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MJ Was On the Hunt For The Perfect Anesthesiologist

2/17/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Jackson was such a hard-core drug addict ... he actually interviewed an anesthesiologist  to follow him to London to "take care of him."

Michael Jackson Doctor

Jackson -- who had a well-documented Propofol addiction for years before his death -- tried recruiting Dr. David Adams, a Las Vegas anesthesiologist, to go on tour with him in 2009.

We've learned Dr. Adams told LAPD investigators that several months before MJ's death ... Dr. Conrad Murray and Michael met with Dr. Adams and said, "We think it would be great to have an anesthesiologist go on the [This Is It] tour."

Turns out Dr. Adams had a history with Michael ... he had put MJ under with Propofol four times in two years for various procedures.

Adams thought about it and texted Murray, "I'd like to be on board.  Let's talk about it."  But MJ and Murray never contacted him again.

Murray's defense team spokesperson Miranda Sevcik says, "Dr. Murray did not know David Adams."  But Sevcik did say the defense has subpoenaed Dr. Adams for the trial.



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1312 days ago


Michael Jackson is very smart and has a very Strong Personality.I truely think he worked hard and always did that over the years.He started to sing at a very young age and continuously did that untill 2009.He really had no childhood.He couldn't play or have frends as a little Boy.He sang in Clubs with adults till late hours.Who knows what he saw.I feel for Michael.He was a very Talented child so he had to please and please.Later in Life he became Bigger than Life and still, and so to say worked his Butt off.I do not jugde what Michael did to sleep.It must be awful to have that problem.I dont like WHat DR Murray did.Michael didn't deseveve any bad cir***stances!!!

1312 days ago


Michael Jackson suffered from severe chronic insomnia most of his life and people seem to forget that. It's easier for them to say that he was a drug addict.
most of his adult life this is true. it still does not justify murray's actions or lack therof. can anyone provide anything that justifies murray's actions.

1312 days ago


Understand Lee lee - we will be in touch!

1312 days ago

Danger Baby    

As more and more MJ's dirty laundry is being air before, during, and after this Murray trial, more and more MJ fans will drop off, not just from TMZ, but in the real world, wait and see.

1312 days ago

Danger Baby    

most of his adult life this is true. it still does not justify murray's actions or lack therof. can anyone provide anything that justifies murray's actions.

Posted at 1:15 PM on Feb 17, 2011 by mymjj5.

How about mercy killin?

1312 days ago


I would love for the so called defense team to bring up michael's medical history when their client the SORRY S.O.W. Murray did not bother to do***ent the care (yeah right) he provided for michael. The defense should provide do***ented proof (medical records) of the medical services murray provided for michael jackson. IMO the defense will look like fools providing do***etation of services michael jackson received from other doctors, while proving absolutely nothing in writing from murray. No other doctors are on trial. Just murray and he does not have a defense. Any other treatment and services by any of other doctors does not justify what murray did to michael jackon. Murray has a diversion strategy, a deviation strategy not a defence strategy! Murray still does not have a defence!!!

SOW: SON OF A WITCH!!!! lol x 101,000.00!!

1312 days ago


Michael was a beautiful and caring man. Stop writing mean things about him. I don't care what you say, I will always love and defend Michael.

1312 days ago


How about mercy killin?
Posted at 1:38 PM on Feb 17, 2011 by Danger Baby
How about shut up clone. Last year Danger Baby would do extensive research and her posts were very detailed. She claimed to be a college graduate as well as a journalist. You on the other hand clearly are none of the above.

1312 days ago


TMZ...MJ turned into a drug addict BECAUSE of all the trash that was written about him like you are doing here. He couldn't sleep because of all the crap that had happened to him, all the lies, extortion attempts and because he could trust no one. He was in fear for his life because someone out there wanted his share of the Sony/ATV catologue of which he said so himself. That would be pressure enough for someone but adding a schedule of 50 concerts (of which to he never agreed) on top of all this was too much for him to handle. The most important thing to MJ was his children and he couldn't stand the thought of not being there for them, not being able to protect them. These are reasons he couldn't sleep. He needed thses drugs to RELAX not for a HIGH like most addicts are. The man is dead, have some respect and stop printing your lies.

1312 days ago


Hi mymjj5, Pegasus and Ulja.

It never ends does it? All this garbage about Michael and his past or so-called past drug use. Blah, Blah, Blah! Same old news presented in a different way to make it look new. Why they keep bringing this up is beyond me. Does not take away the fact that Murray was plain negligent and reckless in his medical care of MJ which caused his death. End of story!
Posted at 11:52 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by LC4Michael
Hi Ladies,
No matter what they say, I'm ready!!! Believe it or not I'm holding back on what I realy think happened to my King Michael. Those last 24 hours as given to us by Murray, the assoiciated press, and other media just does not add up (jmo).
I'm here until a verdict is reached. Just keep questioning the bogus nonsense put out by tmz and the defence/PR team. we all know that Murray does not have a defense!!

1312 days ago


Michael Jackson is still ALIVE and part of the reason he faked his death was to prove a point that the media (tabloids) and regular media can say anything they want about a person and we automaticly beLIEve it's the gospel, but the truth is that it's NOT. Michael also needed a breather from his life. He was very upset about many aspects of his life he had to deal with and the false allegations he endured really took it's toll on him. Most people could go to a private place to recover from something like that, but he couldn't go anywhere other than home. Michael built Neverland just so he could enjoy going to an amusement park in peace without camera men taking his picture and reporters asking him STUPID questions. You have no idea the hell this guy has been through and if you think for one minute being rich and famous and admirered the world over was enough to make things ok, guess again. He is a human being with feelings, he needs peace of mind, he needs private time and room to breathe and an oppurtunity to decompress after a long hard day. Damn, he sang "leave me alone, just stop dogging me around", so what part of that are people not understanding. If he is actually dead, people are still trying to pick him apart.
Seriously what kind of society of people are we breeding with no caring, no humanity, no concern for our fellow man. Today's world is growing and it's filled with HUMAN WASTE and to be clear the waste is WORTHLESS PEOPLE growing by leaps and bounds.
If people weeped for Michael it's because they realized they lost one of the few people left in the world who was worthwhile.
I know he's ALIVE, but if he decides not to re-enter back into society, I for one don't blame him at all... There's no shame anymore, but people today are disgraceful and they should take a page out of Michael's book, look in the mirror and make a change.

Posted at 2:17 AM on Feb 17, 2011 by Tena

Tenas comment bears reposting.

What a bunch of bunk!

Michael Jackson had all the privacy he needed...more than he really desired.
He traveled the world in obscurity...
unless he pulled some idiotic stunt that drew attention to him (ex: baby dangling, ladies restrooms, etc.)

Nobody bothered Michael Jackson....the media had long left him alone to the dark depths of his virtual self-imposed hermitage.

Michael Jackson faked his own death because of only 2 reasons.
HE WAS financially broke and in deep debt.
He no longer had the capacity to earn an income (couldn't dance/sing/tour) that would satisfy his financial obligations and secure the capital needed to launch a new career (in the film industry). imo...that career is being launched under the cover of TomBarrack and Miramax takeover.

all BS....

Michae Jackson needed M.O.N.E.Y.

and by faking his own death....
he brought it rolling in.

1312 days ago


Hurray My Phantom of the Opra is Back !!!!!I sure misst you ~!!!I worked all day been very sleepy up since 3 AM hopefuly I dont fall asleep reading,writing and watching your Movies< Thank you my Angel you Back !!!!!!!!!!!!

1312 days ago


@Danger Baby
I know u are a maroon who LOVE TO LOOSE HIS TIME :d

1312 days ago
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