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Lindsay Lohan -- Sofa ... So Good

2/20/2011 5:52 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay's making some last minute preparations for Mama Lohan's arrival in L.A. tomorrow -- hitting up an expensive furniture boutique in Bev Hills yesterday with a famous interior designer.

Lindsay Lohan Venice Beach House
The designer is  Linda Koopersmith -- who's putting the finishing touches on Lindsay's Venice pad.

What money problems?


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She looks terrible, like she's pushing 50. What I'm wondering is how she's able to buy all the stuff she's been buying, considering her financial situation. What she really needs to do is put some of her imaginary money toward clothing, she always looks hideous!

1308 days ago


What on earth is up with the designers face?! What is her problem?

1308 days ago


Sittingbull- Since I have been to Lindsayland, I know the difference between it and reality. Hell I will tell people in my dreams sometimes its all dream within a dream and they laugh at me, cause they think there reality is real. Get it?
I mean What is reason, if reality is nothing more than what your mind tells you , you think is real?

1308 days ago


@ 62 Nicole
It is a lot cheaper for the sheriff if she is jailed, one prisoner is not going to make any real difference in his budget problems.

What was done to Paris was the only time any person has been made to do 50% of their sentence, and the despicable pervert judge who did it to her was at the end of his failed career. He was vilified and slammed so much that he retired in disgrace before his term was over.

I doubt if this judge would be anything but praised for doing the same thing to Lindsay.

I really don't care, but I do care that she is jailed for what she is convicted of and not what she is accused of.

1308 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Ladies & Gentleman you are about to witness the next store to be scammed out of their merchandise. She is going to rent the items and promise to help promote them. Then when the bill comes, no payment.

Then threats of repossession. She will move to a security building or place with a gate. She will then file a claim that the furnishings were stolen.

Then out of nowhere, Michael Lohan will make an announcement that he said he was going to pay for the items and that they sent the bill to the wrong person. More lies and excuses then last but not least the items will be returned but will be damaged. They will sue her and she will just shrug it off like the others. No biggie.

She is obvious but that store must be needing some publicity.

1308 days ago


@Sitting Bull

Being considered to parody yourself and your situtation in a movie is evidence that your legitimate acting career is OVER.
Only Z-listers work in this made for direct to video crap.

More likely, like the photo op above it's meant to convey to us that she's confident that she'll get off the hook. On the contrary it makes it look like she has no conscience and not sense of respect. She's smiling so she wants something from the photo. Her natural look is the scowl.....

By the way. Shee needs a stylist and a look update in the worst way. Her look is frozen in time around her first arrest.

Check out the fashion mags. They are rife with young Hollywood women. She is persona non grata. Over.

1308 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

Lindsay, I can't wait for another 5 years. Just think 5 years it took to be where you are at today. In another 5 years, people will be so over it and you will be out out Hollywood and off the daily Lohan reports.

1308 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

she has aged so much. She looks washed up. How much you want to bet she will have a major plastic surgery in the next 3 years. her brain is so fried with all the yes fans and supporters, she actually thinks she will be making a film soon again. She wrote on her twitter last night about talking with her potential new cast mate. Ha, unless it's Vivid.. Steven Hirsh, she take the offer?

1308 days ago

Davey Boy    

Lindsay -might- be doing the "credit card shuffle". There are plenty reports that LieLo is goin' broke. Maybe she's "paying Peter to pay Paul."

You know. Use one credit card to pay the bare minimum on the other. All the while, jacking up the one to help pay for "lifestyle" choices.

1308 days ago


It's so desperate the photo ops and the twitter. No successful young Hollywood actress does it. They maintain their mystery and their ability to disapear into a role. Lindsay is just a good for a cheap tabloid hit.

1308 days ago

Davey Boy    

So who next weekend is going to throw a "Lindsay Is In Jail Where Jail Where She Belongs" party? I might dance a few steps this Friday night in celebration of a low-life sociopath behind bars, dance.

1308 days ago


FUTMZ- Lindsayland can be free to you and everyone, if you can find

1308 days ago


The designer is obviously disgusted with Lilo's posing for the paps....I'm sure Lilo told them where they could find her as I seriously doubt they hang out on MELROSE AVE aka DECORATOR ROW. Hopefully the designer knew enough to at least get a deposit from Lilo as she'll never get any other funds from her.

1308 days ago

Davey Boy    

Did Sam take this shot, sell the photo to TMZ and "the story" so that LieLo could buy this designer crap? Hmmm, just wondering.

1308 days ago

Bill Leslie    

ha - Linda looks like she's worried about getting paid. Really worried!

1308 days ago
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