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A-Rod and Cameron -- Taking Things in Stride

2/12/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alex Rodriguez took off running when photogs spotted him and girlfriend Cameron Diaz house hunting in Miami, FL yesterday.

Maybe A-Rod was just getting a jog in before Spring Training. 

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No Avatar


seems like hes lost a step

1313 days ago


Wonder who's titties are bigger A-Rod's or Cameron's.

1313 days ago

bitch please    

omg Cameron looks terrible, and I'm talking about the body. (She always had a big nose and pizza face, now it's just an aging pizza face) but her body is going now too! Back in the day she did have a great body.

A-rod always looks like he just left a therapy session -- never looks happy, he is an idiot. Not good looking either.

1313 days ago


Even though I can't stomach either one of these two, I believe there is something more to this picture, I don't think he was running to get away from the cameras, he is looking right into them, maybe they were inside and he remembered he left something in there and just wanted to run in an get it, the photogs take hundreds of shots a minuite on their camera, why are they only showing us on, where is the entire sequence of events? It is very easy to show a picture and make up a story.

1313 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

she looks really sad with him

1313 days ago


Plausible that she left her bag in the car and he was running to get it. A previous comment said, these photographers take millions of pics. TMZ is posting this to stir the pot.

1313 days ago


I don't know who he thinks he is? He should be proud to be with her considering what a loser he is for cheating on his wife. Get some self esteem and get rid of him. Knowing his history, I don't know how any woman would go out with him? Unless a woman used him for his money, thats what he's deserves not someone like her, talented with money. I like her and her movies:)

1313 days ago


This is why this relationship won't last....

1313 days ago


I've always liked Cameron for her concern for the environment, as well as her goofy smile and athletic abilities. I've enjoyed several of her movies.

What is she doing with this loser who looks just like OJ running from a crime scene?

1313 days ago


The two have had off-on relationships with other people but believe the two are soul-mates and will be together for sometime, if not permanently. That's my prediction.

1313 days ago


I kept hoping this one would die out, she seem like a smart gal. I like her, she is a happy person, but NOT for him!

Why would one want to have all his baggage in their life, when it is him with the cheating issues, and he has an ex and kids to boot.

Not smart when you are a single, rich, talented, never married, no kids, no baggage issues, star in Hollywood. Having kids with this guy potencially who has kids and we all know how THAT works so well for the 'new family', and marring a known cheater perhaps?
Okay then.

So, I keep thinking where is her head at? Really? THIS guy is who she is getting serious with???!!!

Whatever, it won't matter what anyone tells her, if she is set on it, its her mistake to make.

1313 days ago


He is socially retarded.

1313 days ago


I will see A-Rod with the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium during late June 2011 and at Angel Stadium Sunday,September 11th,2011. I saw A-Rod as a Seattle Mariner at SAFECO field during June 2000 and at Dodger Stadium on Saturday,June 26th,2010. And I will see Cameron Diaz in her next movie. Fromn George William Gockel.

1313 days ago

Rufus T. Firefly    

All I wanna know is: who took off with Cameron's leg, below the knee?

1313 days ago


First, to take off and just leave her there is a d**k move. Second, if he's that wary of the paps then why in the hell would he date an A-list movie star? That's like a person with a fear of blood choosing to be a doctor for a living.

1313 days ago
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