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Hayden Panettiere -- Big Plans for Japan

2/5/2011 7:05 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Hayden Panettiere is sticking her neck out to save the dolphins -- awesome! Absolutely NO ONE could possibly say anything bad about that, right? Wrong.

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Dolphins eat the tunas. Kill the gluttonous dolphins.

1356 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Dolphins are the Rapists of the Sea!

They gang rape their females, as well as try to molest any poor human that tries to have an "encounter" with them.

1356 days ago

Gloria Unread    

Oh, and as for targetting Japan - the economy is in rough shape here, too. So before you get all high and mighty, folks like Hayden, remember that they people who hunt them are just trying to feed their families as well.

You wouldn't let a human baby starve in order to save a dolphin, Hayden Panettiere... or would you?!?

1356 days ago


the slaughter of dolphins and capture for captivity must stop!

people do not eat dolphin meat in japan! ask them

the hunting continues cos of the even bigger big big bucks in capturing the dolphins and onselling them to aquariums.

the hunting is not tradition its nothing like they used
to hunt whales that is just what they hide behind

its all for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

join the fight to stop the slaughter! save japan dolphins!

1355 days ago


The first 3 comments I read were born of pure IGNORANCE. The dolphins aren't the ones eating up all the tuna. The oceans are being over fished by HUMANS. HUMANS ARE THE GLUTTONS. The Japanese aren't slaughtering these beautiful mammals to put food on the table. Their incentive is strictly financial gain mainly from the capture and captivity (ENSLAVEMENT) of the dolphins ($150,000 & up). Their meat contains an extremely high amount of mercury causing birth defects and disease when eaten. As far as their reproductive activities, many species of animals will "guard" their females to prevent other males from honing in on their territory, including "MALE HUMANS". That is nature taking its course. There is NOTHING NATURAL about the slaughters that take place. There is nothing even remotely HUMANE in the way in which they do it. As for the reporter for TMZ that made the comment about her not being able to do anything about it, she may be just one voice, but there are millions of people behind her that don't get the "coverage" that celebrities do, that are behind this cause and are doing what they can to stop it. One voice can lead to many, many voices can lead to change!!

1355 days ago


if you eat tuna you eat think the fisherman care what they grind up..
faaa lovessss paaaaaa
faaaa loves paaaaa

1355 days ago


I am grateful to Hayden Panettiere and her committment to Japan's dolphins. Also happy to see TMZ cover this story, although a little more respect would have been in order. Japan issues permits for the slaughter of 20,000 dolphins annually. It isn't quick. It is slow, painful and barbaric. Those who aren't slaughtered are sold into captivity and sentenced to a lifetime of confinement. Dolphins are social animals, scientifically proven to be one of the most intelligent species on Earth. They deserve better than this. They certainly deserve more respect than they were afforded in this piece. To learn more watch The Cove movie.

1355 days ago

Oh, please!    

Stop telling other people what they should eat and what their culture should be! If people in Japan eat dolphins, then so be it. You don't see a billion hindus demanding that Americans stop eating beef, do you? And there is nothing more cruel sick, and inhumane than the way cattle are treated on American farms where they are turned into beef for our consumption. It makes the treatment of the dolphins in Taraji, Japan look tame. Really! Yet these coward activists -- particularly the ones in the U.S. -- don't want to tackle the cruelty going on against these BEAUTIFUL MAMMALS (hey, from my perspective) in their OWN COUNTRY...because they know the all-powerful beef industry would come down on them like the wrath of the gods. (Look at how they hounded Oprah.) No, it's easier for them to attack the big, bad Japanese. Complete B***S***! Stop the madness in your own home before pointing the finger at your neighbor across the street!

1355 days ago


I thank Hayden Panettiere and her commitment to Japan's dolphins.
And TMZ to bring the story out to people, although she could have used a little more respect from their side.
The dolphin is a very intelligent creature, and should be treated accordingly, and they certainly not in Japan where they are brutally slaughtered, where they suffer a painful death, which certainly is not humane for these Intelligent beings.
1 vote from you is to fight for the dolphins and to this brutal slaughter ends. So, all votes matter.

1355 days ago


You think Japan cares about feeding starving babies and that they are just trying to "put food on the table"? Yeah right tainted poisonous food...Most of Japan that were consuming the Dolphin meat were not even aware that it contained dangerous levels of mercury (Minamata disease) but the fishermen know, they are just in it for the money. Before you let your ignorance become you do some reading, watch The Cove, go to Any smart debate requires knowledge of which some of you ppl do not possess.

1355 days ago


Hey, girl, I know you're trying to help but the Japanese don't kill the dolphins to profit off the meat! They kill the dolphins because they see them as pests that eat up all the fish they rely on for profit! Dolphin meat contains dangerous amounts of mercury and the Japanese know about this very well. You're selling out the cause.

1355 days ago


I encourage you all to watch "The Cove". The eye opening do***entary includes mission impossible style spy tactics used to catch the Japanese fishermen in the act of slaughtering dolphins for meat (which they sell as desirable whale meat, all dolphin meat is full of mercury). Ms. Panitierre was in "The Cove" for one scene, she knows the horrors that take place in Taigi, Japan every year, and she is doing what she can to stop the dolphin slaughter.

1355 days ago


Robert, you have no idea what you are talking about!

1355 days ago


The first several comments here are obviously from uneducated morons--who know absolutely nothing about the reality of this situation.Get your facts in order before you show your stupidity to the world. Hayden,we are immensely grateful that you are fighting for the lives of these beautiful creatures and are behind you 100%--THANK YOU!!

1355 days ago

Dr Hardwicke    

Is it Jose of Inglewood?

What is that mass of meat hanging down between her nostrils?
Is it a Tuna? Is it a Dolphin.
This little girl is grossly over rated if she were your next door neighbor you wouldn't look twice?

1355 days ago
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