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Pharrell's Goosestepping

Sparks Fuhror at TMZ

2/16/2011 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most INTENSE debate we've had in a long time -- that video of Pharrell Williams busting out a goosestepping Nazi-esque salute got things seriously heated in the TMZ newsroom.

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people!! youre missing the point!! a black nazi??!!

1155 days ago


I don't see what the big deal is. The "Goosestep" has been used in various military formations throughout history originating in the Prussian war. Just because Pharrell was doing this doesn't mean it has any relation to Hitler, or Nazi Germany.

1155 days ago


Harvey is right. Racist is defined as: Discrimination or prejudice based on race." Notice how there is no prerequisite for the perpetrator being "white". There are plenty of examples of black people in the US being racists against Asians and white people in LA. Being black does not give you a free pass to be an ******* or a racist.

I am sick and tired or this double standard crap. My ancestors had nothing to do with the slavery issue in the US and none of my countrymen had anything to do it it either. Slavery in africa was started by.... wait for it.... other Africans. I have blood relatives from just about every major ethnic group in my extended family tree. So I think I can safely proclaim that there is only one race which is the human race and that racists come in all colours.

1155 days ago


The main point is that it doesn't matter who created the goose step. The point is that Hitler made it infamous in his time. Most people would probably not even know what the goose step was if it hadn't been associated to anyone person. When Hitler with his cruel acts and merciless killings adapted it to his regime it became well known. So to this day anyone who sees the goose step automatically assumes that to Nazi Germany. It doesn't matter if you are Jewish or not you can't sit there and tell me that you don't know any better and think that it's okay for anyone to even mimic that. If a black man should get a pass than any other person whether it be White, Chinese, or Mexican should as well. Oh by the way if it was so okay to do the goose step whether it had the salute or not then how come everybody does it. Oh yeah that's right they don't so no pass for anyone.

1155 days ago


No matter how he or anyone else describes it or tries to explain it, Pharrell should give a public apology to the Jewish community for his actions. Whether it was done by accident or not, no matter what his excuses may be he should be a man and take responsibility for his actions and saying I didn’t know or calling it something else is not good enough. Making indirect references to Nazism in order to glorify it is highly offensive and I am shocked that there is not a public outrage being made about it. Just watch the video, its not funny, its not cute, and its simply not cool. People were gassed, burned alive, tortured, experimented on, sexually abused, starved, worked to death without food or water and killed for sport, Mass murders of women and innocent children, He should be boycotted until an apology is made.

1155 days ago


I thought this was just some idiot being an idiot till that female on the TMZ staff said that this dumb@ss on stage gets a pass just because he's black. Well that also seems to be the case when blacks use the "N-word." Unless this female that argued with Harvey (the boss man) is terminated from the show I refuse to ever watch TMZ again. That was just moronic what she said. Now I'm more pissed at her ignorance that that goose stepping jerk! FIRE HER HARVEY!

1155 days ago


Some of you need to learn some history. A significant number of divisions fighting for the Nazis in WWII in Africa were composed of Africans and Arabic people. Google it for yourself.

So, yeah black nazis did exist.

1155 days ago


Harvey, Pharrell is black. Hilter hates all human beings who aren't white with blonde hair and blue eyes... Jews, Hindu, Asian, Black, etc. Because of that, Pharrell can't be a Hitler lover otherwise it would be contradictory (although still possible in some ways). As a Jew, you have more to be sensitive about than the black girl on your show. As for Jessie James, he dressed up as a Nazi and took pics, at the very least, Pharrell and Jessie are 'equal' in comparison. But surely, Jessie James is way more likely to be a Nazi-lover when comparing to Pharrell. As for you saying that white guy can't get away with that, that doesn't fit this case. If it was about other things then you would be right most of the time. But, this is about Nazism and black people can't be Nazi. Simply put it, if both Pharrell and Jessie dressed like the KKK, who do you think is more likely to be a KKK?

1155 days ago


so cuz he is black he can do it.?? what a bs is that. there is no difference between him and jessy james. both did something wrong.
if u do it u called a racist. i can tell u that in germany u get locked up for that. and me as a german i feel really offended by it. if a white person would have done the walk.ppl would get mad but cuz pharral is black he can do it??? cuz he is black he cant be a racist??? absurd in my eyes he is a racist and its clearly the nazi salut he is doing. when u walk like that with ur arm to ur chest and put it straight up in the air. HELLO NAZI SALUT. wrong all the way wrong. he def need to say sorry for that in public and to the germans. ppl need to stop to mess with our history. leave it alone.

1155 days ago


Wasn't it Micheal Jackson that said, 'It doesn't matter if you're black or white'... so if a white black man who is king of pop says it's so, it's so.

Verdict: NAZI! If the salute fits, you can't acquit.

Harvey wins... black chick, minorities don't get free passes in society just because they're a minority. Get over yourself. Same rules apply to all despite what the NAACP tells you.

1155 days ago


Why is it ok for one Fat nasty bitch to claim she gets a pass at being racist because she's black? Guess I should get a pass because I have to live in the middle of your zoo, I mean neighborhood! And nearly all the stereotypical references...I've found to be true. And to try and say a black person can't be racist is biggest joke I've heard in my life. Having lived in both all white and now all black (except my household) I can tell you, blacks are more vocally and publicly racist than any white racist I've met in my lifetime.
I guess it's ok, because blacks get a pass.

1154 days ago


Try telling my Uncle you can't have a black Nazi......He was one of just a few who survived a battle with a Black Nazi unit in Africa in WW2.......

That aside the argument is rediculious anyway...The guy is clearly doing the goose step and a Hiel Hilter salute even with his pants dragging around his ankles . Stupid and poor taste on his part...but look at what he was preforming....

The black girl needs a reality check...She's quick of the mark to jump anybody who says anything negitive about black people but waves aside anything said by a black person...Not a little bias is she..Some of the worst racist in the world are black people .... They all need to grow thicker skins and screaming foul over stupid things ...the hell with being polictially correct instead try being honest and polite and respect each other ,....what a novial idea !

1154 days ago

alex macdonald    

Man you all need to let it go, Every person i've ever met has a little racist in side them looking to spring out when they think people are not paying attention what he did was stupid and im sure he regrets its but its to late just let it go

1154 days ago


so only white people can be racist now? i have black brothers and sisters so i'm not the least bit racist but that is just absolutely absurd for her to say that. i think she's the racist one.

1154 days ago


Harvey - as a Jew can speak to his feeling on this more than she can and that she said that was downright insulting to Jews. All races can be racist and NO RACE GETS A PASS.
What he did was a Nazi march period !!!

1154 days ago
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