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Melissa Leo

The Acceptance Speech


2/28/2011 10:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Melissa Leo's foul mouth just tarnished her Oscar speech -- because she dropped the first f-bomb of the night moments after winning an Academy Award for best supporting actress.



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I found her trashy, completely classless. After watching her speech I decided she may not have done such a great acting job in the Fighter as she seems very much like the character she played.

1300 days ago


Hey Davey -
Are you blind as well as obtuse? You are clearly the one who has issues with opinions other than your own. Anyone open-minded would never take issue with someone who used a naughty word ... he might disagree with the appropriateness of its usage, but would hold his silence instead of condemning the person because her standards differed from his own. Where would this condemnatory treatment lead if permitted to run its natural course, I shudder to think. To ghettoization? Concentration camps? A gas chamber? Extreme analogies, granted; but you narrow-minded sorts will just never grasp the error of your ways. Only a fascistic mindset would want to dictate that everyone walk and talk and think and speak exactly the same way--it was to escape such dictatorial views that the seedlings of our nation emigrated to this continent. Go read your Constitution and Bill of Rights. And try to imagine how you might feel if someone tried to gag you when you tried to speak.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled Tea Party.

(By the way, Hoss, I have never watched South Park.)

1300 days ago

ed ansardi    

Using the "F" word was inappropiate and unacceptable. And in addition, Melissa admitted using the word freely with her son
at home and said to him "Don't use it in front of Grandma"
What kind of example was that? Shame ! Shame! Melissa ...

1300 days ago


Oh, please, it was completely calculated. First, she does the Norma Desmond, "where am I?" routine, then it's the F-bomb, then it's the "thank the academy" grandeur, then it's this weird Annie Oakley, "we're makin' pitchers." The woman is as phony as a three dollar bill. It makes one question her whole career.

1300 days ago


She looked so overacted all along,like staying in character from the movie. I'm glad she won the Oscar cause she did a great job, but the problem with her speech was not the f*** word per se, we all say it on a daily basis but NOT when we are in a very formal award show in front of millions, where you should present yoursel on your best behaviour, like a civilized person. She had the Independent awards, the Golden Globes, the Saga awards and all the other domestic awards to do that, now she will always be known as a foul-mouthed woman instead of a good actress. Next year she will be there again, maybe then she will act like a lady and make herparents and children proud.

1300 days ago

Milf Biggenson    

Her whole acceptance speech was so OVER THE TOP and phony. The F bomb was also planned. Come on. She wanted some extra publicity; that's what it's all about, isn't it? I just thought it was very disrespectful to Kirk Douglas, who's generation wouldn't have DARED say that on TV or movies for that matter.

Funny how old movies actually had dialogue and didn't require bad language as a replacement for ineptitude. In the near future, old movies are going to be "dialogue remastered" on DVD so that a new generation can enjoy them and understand them.

"Frankly Scarlet, you motherf*cking bitch, I don't give a F*ck."

"Use the force Luke, you douchebag c*cksucker!"

"Play it again, N*ggaaaa!"

"The nsme's Bond. James M*therF*cker, C*ckcsucker, by the Jesus, Whore-Sluttin' Bond."

Oddly enough, that's probably not a bad idea. Just remember, I thought of it!!!!!

1300 days ago


LET'S BE REAL: I don't care about her language. She must be a completely ignorant woman. Why would she EVER feel it was okay to take Kirk Douglas' cane as they walked off stage? He obviously needs that cane to walk safely without falling. I truly watched in disbelief and HOPED that the attendant was holding on to him tightly. Melissa is LUCKY that man did not fall due to her ignorance and stupidity!!!

1300 days ago


Stuff a dildoe in her filthy pie hole! What a classless B**CH

I didn't know who she was before Sunday night and now I hope she just disappears..
Very unprofessional and trashy!!!!

1300 days ago


Pure tacky trash...she shamed the Academy by spewing filth in a classy setting with hundreds of professions and families watching at home. How could that just pop out? I'm sure it was planned for attention.
I don't even know what the hell she ever did...I didn't see her movie....and now I never will. She is a bottom dweller and needs to get a job scrubbing graffiti off of restroom walls.

Classless pie hole!!!

1300 days ago


**** **** **** ****ety ****. There ya go. Are you still the same person as you were before I typed that? **** yes.

Now, shut the **** up about it. ****ers.

****, ****y **** **** ****.

1291 days ago


Seriously people? One word and you go crazy on her like a bunch of piranha? What ever happened to "If you don't have anything to say, don't say anything at all"? And apparently you didn't even watch her perform...

1250 days ago
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