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Banksy STRIKES Again -- Tags Up San Diego

2/25/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Academy Award nominee and legendary street artist Banksy continued his Southern California graffiti spree last night ... this time, leaving his signature rat character on a taco shop in San Diego.

Banksy Graffiti
As we previously reported, the mysterious artist -- whose documentary "Exit Through the Gift Shop" is up for Best Documentary -- had been tagging up various spots in L.A. over the past few weeks.



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This is in Oceanside. Bull Taco is a very trendy hipster/surfer type taco shop. I am sure this is not a case of "vandalism". Not to mention it is right off PCH. Definitely could not have been done without being noticed by the police that patrol by every half hour. But still pretty sweet if you ask me.

1334 days ago


This is illegal and vandalism. It is not art so stop calling it that. He goes around painting things on items that do not belong to him so it is vandalism. Why is this guy not arrested and forced to clean these on his own? I noticed it said he is mysterious, really? Someone knows who the idiot is because he made a do***entary. Furthermore if he is such a great artist then make art not graffiti.

1334 days ago


Haters, do your research! Google and Wikipedia can be your friend. Utilise them and you'll see that this hole in the wall taco shop just sky-rocketed in value. *CLEVER* was right! Banksy is an amazing artist and anything and everything he touches turns to gold.
This taco shop will be worth more than ever and they should be thanking him for the publicity. Banksy isn't just some graffiti artist that tags utter ****e, he's a true artist that turns crappy, ugly buildings into works of art.

1334 days ago


Who the cares? It's graffiti. BIG NEWS!!!!

1334 days ago


I would like someone to explain this:

Does Banksy have written permission from the building/billboard owners to paint there?

If no...then what he is doing is VANDALISM, defacing property, and even trespassing.

What makes him different than a kid who paints on a mural, or a street gang member leaving gang symbols. Or different from a person trespassing to deface a train or a building?

Why glorify someone who should get criminal charges?

1334 days ago


it's in oceanside as confirmed, i was just there and the owner had just called painters to come spray over it, needless to say he won't be doing that so quickly !!! it looks amazing, lots of overspray and the subtle yellow undercoat with white over it, definitely his work. told the shop owner to coat this cause some massive rain is coming and the paint is still sticky wet. also has some overspray on the ground. this should be a great spot to visit if the owners can keep it preserved.

1334 days ago


Please people he is helping the economy business are failing with his art there i bet this place will sell lots of tacos.I mean if you are or was a business owner wouldn't you want your building with his art on your wall trust me what ever this man touch its gold.

1334 days ago


Did someone break your Crayons when you were little...really?

The difference is these pieces of ARTWORK go for MILLIONS of dollars, bring THOUSANDS of fans ACROSS THE WORLD and create a MYSTIQUE like nothing we have seen in the last 50 years!

I invite you to call Bull Taco and ask them how business is right now: 760....453.2103

Let me know how I fare...

1334 days ago



IT iS NOT RACIST, but you are for thinking it is.

YES IT IS VANDILISM... DUH! That's the whole point. We don't want him to sellout like Fairey do we? Putting up legal/comissioned graffiti displays paid for by "the man" it truly undermines the entire culture. And lets not even joke about the OBEY clothing line... effing ridiculous.

1334 days ago


lol at "kat von d"
hit with a lawsuit? how many artists work have you jacked for tattoos? if that is really you i am seriously surprised.

1334 days ago


This is at Bull Taco and Quiver Boardsworks shop in Oceanside, CA

1334 days ago


Throw the little bitch in jail and let him get ****ed in the ass. Then they can shove rats up there too.

1334 days ago


I saw the film - the guy is an arrogant douche. Not likable, rude and way over hyped. What an ahole. Why its nominated is the real mystery.

1334 days ago


Who cares?
this rich dude doesn't matter

1334 days ago


Hmmm.. Kat... aren't you the one engaged to a racist?
So really now... I guess you'd be the expert on racism, eh?

1334 days ago
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