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CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

2/15/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS News reporter Lara Logan was sexually assaulted after being surrounded by a crazed mob in Tahrir Square on Friday ... moments after Hosni Mubarak officially stepped down.

Lara Logan

According to CBS, Logan and her crew were covering a story for "60 Minutes" when they were surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people and she was separated from her security team.

CBS says 39-year-old Logan "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers."

CBS continues, "[Logan] reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering."

Logan and her team had been detained by Egyptian police 8 days before the sexual assault -- and Logan had reported, "We were accused of being more than journalists, very frightening suggestions were being made. Suggestions that really could be very dangerous for us."

Story developing ...

CBS Reporter Raped


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Ms. Logan and the liberal media has always said how peaceful we Muslims are. Indeed we are. They preach tolerance towards our religion and culture while conservatives condone our ways. The media has it right... you people need to respect our religion and culture.

The Koran teaches us that we should kill infidels.

Our culture concerning women is that they are a man's property to be used as he pleases and when not in use, they should be covered from head to toe.

And who can argue that women should have their ****orises cut off when they are young? It will prevent them from engaging in wicked deeds.

If a woman has an affair? 80% of us think they should be stoned to death. Ms. Logan would have been stoned to death long ago if she lived among us.

Please do not condemn us for this incident. We were merely celebrating peacefully that the leader stepped down. Good muslims using Ms. Logan the way we did was simply our culture and you must respect our culture, Allah and Islam.

Ms. Logan - what happened to you is most unfortunate, but it is a part of our ways, so I hope you understand, have compassion towards our culture and keep reporting how peaceful Islam is. And when we build our mosque next to the 60 minute building, it is simply a tribute to you and in no way a monument to a horrific crime our people committed.

1322 days ago


Very simple case analysis.
She was doing her job daily with her security team and husband, so all the team , including Lara, knew it was a very risky situation and extremely precaution was necessary.
She decided to go alone , she broke the rules , she made a mistake. It would have happened in any country. Nothing justifies the violence against her and there is no way the violence against her is acceptable but again ,she knew the risk and ignored it, decided to be a hero and now it is a victim. I hope she learns from it because I don't believe any people will be punished for that.

1322 days ago

Dana Smith    

I think Americans should mind their own damn business. The incident was unfortunate, but if those people want to blow their country up then let them.

1322 days ago


Well, she was at the wrong place at the wrong moment. She was doing her job and those are risks of the job. But this "separated from crew, sexual assault amidst mod, ..." all this seems to be to much "well done", even organized... How many others journalists were there? why the others haven't been beaten? perhaps it was just to leave a note : "may be you won the war , but at least I have a little consolation ..."

1322 days ago


'Inexcusable' crime? Not in the Muslim world. Muslims use rape as a tool of dominance and humility in order to induce submission and to quell those they find offensive. Not to mention, who's to say this was even illegal? Egypt was going through a huge shift in power at the time, who's going to enforce it? Not to mention, she's an incredibly attractive lady who happened to be helpless at a time in their country on the brink of anarchy. Of course she was going to be assaulted. No 'security team' could stop that.

But it BAFFLES me that we Americans just HAVE to jump into the worst places in the world and report news stories there, LIVE. It's so idiotic. People were getting beaten and killed in the streets practically from day one of this revolution. Why in the world would ANYONE from other countries want to jump into this? It's not our place. They don't want to see outsiders in a time when they're trying to unify. It was a stupid move by all those reporters who decided to go into that mess.

1322 days ago


Enjoy your crow, hypocrite imperialists.

"According to a Wall Street Journal source, Logan, 39, who is mother to two young children, was not raped."

1322 days ago


I have a lot of respect for this noble and brave journalist. Laura comes from a family that is widely known for being on the front lines of social and political change. Don't believe it? Here's a clip of one of her ancestors from the french revolution.

1322 days ago


Apparently some people, namely men, who just don't get it. It is NEVER, and I emphasize NEVER, appropriate to RAPE a woman. You can come up with all of the excuses you want to, and be as irrational as you want to be in your thinking, but this is FACT.
Were it your sister, your wife, your mother this was happening to, your fury would be unquencible. Stop assuming that any sexual act is justified unless at least the parties involved are in agreement to it. Comments on this site by some people are so vulgar and so "off the wall" that the site should be shut down!

1322 days ago

God Bless you Lara. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

1322 days ago


Oh but I thought the demonstrations in Egypt were so peaceful and civil? Anyone that described the events as violent and chaotic were called lunatics and hate mongers and were accused of stirring up hate and violence, um what about the 300 Egyptians that lost their lives to this cause....hypocrites!

1321 days ago


I heard she likes to DP and jack two at the same time. Multi tasker. Ask the CNN reporter that has her before.

1321 days ago


i bet her attacker are pictured with her in the photo taken mintues before the attack pictured above. just let her pick out one. air it on egypt tv.U.S and egypt put a bounty on his head. and hang his ass to the wall,. praise and glory to you miss logan..dont be weaken by this. you are a rare and strong women..get back up and give then hell.i would love to see you seek justice. just find one.. ther on the pics i believe

1321 days ago


This is absolutely disturbing. Not only the fact that she was abused and violated but, the fact that people who didn't endure what she went through nor, have they had her job are not being understanding of the situation is disgusting. We are all human beings and we should be treated with respect. Unfortunately this world has gone to the dogs and situations like this come about regularly. I definately feel for her because she was only doing her job. To the people above, how would you feel if that was your relative? daughter? mother? sister? child? Would you have said the exact same thing to them? "shouldn't have been there in the first place?" how dare you. You should feel ashamed of yourself. This lady was doing her job to serve her community in the united states. The world wants to know whats going on with our fellow people (even if it's a different race) and she was letting us know. Just her job.

To Lara,

I am deeply sorry for what has happened to you. Just know that you have decent woman out in this world who hear your story and is thinking of you. Hope you get better and have all the love you need. You were doing your job and the worst ended up happening. I hope those men will be punished somehow so you can find some type of justice in this situation.

As for the person who thinks that journalists believe they are immune and blah blah blah......have you had a convo with these reporters? Did they tell you this? Or have you seen an interview with them claiming to think they are invisible to the chaos? I doubt they ever thought that. I'm sure they were all terrified but believed in delivering the message to us. She had security, she had her fellow co-workers with her. She went prepared but, unfortunately the crowd was just too much. All of you need to stop assuming, ask questions or develop some damn sense before you chat your faces off. You ppl make me sick. I hope you all dont have families because those comments could never fly for them.

1321 days ago


My God, all you piggy pond s*** jerks who are probably getting off right this very second while posting these horrible things about a woman I consider to be a trailblazer in the continuing struggle to bash in the glass ceilings in ALL career choices just makes me want to puke my guts out. And no, I stay as far away from left wing women's libbers and N.O.W. as possible, so don't even go down that road.

So what the F!ck? Do we now have criteria that excuse, even condone rape? Does having an affair make you fair game? If so, watch out most of America, your time is coming! And for you amoeba out there, sexual assault IS rape, dumbasses. Not just a squeeze or grope or a pinch, but real live RAPE! God you are so stupid. For those of you who think her injuries are being blown out of proportion, you don't spend several days in the hospital for a pinch or a squeeze.

Also, you piles of cat **** who say she brought it on herself because she's a beautiful blonde that's too good to breathe the same air as you (yeah, you pos can't have her so lets celebrate when another bunch of barbarians brutalize her), or that she shouldn't have been there or was dressed provocatively yada yada yada, go jump of the hightst bridge you can find. NO, AND I MEAN NO WOMAN EVER, EVER deserves unwanted hands or any other body parts on her person. EVER. I don't care if she was in a thong bikini with half her "parts" hanging out, no slimy ass man had a right to touch her. Women are not to be touched unless they ask, as in verbalize for you cretins, to be touched. It was the fault of the animals that attacked her. Got it? I doubt it, but one can hope.

So, what was done to her wasn't so bad, huh? Ok you go find some of your jerk-off buddies, and do the following: take one broom handle. Break it in half and shove it up your ass repeatedly, as hard and as many times possible. Have someone else repeatedly kick your precious package, and all the while, have the rest punch, kick, slap, and generally beat the living **** out of you for the next 30 minutes. I guarantee that by the end of it all there will probably be an audience of cheering women. Now, go on TMZ after you get out of the hospital and read about how much you deserved it and that you were probably faking it.

One more thing, bigots. The religion of Islam did not cause this attack. Moderate muslims are cringing in horror at what happened. No, this was caused by an out of control mob of brutal, monstrous, mindless barbarians and neanderthals.

To Lara: I am so sorry you had to go through that awful time, but I hope you heal, both spiritually and physically. Then, go out there and kick some ass!

1320 days ago


god will bless her and those others will pay from the USA

1320 days ago
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