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State Senator's GF Arrested After "DWTS" Charity Event

2/27/2011 5:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Arizona state senator Scott Bundgaard claims he got into a fight with his girlfriend after she became jealous of his dance routine at a "Dancing With the Stars" charity event.


Sen. Bundgaard claims his girlfriend, Aubry Ballard, punched him and tried throwing his things out of his car during the drive home after the event. According to Bungaard, she accused him of "inappropriately touching" his partner during the event, which benefited the National Kidney Foundation of Arizona.

Police arrived on scene to find Bundgaard trying to remove Ballard from the car, which was pulled over on the side of the road.

According to police, both had marks on them -- but only Ballard was arrested because of an Arizona state law that
gives him immunity from arrest while the legislature is in session.

According to a police spokesman, Bundgaard could eventually face charges from the city attorney.


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Now we have proof that when a politician claims no one is above the law that hey are full of crap!

1299 days ago


All I can say is what a geek!

1299 days ago


wonder if TMSleaze can be held for libel?

1298 days ago


He needs to be in the news every d..n day until he gets HIS come-uppance. How dare he get away with battery on a woman (or anyone)! If you read his bio you'll see he is, in my opinion, just another hypocritical republican biblethumping thug.

1298 days ago


Immunity? What kind of bs is that? So a senator in Arizona can kill someone and not be arrested for it? Arizona is the most backwards state in the entire US.

1298 days ago


Actanonverba,I don't have a brother that you can meet. SORRY!!!!

1298 days ago


So she is punching him while he's driving and trying to throw his stuff out and he tries to get her a$$ out the car and he's in the wrong?!? (according to some of you on here) Glad her a$$ got hauled to jail.

And for everyone on here throwing the political side into it, you left wing nutjobs are hilarious..I feel sorry for you guys.

1298 days ago


She was beating him while he was driving and refused to get out of his car when asked. How is this his fault? She was the angry person and he just wanted to get away from her.

1298 days ago


lets see here were any of us there, did the fat lip and black eye get there while he was driving or while he was aside the road? I believe the reports showed she had marks on her also but he pulled this im a congressman and were in session and when were in session we cant be arrested, bullsh*t he was not on his way to a active vote they should have hauled his a$$ off to jail too, you could bet your damn dollar you or me would have been. Bottom line with the earlier post it dosent matter with them, they are no different then us other then they make the laws and sign them so they should uphold them to, why should they be exempt, if they are caught drinking and driving they get off bull****, please. He should have been hauled off car towed fines paid everything just like us.

1298 days ago


To: ActaNonVerba:

"Women .... absolutley "know" the man is 100% guilty and is the anti-christ. That is why women don't belong in the public sphere. They are not capable of reason or fairness or objectivity, only misandry and a hive mentality."

1298 days ago


"but only Ballard was arrested because of an Arizona state law that gives him immunity from arrest while the legislature is in session."

This applies to 43 states. Arizona, of course, would be one of them. It figures.

1298 days ago

Cactazz Kicker    

Check out Aubry Ballard who was once Miss Arizona Dream Girl:

1298 days ago


i work with aubry and she is the most amazing woman youll ever meet. i love you aubry! you are my inspiration!

1298 days ago

oh for the love...    

My husband is a retired cop, he ALWAYS has said, "When I pulled over a person that appeared to be drinking, and I saw it was a woman, I said a silent prayer before appoaching. I would rather pull over a van of Frat boys, than a single drunk woman."
I'm not saying she or he were drunk, or even tipsy. But any woman that can't admit to "losing it" every now and then, is a big fat liar.
Not that she's fat either, I'm just sayin...sounds like this gal truly lost her cool. Beside don't ya think we women get a break in many instances where men do not? I've witnessed some pretty ugly behavior from the "Sweet, Soothing & Softer" side of our species. (including myself unfortunately.)

1297 days ago


If you look hard enough you can find some great pics of aubry with a rigid power tool, she was miss dreamgirl arizona. great body!

1297 days ago
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