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Oksana's Valentine's Day Date

2/15/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Facing criminal extortion charges over her last relationship ... it seems Oksana Grigorieva has not given up on love.

O.G. celebrated Valentine's Day at Sweet Butter Cafe in Sherman Oaks, CA with Jimmy Hoyson, her sound engineer and close friend.

Mel Gibson was famously jealous of Oksana's relationship with Jimmy during their relationship.

We're guessing Mel will happily pass the torch.


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I don't think Gibson was famously jealous...He was just getting tired of being used.

Posted at 9:18 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by janet

janet, think about it, he was accusing her, in the tapes of being with someone else, she bitched to the press that Mel was upset cause he thought she was flirting with the gardner. Now we have one guy coming out (Herzog) stating he had a sexual relationship, called her a sexual sorceress and now all of a sudden she's out with Jimmy the sound guy? ROFLMFAO. What the HELL is this broad trying to prove?

1286 days ago


holy crap it looks like she has 2 pds of new silcone in her flappers

1286 days ago


She is a nut , she is out on VD with the guy who Mel is so jealous of. What a nut case.
Still trying to get Mel's attention much Konsie?
Well he bought Robyn a dozen roses and they spent the day together.

1286 days ago


Awww, love you guys. We are channelling each other, ROFLMAO

Posted at 9:12 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by Majestik

I've always suspected that he was the one that helped her. Wonder if this guy was born in the USA or if he's another one from Russia/Ukraine like the facialist that testified for her.
Just curious.

Posted at 9:20 PM on Feb 14, 2011 by Muppet

WE ALL thought he was the one that helped her when we found out he was an expert in Audio. That's a given, but you have a great point, in Hoyson from here, have ties to Russia/Ukraine and what are we going to find out about Mandy the facialist.

Think back, Harvey stated on a TMZ live, it's MORE than what we think, what's the chances this goes past what she claims, past the extortion charges. What happens if this Jimmy Hoyson, and this Mandy facialist has ties to Listermine (Yeah, I want to punch in, Listerine, as Azlee says). This looks more and more like a conspiracy, how can you NOT think that.

1286 days ago


We're guessing Mel will happily *pass* the torch.

1286 days ago


Not to worry Gibson will get the bill. Hell, he's paying for everything else.

1286 days ago


lolololololololol!! Ah, Jimmy the sound man who's testimony was always dubious, the man who immediately jumped out to say I saw Mel abusing her I was with them 24/7 lol!! His testimony then ranked as hardly worth noting since the dates she says Mel hit her or got angry with her, Jimmy was NOT there lol!!
So let's see that's the dentist friend of 12 years, who gave a deposition and was forgiven for not reporting dv even though he's legally required to do so by law! He offered her a bed too didn't he lol!
Is it just me or does Jimmy actually look OLDER than Mel lol! It's such a posed occasion though, notice how the cameraman was able to get a shot of her facing outwards and playing with her food lol?! Her days in hiding are obviously over - oh poor us lol!
Don't you find it curious though? All this furore about KH and his testimony and suddenly OG comes out on a date with Jimmy the sound man - it's like a F*** you signal to him rather than Mel lol!

1286 days ago


Picture # 3 she is sucking for the camera's - this must be how it is done , suck while you eat or pretend to eat while you suck

1286 days ago


He is so sad he shot down his boyfriend Goose in his Mig in Top Gun but Louis Gossett Jr. kicked his @ss in Iron Eagle.

1286 days ago


It looks like a hammer and sickle sign on the little white card in her hands.

1286 days ago


hellnurse ROFLMAO!! The pictures are obviously posed though, she knew there would be a pap there (d'you reckon he belongs to ROL too?) even Jimmy is smirking! Hell she was looking him straight in the eye while sucking/eating/faking it lol!

1286 days ago


He looks kinda creepy........

1286 days ago


Ooh look! Its Jimmy da Weasel!
Damn, that boys ugly!!?
Perfect for her! Mel, jealous? Of THAT??
LMAO, wheeeeeee!

1286 days ago


They are from the same toad pool he has the same type of wart on his face.

1286 days ago


Always from the beginning. No baby. No money. Baby. Money.

1286 days ago
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