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Lindsay -- Blindsided by Mom's 'GMA' Interview

2/18/2011 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan had no idea her mother had lined up an interview with "Good Morning America" this morning ... and the actress told friends she was "upset" with Dina when she found out ... TMZ has learned.

Lindsay Lohan Good Morning America

We're told the two spoke after Dina wrapped up the shoot -- and Lindsay wasted no time forgiving her mom for not looping her in sooner.

Lindsay explained ... she loves her mother -- she just wishes she would have received a head's up about interviews regarding her life.


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JR Jake    

Lindsay how's your program going? Still workin it with enthusaiasm, staying away from sticky situations, hanging with the right people, giving into soft thoughts, letting your guard down any? Lindsay has become everyone's concern and will probably for the rest of her life, and when parent's get involved it usually means they are hearing and observing the same subleties they saw before a major storm came or crisis erupted. If she slips even abit before the prosecutor determines the necklace case, she migt as well kiss her backside goodbye, because she will probably become property of the County of LA and/or the State of California.

1279 days ago


I see two sluts with banged up ****z

1279 days ago


All is well now; as long as mama splits the money. A girl needs jewelry money after all, right?

1279 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

richardwww, I don't have a bout me and my daddy share yours?

1279 days ago


I am so disgusted seeing this family of no importance, who have produced nothing of importance, being waltzed across our faces as being newsworthy. Really?!? These people matter to others that much, when you could walk to any trailer park and get the same kind of story live? Give me one thing of value this low-class family and sleazy daughter have produced of value to be news worthy other than contsant dirty laundry to distract us from real life events, and that would affect any of our everyday lives.... C'mon!! I only came here to post this, because I am so sick of these low-life nobody's and how they keep clouding up my Google news!! Please people... get outside and stop giving a SH%@!

1279 days ago


Ya, right. And I'm sure she didn't know her dad called David Letterman. Oh, that's right, that douchebag admitted that LL knew. Of course she knew her mom would be on there. And she probably tweeted that Sam message herself. Get a clue!

1279 days ago


Mommy dearest needs to focus on her daughter and not getting media attention for herself... no wonder the kid is so screwed up, both her parents are media hogs!!!

1279 days ago


did anyone see the Lindsay Lohan painting/mural in Venice Beach that someone destroyed? it's on youtube

1279 days ago


I'm looking at the pics of both of them and I can't tell which one is older... but, they are both pathetic.

Jill... (or should I say Dina) you need to get a life sweetie. Defending LoBlow can't possible all you do with your time.

These people need to disappear. Linds has aged so radically... she looks like shes 50.

1279 days ago


@89 course you can, I'm sure you and your daddy would love to dig up a corpse, cos nothing with a pulse would look at ya.

1279 days ago


Lindsey- Your parents would literally sell you if they could make enough money. Stop talking to both of them. They are media whores and your life is in the spotlight. They want YOUR fame. meanwhile your life is a disaster and you are on the road to death and failure.

1279 days ago

LA me    

I found a picture of Lindsay and her LIPS in Jail!!

I think that's her cell mate Birtha behind her! LOL!!

1279 days ago


@ wow 95

lilo was advised at betty ford to try for family reconciliation, its part of the 12 step program. She tried with her dad again and again he let her down. don't think she is on good terms with michael lohan, she ain't. the last time he went to see her he wasn't invited and he brought along that ambulance chaser Lisa Bloom, they were in and then out of lilo's house within 10 minutes lol. michael lohan is a loser and lilo knows that, they ain't close at all. her mom and day should both stfu.

1279 days ago


Lindsay should do a three way with her parents for Vivid! Might just help them heal the wounds and I am sure it would be a money maker; add Ali and it would be an awards winner and good preventative medicine for the family. As a family, they could hump their way to mental health! Now that would be a reality show worth watching!

1279 days ago


Dina Lohan, how's the radio show coming along? Stepping Out?

1279 days ago
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