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Banksy's Hollywood Graffiti Bomb -- RIPPED DOWN

2/16/2011 9:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A billboard company just ripped down a Sunset Blvd. sign that had been tagged by Academy Award nominee Banksy -- just a few short days after the legendary graffiti artist touched it up in the first place.


The Mickey Mouse inspired artwork -- which mysteriously appeared a few days ago -- was just taken down ... but no one at the scene will tell us why.

021611_banksy_fightWe're told employees at the gas station directly below the billboard offered to pay $10,000 for the artwork -- but the billboard company refused.

UPDATE: A physical altercation just broke out over the sign -- cops have responded to the scene.


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Maybe it's because their client paid for the space and they don't appreciate "academy award nominated" criminals defacing their property.

1344 days ago


Well, it is Hollywood - the people who paid thousands and thousands of $ for the space probably think they may get sued for Disney copyright infringement if they didn't take it down in a reasonable amount of time.

1344 days ago


this whole crap scenario is worst than the rapper getting shot at at laest most can avoid the attraction of having bullets labeled for them and dont have to look at the cover story "art" ----

1344 days ago

Walt Disney didn't like Jews. Nuff said.

1344 days ago



1344 days ago


I'm sure any of us would be grateful to have our property vandalized by a "artist".
He should be thrown in PMITA prison.

1344 days ago


C'mon one at the scene will tell you why it was taken down!? How about a little investigative journalism? The "Mickey Mouse inspired" artwork included "Mickey" holding a martini, and grabbing tit with his pants undone, and "Mini," red-eyed, holding a crack pipe. I'm suprised it took this long for Disney to demand it come down.

1344 days ago


the person is jewish ---- those laws to stay in line and that message the there after to be must have went right over its head if so ---- not that i have a problem with jewish persons i no how sensitive they are with their mentality to remain relevant which at times seem to be in almost anyway but not all of them just some or those or those that do it like most initial religions ----

1344 days ago


Hey R:

Someone just offered $10,000 for "Vandalism". Does that mean nothing? Go talk to Brad and Angelina who've purchased $100,000 originals, not to mention countless other millionaires who eat his stuff up like candy. His prints sell for thousands every day. Banksy's Exit TTGS is nominated for the Oscars.

Ya Banksy is a nobody

1344 days ago


Kick his ass seabass.

1344 days ago

Room Monitor    

if it is Banksy you don't mess with it
Dammit I hate these tards in L.A.

1344 days ago


My money is on the owner of the billboard taking it down to sell it or auction it off! Always remember, follow the money... Back to you Harvey!

1344 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Copyright infringements/but funny as hell!

1344 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it. well it SHOULD have been. No permission, no money, no graffiti (no, not art, GRAFFITI). I don't care how much so-called street cred this guy supposedly has. That's private property. No private property owners would put up with that. How'd you like to see that crap all over your car or home with or without permission? I thought so. So-called rebels really just whining for attention.

1344 days ago


Don't F with the House of Mouse!!!! They have taken down daycare centers for having unlicensed images on murals! They are almighty and we as mere mortals are powerless to stop them! (Unless you forgo your next 5 day/ 4 night Magical package vacation at Disneyland or Disney World Resort.) Who are you kidding? You won't. They own all of us.

1344 days ago
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