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Madonna vs. Lady Gaga -- It's On!

2/12/2011 9:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you noticed a similarity between Lady Gaga's brand new song, "Born This Way," and Madonna's classic track, "Express Yourself," you're not the only one -- seems the Material Girl has noticed it too!

Madge's official YouTube page was updated today with a 1989 live performance video of "Express Yourself" she did at the MTV Video Music Awards. 

The two pop stars have never feuded -- Gaga has called Madonna a huge influence and the two even did an "SNL" sketch together back in 2009. 

Listen to Madonna's song above and Gaga's song here, then we ask ...


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Lady Gaga creeps me out. Too weird. Too cliche. Next.

1356 days ago


Just more pot stiring by TMZ. Other than a strong beat in both songs there is no connection, and there are thousands of songs with a similiar beat.

1356 days ago


I don't really hear the similarities. Both, however, are really great songs. I'm just hearing Gaga's song now, after all the blown up comparison hype, so maybe I'm trying not to compare them. Either way, great song. She said she wrote it in 10 minutes. She was apparently inspired. I doubt she was thinking "oh yeah, I'm so ripping off Madonna!" I would like to think that afterward she was thinking that all of her fans, and possibly Madonna too, would be proud of her awesome song. :)

1356 days ago


no. 54

"At the beginning of Gaga's song where she repeats, "M, M, M," sounds like a definite acknowledgement of Madonna. Gaga is a fan, so I see it as paying homage to Madonna.


No, actually the "M, M, M," = merda, merda, merdaaaaaaaaaaaaa

1356 days ago


The Lady Gaga song is just another boring and forgettable one. Her songs seem to have one word or phrase that she repeats over and over and over and over and over and over and... when will it stop? If you read the name of the song, you know everything you need to know about the song.

Whoever wrote that horrible Alejandro crap, must have written this too. I guess song writing together only involves repeating one word or phrase again and again and again. I guess it's safe on stage since one doesn't have too many lyrics to learn and fans with short attention spans can figure out the word in about one second. Hmmmm. Blahhhhhhh.

1356 days ago

And thats the truth    

Madonna started grabbing her crotch after Michael Jackson started doing it and I could not help but notice how the steps in this video lights up as Madonna steps on them. Kind of like when Michael stepped on the sidewalk and it lit up in his video. Madonna is guilty of a little plagiarism herself.

I remember when Michael and Madonna had gone out on a date. He later said that she was picking his brain for ideas. I never liked Madonna and I dont care too much for GaGa either. She reminds me too much of Madonna.

1356 days ago


This is not surprising. There has been no originality in music for at least the past 25 years.

1356 days ago


Gaga ripped off Madonna's entire image so it was probably just a matter of time until she just started ripping off the songs too.

1356 days ago


to me there two different songs with different meanings

1356 days ago


Mel Gibson would never wear a meat dress. But...he can "Express Himself" well!! (=
Oh, Harveeeeey!

1356 days ago


It's funny you mention this TMZ, I just heard the lady Ga Ga song for the first time in the car and I immediately thought of this song by Madonna and at first I thought Madonna came out with a new song.
wasn't lady ga ga accused of stealing an unfortunately deceased girls identity??

1356 days ago


Not the first time. About a year ago, the mother of her best friend that died, showed proof of her ripping off her dead daughters style. Gaga had pictures of herself made that looked just like pictures her dead friend had. Now everyone is acting like she has this unique style. Actually, stolen style.

1356 days ago


I just saw the other day LieHo tweeted she loves Gaga.
No wonder she is a lying lesbo klepto coke thief ho.

1356 days ago


Gaga is unoriginal and can't express herself... but it's not her fault because she was born that way.

1356 days ago


Would love to s*x it up in every way with GaGa... damn it would be insanely intense. :)

1356 days ago
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