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Lindsay Had Enough Cash For Jewelry Purchase

2/8/2011 2:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had more than enough cash on hand when she took the $2,500 necklace out of an L.A. jewelry store ... sources tell TMZ.

TMZ broke the story ... the L.A. County District Attorney's Office will file felony grand theft charges against Lohan any day ... though we're told it won't be today.

Sources connected to the case tell us ... Lindsay had around $6,000 in cash with her because she had been eyeing a ring in the store, which was going for $3,400.  Lindsay had gone to the store several times previously, debating whether to buy it.

Short story ... Lindsay had enough money to buy both the ring and the necklace on the day in question.

We've learned the surveillance video shows Lindsay walking out of the store wearing the necklace, without paying.  In the video, the necklace is partially hidden by other jewelry Lindsay is wearing around her neck.



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That's never been the issue, and hadn't been the issue previously when she was accused of being a thief. Sociopath's don't steal because they can't afford something, they steal because it gives them a rush.

1355 days ago


Winona could have also afforded what she kleoptoed. What's your point, Harvey? She's still a thief!!!

1355 days ago


See here for Lindsay's LONG history of this kind of behavior.

1355 days ago


just because you have the money doesnt mean it was for buying rings and necklaces..maybe she was going to spend the money on some good coke or meth

1355 days ago


So if I go to the store today and fill a cart with groceries - and as long as I have cash in my pocket - I can just leave without paying?


1355 days ago


"Lindsay had gone to the store several times previously, debating whether to buy it...."

She obviously decided to save her money...

1355 days ago


1355 days ago


Big deal, why even report this...she's gonna walk anyway, with no jail time as all celebs do.

1355 days ago

Davey Boy    

More non-news that surprises no one.

1355 days ago


Shocking. Hohan has $60...00 ??!!!

1355 days ago


's her sense of entitlement that makes her think she can walk away without paying for something. That's going to get her in a lot of trouble, thought I'm stunned that it's even possible to GET into any more trouble than she's already in.

1355 days ago


C'mon, let's get those charges against Lindsay filed. I want to see her in a perp walk on the news. I've got the popcorn and beer all ready!


1355 days ago


What it comes down to is this... tabloid speculation, trial by press, and a whole lot of guess work and inconsistencies. If I was the prosecutor, I'd walk away. There is a he said/she said/she said going on. If she walked out with the necklace, and the assistant did not do the paperwork, and the jeweller knew that on that day, why put it out to TMZ when they knew where she lived? There is a whole lot of 'reasonable doubt' here as to what really happened. I believe she believed the assistant handled it. After this... the assistant would be looking for work elsewhere. Lindsay needs to get the hell out of Dodge and go off radar while she gets her life in order. Speculation and bad press are not enough to convict anywhere else in the US. This is conjecture at it's best, and too many people are lusting to see Lindsay go to prison. Then who will you hunt? Charlie Sheen is rip for the stalking but no one goes after him and he is MUCH worse than Lindsay ever was. Why not?

1355 days ago


No credit or debit card? Cash?

1355 days ago


Lohan likes to see what she can get away with. So far it's worked. Lohan knows how to play the game. Lohan never does anything. When questions come up it's someone elses fault. That has always been consistant.

1355 days ago
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