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Gabriel Aubry -- My Wild Life with Nahla

2/17/2011 8:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the legal war raging behind-the-scenes ... Halle Berry's baby daddy had a super-cute moment with his daughter Nahla at the L.A. Zoo today.

Gabriel Aubry

The day after a judge ruled that Halle could take Nahla to NYC while she shoots her new movie -- Gabriel Aubry got in some quality father-daughter time with the 2-year-old in the company of lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.


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I'm sure Gabriel called the photographers to make sure they got a nice shot of him with his daughter, it doesn't mean that Gabriel is not a user or someone who thinks White is better than Black thus he doesn't want his daughter to be known as Black and for the record, there is nothing wrong with being Black.

Also, if it’s true that Gabriel has called Halle the "N" word in the past and in fact berates her then that is not good parenting on his part.

I read that Gabriel is not some French Canadian aristocrat as some of you seem to believe, rather he is one of 10 children and he grew up in foster care, so from his difficult childhood he could have developed emotional issues. So the bottom line is Gabriel is not some prince and people don't know what he's really like behind closed doors.

The judge siding with Halle may mean that she has proof to back up her statements regarding Gabriel’s conduct. Notice Halle attended the court hearing but Gabriel did not.

For those who haven’t been around children, what upsets any young child is to be separated from the primary care-giver usually the mother, so it would have been too upsetting and stressful on Nahla, for that reason alone, to be separated from her mother for a week or two.

1251 days ago

Good Grief    

The picture doesn't prove anything really. We don't know if there is someone close by who makes her feel comfortable who is not in the shown in this picture. It is silly to make absolute statements by looking at a mere picture. This child could easily have the same expression with a teacher and/or neighbor. I am not saying that she doesn't care for her father but it is totally absurd for people to read so much into a photo. Come on people, at least pretend you have are, at best, reasonably average...surely not above

1251 days ago


WOW!! TMZ posted something NICE about Gabriel.
This is a lovely photo and its very evident that the little girl loves her Dad and he loves her.
I'm sure neither of them are perfect parents, but Halle went overboard by going to the media and implying he was a bad parent when she said she had concerns for her daughter's well being when she was in his care. Then a few weeks later he is out at the zoo with her?? How can an adult woman come up with such lies about the man that helped her create their child?? That woman needs mental evaluation. And to the people that call him a gold his bio on Wiki : 'As well as Aubry's many achievements, the number-one source website for the top models in the fashion industry declared Aubry the 2nd "Male Model Icon of All-time.
He owns a restaurant also. So, I don't think this guy is hurting for money.
Had Halle had put his name on their baby's birth certificate, He would have legal rights also, but since he doesn't he had to go to court. Can't blame the guy for wanting to be recognized as her Father. Ms Berry is a horrible person to not have done that in the beginning.

1251 days ago


Okay....NEWS ALERT people! It's 2011 and term "Colored People" is OUTDATED. They are BLACK people, not colored! Are you guys who are still using this term still living in the 70's or what? That term is derogatory to black people so learn's "BLACK". Sorry...I had to get that off my chest. I'm white, but it really bothers me when any one uses the term "colored people". It can be very hurtful to some people, so please have some respect.

Regarding Halle and this drama. It's all just a huge shame. I tend to side with Gabriel on this one. He deserves to be part of Nahla's life. If Halle thought well enough of Gabriel to sleep with him and have a child, and he hasn't been proven to be a monster - she should let the child have equal time with her daddy!

1251 days ago

Good Grief    

There again this picture does not prove anything. Ten minutes before this picture was taken, the child could have been crying. Anyone with minimal intelligent knows that the media can slant opinions by selective pictures and/or words. Hopefully, most adults have gone to bed and "I only have one opinion" children are still up.

1251 days ago


She clearly is very happy with her daddy ! It's obviously a smear campaigne going on with his ex, who seemed to be a jilted ex lover, and Halle, what the hell is wrong with her ? This picture tells a thousand words.
I think some celebrities procreate for the mere reason of not having to be alone.
But if Halle is not careful, her little girl just might grow up to prefer daddy over mommy.

We can all see he loves her very much, and she loves him very much.

Oh, and for the record, she is not black, she is a half breed, half white, half black. Halle better watch that as well, cause im sure her little girl will grow up to know the difference.

Im sure if either parent poisons the little girls mind, it's going to be Halle.

1251 days ago

Good Grief    

Well since people are so sure that this picture settles everything, I decided to study the picture myself. I see a man smiling and the child not.

1251 days ago


I guess "Lunatic Berry " didn't fool the public opinion with her web of lies about Gabriel.
We also remember that hit and run Miss Berry. You are corrupted.

1251 days ago



Ppl know this. The term colored is used to emphasize the fact that Berry is biracial NOT black as she self-proclaimed.
Okay....NEWS ALERT people! It's 2011 and term "Colored People" is OUTDATED. They are BLACK people, not colored! Are you guys who are still using this term still living in the 70's or what? That term is derogatory to black people so learn's "BLACK".

1251 days ago


Some of you people are so ignorant. The media plants stories all the time just so people like you can buy stupid tabloids. How do you know Halle said that Nala is afraid of him? Stop believing everything you read and get a damn life.

1251 days ago


I am just confused why Halle insists her child is black. She has a white grandmother, a half white and half black mother, and a white father. Isn't there two colors in her genes (maybe more white?) . "not that is really matters".

1251 days ago


I don't care if Gabriel called the paps for a picture. That is a very natural pic of Nahla with her dad. That kid loves her dad!

1251 days ago


@Good Grief

I'm getting a bit tired of seeing "Good Grief" posting negative comments every 5mins just to try to convince us as if this picture is all bull**** and we should still believe that Halle is all that... I mean who are you ? Her lawyer ? Her publicist ? Halle? Because honestly you definetely sound like someone from Berry's camp. Which let me tell you something, it ain't a good place to be at right now. Negative Negative Negative... Observe how I used the N word 3 times. So "Good Grief" get lost because this picture is as genuine as any and clearly show a private moment that we weren't suppose to see but thanks to invasive paperazzi we did. So I'll enjoy it just like Nahla is enjoying her daddy's loving embrace !

1251 days ago


i`m goin thru da family court system so as 2 maintain a relationship with my daughter. it is my beleif dat da parents personal issues hav 2 be put aside. there is only 1 winner or loser wen it *** 2 family court & datz da child. children need da nuturing luv of a mother & da safety & luv of a father. da picture shows dat they both adore & luv each other. please make peace 4 ur daughters sake.

1251 days ago


Colored? What century are you from man. O I see Sugarbutt. LOL the name says it all.

1251 days ago
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