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Gabriel Aubry -- My Wild Life with Nahla

2/17/2011 8:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Despite the legal war raging behind-the-scenes ... Halle Berry's baby daddy had a super-cute moment with his daughter Nahla at the L.A. Zoo today.

Gabriel Aubry

The day after a judge ruled that Halle could take Nahla to NYC while she shoots her new movie -- Gabriel Aubry got in some quality father-daughter time with the 2-year-old in the company of lions and tigers and bears.

Oh my.


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melissa b    

@Carl: Buahahaha! Preach it!!

1351 days ago


thought Ms Berry Poison said Nalla is unconsolable when she's with her dad.....YEP she looks in an absolute panic....looking more like a LIAR, LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE Miss B!!

I agree #13...

1351 days ago


Funny, she doesnt look like she's afraid of her Daddy. I heard Gabriel and Halle have called a truce, I hope so for Nahla's sake.

1351 days ago


"boYttom line they do not have a formal custody agreement, note he dropped his custody petition. Why? I think their is a little ugliness on both sides, I just hope they both get it together and be good parents to that adorable little girl
Posted at 5:52 PM on Feb 17, 2011 by DelawareLdy"
They "settled," which I consider to be GA's "win." Possibly because GA released HB's email: "You were only good for one thing. Thanks for the donation," and he had more of the like. He settled for the best custody arrangement that a man could ever get with The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. He should consider himself very lucky to still be in his daughter's life, without being hit by the overused, false "sexual abuse" bomb that likely would have dropped next. He must have had some serious dirt on Narcissus Berry [stolen term]; and I'm glad he was willing to stand up and use what he had, to somewhat-save his daughter from that objectifying, self-absorbed wretch.

1351 days ago


I don't understand why Halle waited so long to bring out what a horrible father Gabriel Aubry is. Now when they were together she didn't think he was such a horrible father then. Why now? I think they should both have joint custody of their daughter cause it's obvious she adores her daddy. The picture tells all. Halle shouldn't take that away from her.

1351 days ago


She needs both parents. And both have to sacrifice their own needs/egos for the kid. Stop fighting, you idiots! and do what is right for her, which is make sure she has as much time as possible with both of you (even if that is "inconvenient" for you) and do NOT fight in front of her no matter what. YOU are the adults -- act like it!

1351 days ago


I don't undertsnad the problem either. I saw Halle on Oprah talking about her baby and if I remember correctly she was talking about how her and gabriel were trying for another baby. Obviously if she wanted another one with this guy, she didn't think he was so bad then.. I really do think she is crazy!

1351 days ago


Someone is packin' and about to bust their buttons.

1351 days ago


Looks like that man found an albino chimp at the zoo.


1351 days ago


I’m a mixed race women who use to be a big Halle Berry fan over the years Halle, started to remove her self from all black cast movies, which by the way was her claim to fame! Then eventually all her leading men in movies became white so it’s no surprise to me that she choose a white guy to father her child. Halle, knew exactly what she was doing, she wanted her child to come out with more white features, and since she half black choosing a white men would insure that she is extremely insecure and a control freak. I feel sorry for GA, he should have done his homework before getting involved with this women especially having a child with her now he got to deal with her for 18 years.

1351 days ago

Hey Now    

I know I already said - but that is just too f**kin' sweet.

Best wishes to all 3 of them - all so beautiful. I hope the parents can minimize the fighting. That picture is soooooo sweet.


This is what it should be about. More of these types of experiences and a lot less fighting / bitterness.

1351 days ago


Gabriel Aubrey is a very wealthy man. He doesn't need money from Halle Berry.

1351 days ago


Halle is poisoning their daughter against her father. Halle is short on anyone caring about her anymore. She nasty, dirty and definitely a fox smelling it's own hole first.

Just saying what we say in the south when someone accuses someone of something that's a flat-out lie.

Halle you are real close to being done. Shape up, shut up. The teeter tooter is going down and when it whips back you will lose more than your teeth. oooooops You're doing to yourself.

1351 days ago

Hey Now    

I have a feeling all three of them are going to be okay.

The 2 parents can't look at that girl and keep fighting like they were - so out in the open. They know they needed to get that under control no matter what. They both sounded like little kids no matter what the truth is.

1351 days ago


The child seems subdued and NOT particularly happy. Look closely. He is holding her in an awkward way so that she is facing forward for a good publicity shot. Holding her this way also puts her off balance. He's not working and is used to the lifestyle provided by Halle. It's about money for him.

1351 days ago
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