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Judge CRUSHES Lohan -- 'Don't Push Your Luck!'

2/9/2011 8:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan was just remanded into custody -- following a STRONG warning from Judge Keith Schwartz -- "You're no different than anyone else ... please don't push your luck."

Lindsay Lohan News
Moments after Lohan entered a not guilty plea in her felony theft case -- the judge came down on her like a ton of bricks ... telling her "things will be different" this time around because she's on the hook for a felony.

During the hearing, Judge Schwartz said Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, and prosecutor Danette Meyers, were going to meet to possibly reach a plea bargain.

Lohan -- alongside attorney Holley -- was then remanded into custody ... and is currently being booked.

Judge Schwartz set her bail at $20,000 -- but warned, "If you violate the law, I will remand you and there will be NO BAIL."

The judge also revoked Lindsay's probation in the DUI case and set bail at $20,000 -- so total bail is $40,000.

Lohan was also ordered to refrain from contacting the jewelry store during the case, after Meyers said someone had sent the store owners flowers, which kind of freaked them out.

020911_linday_exit_videoUPDATE 2:48 PM PT: Lindsay has posted bail -- and she could NOT have left the courthouse faster.


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You Lindsay defenders need to get your heads out of her freckled ass and get a freaking clue. Nobody dreamed they would enter a plea deal in this case. You know why? Instant violation of probation. But they are indeed going to enter a plea deal. You know why? Because they know that Danette's case is airtight. Lindsay is pleading guilty WITH FULL KNOWLEDGE it will put her back in jail. Do you get it yet? Something tells me you don't.

1353 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

How horrible for her! She was told that she wasn't entitled to break the law! This must have been shocking for her to be actually told that she wasn't able to break laws at will! She must be crying her criminal eyes out to be denied such a thing. Dina will probably threaten to take it to the Supreme Court to make them state that she is entitled to break the law at will again and without suffering any legal consequences.

1353 days ago


f**** her... a dress makes you guys go crazy... i am aware myself but please.. does anyone sees what she is playing??

1353 days ago


I saw no eyes rolling, no smirks, and I don't think she's dressed like a slut. Truth be told she just wants this over with asap and everyone needs to back off and let her get her life back in order.

1353 days ago


Does anyone know if Lindsay really has money? How is she paying for constant rehabs & bonds?

1353 days ago


Finally a judge that seems to actually be going to treat her like a normal person. Hope that this is finally the wake up call that she needs but somehow I don't think it will be.

Innocent people don't need plea bargains .... do they? If she has all the proof she claims to have why would they want to work out a plea bargain with the DA? BECAUSE SHE IS GUILTY.

1353 days ago


she's totally in denial
i hate it when people claim she is talented when she can't even act serious and remorseful in court.

the duck lips are so hideous, she must be a serious head case. someone save this girl, she used to be bright and cute.

i hope she can save herself, don't think she should stay in Hwood she can't handle it.

1353 days ago


I tell you the justice of the law seems to fall like water off a ducks back

1353 days ago


They are already talking about a plea bargain against a supposed repeat offender? They don't have a felony case if the judge is already aware of plea negotiations before she even shows up for her arraignment.

1353 days ago

Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

I saw no eyes rolling, no smirks, and I don't think she's dressed like a slut. Truth be told she just wants this over with asap and everyone needs to back off and let her get her life back in order.

Posted at 2:36 PM on Feb 9, 2011 by Momba

Of course you didn't, everyone else here is lying. You must be a Lohan

1353 days ago


How did the judge crush her? He gave her a bail he knows she can meet and she'll be back out in a couple hours. MOST people accused of similar crimes would wait for their trial behind bars, ESPECIALLY when those people were on a drug-related PROBATION that's now been violated, another totally independent reason she should currently be and stay behind bars.

1353 days ago


no matter what any deal will imply jail like harvey and jason said.she could have a 6 months and accept it or go to trial and risk 3 yrs.any lawyer with an OZ of brains will tell you with a criminal past of any kind plus everything will do time.this judge knows if he does not hold this fairly what it can open can request a judicial review on the grounds of discrimination against anyone with a sentence and less of a crim past or an equal criminal past can then have there own verdicts over turned and sue the system for false careful judge fox...why do you think marsha revell recused herself.

1353 days ago


Didnt see her roll her eyes at the judge. I saw her look over at someone but didnt catch an eye roll. She looks to know she facing a felony and I think she'll follow orders. She doesnt want to be in jail.

1353 days ago


She already pushed her luck... the last Judge told her the same exact crap!!! Its a good thing she is in CA because in this state she would be serving time by now. The CA law states that she violated her probation and until the court date for that violation she is to remain locked up without bail. This Judge just wiped her a** for her and set her off. And I don't believe for a minute she has passed all her drug test... I think she plays these people like a violin and they all fall for it.

1353 days ago


So she is avoiding a felony and only serving 24 days for the probation violation ? Awesome

1353 days ago
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