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LeBron, Dwyane & Chris' Ladies

Who'd You Rather?

2/20/2011 3:13 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James' fiancee Savannah Brinson, Dwyane Wade's GF Gabrielle Union, and Chris Bosh's girl Adrienne Williams all put on a smile at the same charity event in L.A. yesterday.

Question is ...


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So, based on your reasoning, I shouldn't call anyone racist over the internet because I don't know any of them personally... man, that's a moronic argument if I ever heard one. Tell me this: is your weak logic still applies if I can someone racist on a neo-nazi site? Let's pick something less extreme: what if I call someone racist on a right-wing site after they show their support for the deportation of Latinos simply to 'save jobs for real Americans'... since, as you said, it's on the internet and I don't know this jackass, I still shouldn't call him racist, right?

'Gotta be nice living in that ivory tower of yours, where you never face any racism... You should have the common sense to not show your complete ignorance on the subject, though.

You don't know what you're talking? Then shut the f*ck up.

Posted at 2:38 PM on Feb 20, 2011 by MightyMad


Neither one of your proposed scenarios even comes close to the siutation on this website where you called someone racist.

Both involve going to places where there is going to be clear bigotry and hatred by people who don't know how to make any other arguement.

However coming onto a gossip website and calling someone out because once again YOU ASSUMED they were basing their preference off of race and nothing else is extremely ignorant.

I understand your gonna disagree and keep arguing, but seriously if you can't admit you made a jump of the gun comment that comes off ignorant then it'll hardly be worth it for me, because it'll have already proved your stubborness and immaturity get the better of you.

1343 days ago


#25 Sociopaths are Sad: No slavery in Canada? What do you call Indian reservations?

1343 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

#28 tomas: The way Canadians treated our native peoples (they are not called Indians, thank you) is a black mark on our history. That being said, the reservations are some of the best land in Canada - the most fertile & the most pure. It is a way Canadians try to MAKE IT UP to the native people. Native Canadians don't have to live there - they choose to b/c it's cheap. They want to because it is great land. Native people also pay no tax and have free tuition.

The reason living conditions are poor on the reservation is NOT b/c the land is bad. In fact, that is some of the BEST LAND. Rather it's b/c many native peoples have substance abuse issues stemming from the way they were treated long ago. Again, black mark on our history but NOTHING CLOSE TO SLAVERY AT ALL.

And I agree that the French Canadians were treated horribly. But again, it WASN'T SLAVERY. Not even close. Canada has NEVER had slavery.

1343 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I can't believe so few people voted for Savannah. She definitely has "The Look".

1343 days ago


didnt know lebron was datin bill belamy

1343 days ago

jessica rodriguez    


Yo! To LeBron physical appearance doesn't even matter. She may be ugly to you but to LeBron she's a million dollar woman.

1343 days ago


you really need to put in the selection NONE OF THEM!!!!!

1343 days ago


Wannabe white girls, what happened to black and proud nappy hair?

1343 days ago



1343 days ago


Gabriel is the oldest & she's clearly KILLING THEM ALL! Go Gabby!

1343 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

if Gabrielle Union walked up to n e man on here i bet they would lose their minds...sayin they wouldnt but they would!

1343 days ago


No clue who they are, but hell neither of them. I don't do women, so can i get a button of "none the above"

1343 days ago


fiancee?! haha. right.

1342 days ago


I voted for Savannah...she's smokin hawt! Gabrielle looks too fake and Adrienne is totally fugly! BTW it's possible to not be attracted to opposite races and NOT be racist. I've met a number of Asian chicks who will only do Asian men, and they're not racist. Hell, they're denying themselves of proper penis size!

1342 days ago


where is the non option

1342 days ago
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