. They didn't edit the video in any way. How about you stop and think for a second instead of immediately jumping to the defense of someone who was clearly in the wrong.

1329 days ago



1329 days ago


I know D'Marco personally and I have spoken with him on numerous occasions. He is a nice guy. I'm sure we are missing a piece of this video that is important. Regardless, if he was in a valet spot, he should've just given his keys to the guy and paid. This, however, has nothing to do with race. For those of you who are making racist comments, you are the one who are ignorant. So, take your rebel flag and shove it up your ass.

1329 days ago

Dandy Dan    

"Little bitch"? you sit and hide in a booth and do awful, not funny crappy voice-overs and you are calling Farr a little bitch? question for you little bitch in a booth, was there a sign not to park?
was the valet mouthing off to him, D'Marco does not mouth off. He was provoked.

1329 days ago


Justice? what a d664che name. What an elitist a-hole you must be. Valets work minimum wage and hope to make enough on a shift with tips to make this crappy job worthwhile. I did it while going to school.
The hotel or restaurant are the ones that set the rules moron. So you dump on some poor working stiff? He sounded like he was being polite and just explaining how it worked to the other a-hole who just left his car w/o paying. I think you two a-holes must know each other. A-holes seem to flock together and think and act the same.

1329 days ago


Typicle paleface, serial killers, children blowing up schools, music stealing, no rythm, boring, knuckle draggers, confederate flag lovers, bad skin, racist klansmen who made a racial issue out of something, because the guy is black and the other guys were caucasion. If it was the other way around it would be there they go making a racial situation out of nothing and trying to put us on a guilt trip.

1329 days ago


TMZ! Why don't you do a favor to yourselves and delete these racist and hateful comments. These redneck crackers are using an incident that happened with valet and writing this hateful crap about a whole race. TMZ should have some respect for black people including their staff and block these idiots who only use the comment section to make themselves feel like they have a few more inches on their ****s!

1329 days ago


The guy is disgrace....how rude.

1329 days ago


dang i would have just had his vehicle(rental or nor not)towed and let him andthe rental company hash it out!!

1329 days ago


Calling the idiots who made racist statements "rednecks", "crackers", or "paleface" does absolutely nothing to make the situation better.

1328 days ago

Denise Slay    

I've been to that restaurant many times and the Valet is just trying to do his job. The parking isn't the greatest around there and he is trying to prevent people from getting their car towed. I hope he did get his car towed with that attitude. Jerk!

1328 days ago


Truth be told, The valet took Farr's money in the end. The spot was a valet parking spot. So basically Farr parked in a spot that the valet would have taken the car to anyway. The valet dropped an f-bomb on Farr first because he thought he wasn't going to get a tip. Mr. Farr gave him a tip and all was fine. But TMZ in it's disgusting as usual manner doesn't tell you that. They only catch "The Good TV Stuff."

1328 days ago
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