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MJ Was On the Hunt For The Perfect Anesthesiologist

2/17/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was such a hard-core drug addict ... he actually interviewed an anesthesiologist  to follow him to London to "take care of him."

Michael Jackson Doctor

Jackson -- who had a well-documented Propofol addiction for years before his death -- tried recruiting Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist, to go on tour with him in 2009.

We've learned Dr. Adams told LAPD investigators that several months before MJ's death ... Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael met with Dr. Adams and said, "We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on the [This Is It] tour."

Turns out Dr. Adams had a history with Michael ... he had put MJ under with Propofol four times in two years for various procedures.

Adams thought about it and texted Murray, "I'd like to be on board.  Let's talk about it."  But MJ and Murray never contacted him again.

Murray's defense team spokesperson Miranda Sevcik says, "Dr. Murray did not know David Adams."  But Sevcik did say the defense has subpoenaed Dr. Adams for the trial.



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After all he might call on towards the hypnotist. But it seems that except murray nobody knew about his sleep problem. Whether it was in general??? Usually with all his problems over health he would go to the corresponding experts. And what with sleep ? Is it really other-wordly, something the secret one???

1343 days ago

bazz simon    

oohhh Sandy!! how naive are you..!! do you think MJ had just a problem of insomnia? did he take propofol just for sleep?? he was addicted since years and i suppose he knew drugs he needed,but under the extreme pressure AEG put on him with the tour,he was terrified by it,and finally this accident's so tragical!!to loose the greatest entertainer of the world like that...RIP King of Pop.

1343 days ago


Never he accepted any drugs., who really is interested there whether he was the addict or not , long time ago already has it understood. The others foolishly repeat out-of-date data from a yellow press. These people simply are not able to analyze and perceive the objective information. People with narrow мировозрением. Except the information from a yellow press of nothing not the perceiving one, in connection with a lack of brains and surplus of envy

1343 days ago


I mean drug narcotic! Not medicine!

1343 days ago

mary contrary    

The deniers live in a bubble.
Mj had serious issues for years and making excuses for each one is nothing short of obsessive.
Changing his askin color
changing his face over and over
Admitting he slept with little boys(sex or not)
Going to Court in his pajamas
Doing a Jig on a car roof
Holding his kid out a window(Obviously an expression of love)
Grabbing his crotch on staghe with children present
Speaking in an effeminate voice
Being a drug addict ( according to his wife, mother and friends)

All the Kings horsemen cannot excuse his mental state or excuse his drug habit.

Everyday, hundreds die of overdoses, only a rich one becomes NEWS. It isn't news, its self pepetuating.
Blame it on the media, the Doctor but it's all MJ.
wearing a mask

1342 days ago


There is a insert attached to each bottle of propofol..It states the manufacturers instructions on what when and ,how there products to be used. It clearly states the most serious reaction to this drug is the restriction of the air passages It is not the amount of the dose or the weight of the patient that causes this to happen ,and there is no known antidote .That is why it is imperative to have a trained professional present at all times to clear the restriction . It does not matter what other drugs were given or how much or how little propofol was administered or if he gave CPR on the bed or the floor. An Over Dose should not be a factor in determining Dr Murray's guilt or innocence .If the initial cause of MJs death was due to a restriction of air followed by a heart attack. MJs death was a direct cause of Dr Murray's intentionally and wilfully disregarding the manufacture intentions for use of their product and failing to follow the safety procedures clearly stated. Who is not doing their homework? It isn't that difficult to find . There is no reason for all the witnesses or any of the other useless information . It couldn't be that the more dirt they drag up on poor MJ the longer they can drag this trial out and that spells MONEY

1342 days ago


MJ could not keep a bottles with propofol at his bedroom or a bath where they have been found after his passing. Towards him his children went upstairs everyday, they would have seen them. And also they might take and even to try. Why hasn't the police immediately taken an interest, whether children saw any vials in a room of their father ever? Couldn't 12 vials have been thrown by CM when he was hiding one proofs? So that all have thought that MJ regularly used propofol. Though it is absurd way . Itself MJ without the second person never could make it, because propofol is anesthesia. The person is cut down as a dead at once. Therefore storing in a bath has no sense. But nevertheless there have been found about 12 vials. What for they were there? The answer- as to create illusion of using and of dependence with propofol.

1342 days ago

So Ren    

The 5th sun... Wow !

1341 days ago


I'd say ANY doctor would have been suffice. DR. DEATH didn't even know how to perform CPR, so to even CALL HIM A DOCTOR is stretching it!!! I have also been under Anethesia & come out of it either throwing up or ready to fight!!! It doesn't give you a high, doesn't make you feel good, doesn't give you a restful feeling, I just DON'T get it why or how someone could become addicted to it!! AND to order more than 240 vial's of it 2 month's prior to MJ'S death, & STILL keep his license,& STILL walk the street's a free man is WILD!!!Hell, they would have thrown my ass in jail the day it happened & I'd STILL be there!!! He also call's himself a heart surgeon yet MJ DIDN'T have a heart problem!!! WHY would AEG pay for him to go on the tour with MJ?????????? It's ALL suspect to me. The doctor's, the drug's involved, the tour, The Nation of Islam being involved, MJ'S "GOODBYE" phone call's,Toome Toome being involved & buying Neverland,lyng calling himself a doctor, & being born in a different country, AEG,MJ ONLY agreeing to do 10 concert's, not 50--------, AND IF MJ was as an astute buisness man as EVERYONE has said, WHY weren't ALL these people checked out by MJ????????especially,with three kid's around them all, because MJ was SOOOOOOOO afraid of them being kidnapped???ALL OF IT IS FISHY!!!!! Also, it would seem to me his kid's would have picked up on his drug use. Kid's aren't stupid!! MJ took them everywhere he went, so it's NOT like they weren't around him daily.I think as they age, it'll ALL come out in the wash!!!!!

1335 days ago


As much as I love Michael and miss him and his music, I really can't care anymore. You can't keep trying to blame someone when they are gone. Place the blame where it really belongs on Conrad Murray.
Even though he might not have "murdered" Michael, he still was neglectful enough and stupid enough to keep giving Michael more every time he requested it. A real doctor is supposed to take the drugs away, even when there is money involved. A dedicated doctor wouldn't care.
Michael is gone for something Conrad Murray did, so stop trying to think up new ways to humiliate his family and let him for reals Rest In Peace

I Love You Michael
Always and Forever

1335 days ago


No surprise. MJ's HIStory tour doctor was an anesthesiologist. His name was Neil Ratner. During an insurance fraud trial a decade ago against another doctor, testimony came out against Ratner that he used to bring MJ down at night and back up in the morning. Aftr MJ's death, CNN's Anderson Cooper tracked this doctor down, who was now living in Woodstock NY. The mainstream media ignored the whole story.

Ratner had been an addict himself, and shot himself up with morphine a few times in operating rooms while he had someone on the table and passed out.

1313 days ago


This isn't true. That Conrad Murray is trying to use the excuse that Michael wanted to kill himself and gave himself the dosage. Murray and his lawyers are a liars if he is saying that. It's not true, Murray gave him the dose.

1307 days ago


MJ IS ALIVE. More proof ALIVE than DEAD. Media hoax! The troot will previal!

1282 days ago


People we will never know the true facts here. I DO know-I loved MJ and I DO know that he touched so many lives for the better while he was here on earth with us. This amazing man needs some peace. He was surrounded by SO many thieves and hypocrites in his life time.. I hope Kathrine and Howard Mann expose the many truths we do not know and give MJ some much deserved justice.

1262 days ago


Michael wasn't hunting for a damn doctor he needed one there's 2 things being a drug addict and the other is needing it to live cause you need it

1258 days ago
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