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CBS Reporter Sexually Assaulted in Egypt

2/15/2011 6:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

CBS News reporter Lara Logan was sexually assaulted after being surrounded by a crazed mob in Tahrir Square on Friday ... moments after Hosni Mubarak officially stepped down.

Lara Logan

According to CBS, Logan and her crew were covering a story for "60 Minutes" when they were surrounded by a mob of more than 200 people and she was separated from her security team.

CBS says 39-year-old Logan "suffered a brutal and sustained sexual assault and beating before being saved by a group of women and an estimated 20 Egyptian soldiers."

CBS continues, "[Logan] reconnected with the CBS team, returned to her hotel and returned to the United States on the first flight the next morning. She is currently in the hospital recovering."

Logan and her team had been detained by Egyptian police 8 days before the sexual assault -- and Logan had reported, "We were accused of being more than journalists, very frightening suggestions were being made. Suggestions that really could be very dangerous for us."

Story developing ...

CBS Reporter Raped


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That's messed up. Just because they can't have a woman as pretty as she is doesn't mean they can violate her.

1310 days ago



1310 days ago


Poster Johnny Bowe = George Sodini, pathetic loser who was rejected by women and thus wishes that women be raped or killed, attempting to hide the sick desire behind "humor" and a smile face.

1310 days ago


All these americans going where they are not wanted. Kudos to the Egyptians for finally showing americans how much they are loved in the Middle East.

Posted at 2:31 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by Joe Canada

Sadam Hussein living in a four foot hole in the ground for 13 months. A hole, in the sand.

They beat her and Anderson because they are afraid.

People of the Mid East are scared and angry. They are taught to hate. It's 2011, you're going to see on your TV some official *idiot* from the Mid East society explain how terrible this is and it in no way reflects how Mid Easterns feel.

When you're told that this was a hateful act by few people and it should not reflect on the rest of the Mid East, don't believe it.

It's racism. Don't be naive. Remember Hitler.

1310 days ago


Tamara - i dont know what other media sources your're referencing but CNN, Fox News, Yahoo, Excite, Reuters, and CBS are all reporting this as a sexual assult and not as a rape. Oh, and your repeated "George Sodini type loser" post is getting old. I didnt get this reference the first time you posted it and I still dont get it after the fifth or sixth time you did so.

1310 days ago


Apparently even Egyptians have no problem spotting a Ho! lol I've got to wonder what Ole' Kim is thinking about her husbands lover now?
What comes around goes around and surely she's laughing her fanny off! I guess there's a bright side to every revolution! :)
My money says it was a happy gangbang and she just got busted!

Posted at 2:33 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by Johnny Bowe

This is an ACCURATE representation of ALL Middle Eastern men.

If you're not Muslim then you deserve to be treated as an animal, that's what they believe. It will NEVER change.

As a society Middle Eastern peolple hate non Muslims. When you're told that fact is not true you are bing lied to.

1310 days ago


Blame the victim, ketjo.

There are many George Sodini-type losers in the world who have been rejected by women and then developed an extreme hatred of them, even wishing that they be raped or killed. They justify their hatred in a number of ways, including blaming the victim for the harm she suffered.

Posted at 2:24 PM on Feb 15, 2011 by tamara

NO 1: I'm not a man...I'm a woman who has enough sence to not play in traffic or stand in front of trains or go into a crazied mob of Arab men who's out to target anyone who is different then they are.. She choice to go out there for whatever reason she wants to use but she choice , they didn't come in a hotel and drag her out or highjack her car. She put herself into the danger zone and got hurt...I am sorry for her but she has to share the responibilty for her injuries because for the fact went out into that mob she would not have been assualted....Their is nothing more dangerous then a enraged mob...yes they are to blame but so is she.....As for whether they were Egyptians or Zulu or a bunch of Skinheads a mob is a don't get in the middle and expect to not get hurt.

1310 days ago


My heart goes out to her. That is horrible. There is no excuse for this kind of barbaric behavior. You don't rape women period. I hope that Egypt's government investigates this matter and brings those guilty to justice.

1310 days ago


What did she expect! A blond female is a rare fruit in not only a place like Egypt but many 3rd world countries and many of the men if offered an opportunity to have a pretty countrywomen or an ugly blond will take the ugly blond everytime,bottle or real. Not to mention most of these western type journalists are involved with the CIA to some degree or another.
The question is, was Miss Anderson Cooper only beaten or was he also "taken" by these lovers of soft men?

1310 days ago

midwest gal    

This didn't just happen. It was the day he stepped down. She is still in the hospital. Brutal beating sad. Pray for her. And sexual assault is rape.

1310 days ago


She did not deserve this, but mobs of angry men women should not be around.She should not have been there,why wasn`t she hiding on the roof with cooper.I wonder if she is angry that this has got out.It should come out but not this soon..The western media really misred how bad it was reporting from egypt.Even the BBC was attacked and they have the best rep in the world for reporting news.

1310 days ago


More blaming the victim. Pathetic misogynists abound on TMZ today, even going so far as making jokes about the horrible act.

1310 days ago

Y do he got    

Royal guards have killed and plundered the earth for many many years.I`d say stay out of the battlefeilds.BUT that sucks and thank GOD that they saved what was left of her..get better fast!.

1310 days ago

Ricks Irish Wife    

I think violent crime is disgusting whether some of you believe that she has a shady past or not. You must be just as vile as the perpetrators themselves. To those of you that think your sh*t don't stink, violence happens everywhere around the world. It's in your own backyard, ya morons.

1310 days ago

Brian Keith O'Hara    

I can't believe some of the comments posted here. It takes real courage to be in a place like Cairo when tumultuous events are happening, since no one knows where they will lead. She deserves our respect for having the courage to be there and share the truth with us. Of course, people who don't want the truth to get out(especially in Iraq and Afghanistan) would wish her harm. I say Thanks.

1310 days ago
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