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Charlie Sheen

I've Got ADVICE for Lindsay Lohan!!

2/16/2011 1:50 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen believes he can HELP Lindsay Lohan ... and this morning he called in to "The Dan Patrick Show" to offer up some guidance ... seriously.

Charlie Sheen Lindsay Lohan


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Is he gargling GLASS every morning when he brushes his "tooth"?

Jeezz dude, lighten up on the weed,crack,booze and cigs...

1309 days ago


According to ROL what he said at the end about Lindsay was "They're so desperate to vilify...without fact"

1309 days ago


No one is more tiresome than a reformed drunk or addict. They want to preach to the world. Remember George Bush.

1309 days ago


Impulse control?? Isnt this the same person that wrong a $30,000 check out to a porn star?? Give me a break.

1309 days ago


SICK OF BOTH OF meat please....

1309 days ago


You certainly do not hear Robert Downey Jr. giving advice...he learned to keep a low profile...brush off the slings and arrows and get back to work...HEY CHARLIE...GIVE BOB A CALL, MAYBE YOU'D LEARN SOMETHING USEFUL.

1309 days ago


charlie peen, just die already.

1309 days ago


charlie sheen is not the person i would go to for advice, he can,t manage his own life , he isn,t the person i would go to for advice. i feel soey for his children , marry then have kids and divorce the mother, he isn,t a fit father or fit hubsand. i don,t think he is good for anything but drinking and drugs, i also feel sorry for the people in the show he is in, they don,t have the money like he does and can,t afford to not work. to me he is a selfish person , who doesn,t care about anyone but himsefl.

1309 days ago

Cunning Libguist    

He probably texted her the rest. You know, about not doing meth and coke at the same time. Only doing one rail of "speedball" per half hour, how to price just the right hooker for every occasion, etc. Just the little tips of the trade that he's picked up over the years.

1309 days ago


I think Lindsay would hook up with Charlie, but Charlie wouldnt take Lindsay. Its funny how that always is the way.

1309 days ago

Jeff Wannall    

Chuck wasn't just offering up advice for LL,,Dan kept asking him what advice he had for her. That's a little different than as TMZ quoted " I've GOT ADVICE for Lindsay Lohan!"..stop spinning everything to create stories guys wtf

1309 days ago


An Idiot giving and Idiot advise. Get your heads out of your A**, and get a real job work hard and you wouldnt be in the possision you are in. Either on of you.

1309 days ago

Jack King    

I think he just wants to bang her. I know I do.

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

"So quick to vilify without fact."

A. If this was LieLo's first run through, we'd give her some slack, but it ain't.

B. Lindsay stole the fur coat. Case in point.

C. Lindsay stole the jewelery from the Elle photo shoot. Another case in point.

D. Three strikes and 'yer out.

E. Then you have the whole Lohan clan trying to make excuses for Lindsay's thievery.

People are tired. People will vilify Lindsay because she has a pattern of doing this crap and then blaming others. People see Lindsay as the poster-child for everything wrong with America.

1309 days ago

Davey Boy    

Yeah, he's qualified to give advise about impulse control LMAO!!!!

Posted at 8:47 AM on Feb 16, 2011 by SaraBellum

That is hilarious and oh, SO true! I'm gonna LMAO with you on that one. ZING!

1309 days ago
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