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Jewelry Shop Owners 'Sad' About Lohan Prosecution

2/9/2011 4:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The jewelry store owners who blew the whistle on Lindsay Lohan now say they feel bad Lindsay has been charged with a crime for which she could go to prison.

Kamofie & Company

Geoff Kaman, owner of Kamofie & Company -- the jewelry store where Lindsay allegedly pilfered the $2,500 necklace -- tells TMZ he and his wife "are extremely sad on how all of this has turned out."

Nonetheless, Geoff and his wife have cooperated with authorities, which led to the criminal case.


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This is not going to turn out in favor of Kamofie & Company! Lindsay didn't just walk out with the Necklace without a Kamofie & Company employee knowing it was loaned to her.

1314 days ago


Kamofie & Company can kiss their celebrity clientele goodbye!

1314 days ago


She should sue the store if this was caused by employee not doing paperwork before she left. You would think the store could of got a hold of Lindsay instead of causing all this drama. Maybe they didnt realize how serious this could get. Once they filed a police report the store cant decide to not press charges. Sending the store flowers was kinda strange. IF a store made false statements about me the last thing I would want to do is send them flowers. I would be waiting to sue.

1314 days ago


Has anyone in authority figured out yet that LL belongs in a real mental institution? I mean electric shock treatment,anal probes and the whole state sponsored **** program.

1314 days ago


Why do all these people feel so sorry for her? She thinks she can do anything she wants too. Just go in and wear a necklace out of the store and nobody will say a thing. SHE STOLE IT!!! She should have been arrested right then and taken to jail. If it was me i would be still in jail. Does she really think she can do anything she wants?

1314 days ago


Kathy is so right on. If it was me the would put me under the jail.

1314 days ago


@ # 76 PAM

I don't like Lindsay Lohan at all. But I have to be honest. I agree 100% with your post.

The jewelry store is located a few blocks away from LL home. The owners waited 6 days! without doing anything about the situation. If we use our common sense- which is totally missing from some people in this blog-what the owner could do to resolve the problem? Just go to LL house, knock her door and say : "You took one of my necklaces without paying for it. I'm coming to see IF you want to pay for it or you want to return iT." If he wouldn't of had a response to his request he would of said " I will wait 24 hrs. . If I don't get the necklace after that , I would go to the police". Right?

Lindsay Lohan is not stupid. She knew that the paparazzis they would take pictures of her WITH the "stolen" necklace around her neck and she already knew the future consequences of her actions. If she is not mentally disturbed , this whole story about the stolen necklace is totally false.

1314 days ago


Oh please. This was probably taken so out of context.

DUH commenters!

1314 days ago


she brazenly walked out the door WITHOUT paying for that necklace.WHAT PART OF THAT DON'T U DEFENDERS UNDERSTAND?
She committed a crime
Stop whining about all manner of trivial things and GET WITH THE PROGRAM
LOW-BRAIN NEEDS 2 B HUNG UPSIDE DOWN AND WHIPPED and then go through 3 months of ect 3 x a week to get her brain in order,and finally fine her 10,000.000.00 just because shes a LOW-BRAIN.

1314 days ago


They just want the publicity!!!!! Lindsey would not steal anything shes RICH!!! No one ever hears of that store. THERE LIES!!!!!! Ugly store anyways would never shop there!! Their full of B/S!!!:)

1314 days ago


What *******s...what is this for publicity?

1314 days ago


stop shopping there. they should have sent her a bill. ( she would have payed ) every time she sets foot in that store she makes them millions. i hope there happy, putting down are queen. i hope they go under. they should have gone to her house and settled in private. they probly have gouged her for thousands of there 90% overmarked prices. they are, the real thieves, with there return policy and restocking fees. i hope they get dumped on, poh poh poh it's not good to spit on the queen.

1312 days ago
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