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HERO Who Stopped Knife Maniac Gets UFC Praise

2/15/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The HERO who stopped a knife-wielding maniac in NYC this weekend got a surprise visit from UFC president Dana White yesterday ... after Dana learned Joseph Lozito used an MMA move to take down the bad guy.

It's an unbelievable story -- Lozito was brutally attacked and stabbed in a NYC subway train on Saturday by Maksim Gelman -- who had been targeted in a massive manhunt after allegedly murdering four people and injuring five during a 28-hour stabbing spree.

But after being stabbed in his head and his arm --Lozito managed to drop Maksim with a single leg takedown ... a move he learned from 20 years of watching the UFC.

Cops swooped in moments later and took Maksim into custody.

Lozito doesn't believe he's a hero. We beg to differ.

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Forget the praise give him 6mos/1yr free lessons.

1284 days ago


Yea when was the lasttime some all star got stabbed on TV or in a movie?.YOUR WOUNDS are REAL get REAL training not in showboat scoreings but in REAL self defences as in combat and whatever it take to defend you and your loved one`s.The gyms are full of roidheads playing like TV and movie star`s bruce lee`s but most have no need or history of needing the ARTS.Your scars show a lack of training luckey this time..GOOD job but the next train will be full of nutjobs wanting to kick your tass for some internet podcast.

1284 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

yeah, that maxim dud is a real big winner it seems....stabbing to death way tinier women and females, and old weak people. gotta hand it to mcdushki for being a real friggen badass. apparently, once he came upon a person his own size, his knees caved in. boy is that embarassing. stabbed to death by such a freakin loser!!

1284 days ago


UFC started in 94.... 20 years

1284 days ago


2011-1994=17 Your math is fuzzy Tim.

Great job. Doesn't matter if it was an MMA move, a WWE move, judo or what... it worked and it took out that psychotic bastard.

1284 days ago


Slobnik, get a life. The definition of a hero is somebody who risks his own life to help or save others. He may not have been a super hero with infallible martial arts, but he risked his life so that this d-bag couldn't hurt anybody else.

1284 days ago



1284 days ago

matthew madden    

He got attacked in NY but he is FROM PHILLY. We are proud of you Joe.

1284 days ago


Saw him on GMA - very humble hero.

1284 days ago



1284 days ago


this is an mma move. Mixed. Martial. Arts. Sweeping. Leg. Kick. Last I check thats not a soccer kick? idiots.. anyways thank u tmz 4 getting off ur g@y jokes for an actual informative article. Dana White is the man, how can any1 hate on that guy. Millionare, and still a real person. Ligittt

1284 days ago


My only concern about all of this when I first read of it, was wondering why a guy would train in every day from a philly suburb to NYC for a "box office" job..until I learned that box office is for Lincoln Center--the same place where it was discovered last month, the average, average mind you, not top tier, stagehand union worker there gets 293k a year in salary...even if box office union workers get half that amount its clear to see why he would commute to work every day from a Philadelphia suburb for that kind of dough for basically a ticket taker job.

How, where and when do the rest of us get jobs like that...ticket taking for a hundred grand a year.

If I have this wrong about him---I apologize, but I dont have it wrong about union worker stagehands AVERAGE salary at that place where it is reported he too works at---which is publicly (tax payers) supported in many of the acts and "art" put on there.

Thanks for your efforts on the train. Why cant a job like that be had in Philadelphia?

1284 days ago


Heck YES, he's a hero! Not only did he save himself but undoubtedly others as well AND he got this creep off the streets. And for that alone, I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

And they say that watching tv isn't good for you...

1284 days ago


Total props to this dude, but why is Dana the "face" of MMA? MMA has been around a lot longer than UFC.

1284 days ago


Dana is the Don King of MMA, in more ways than one.

1284 days ago
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