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Charlie Sheen's Publicist Quits

2/28/2011 4:04 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's longtime publicist has quit, TMZ has learned.

Stan Rosenfield

Stan Rosenfield tells TMZ ... he's resigning because "I worked with Charlie Sheen for a long time and I care about him very much, however, at this time, I'm unable to work effectively as his publicist and have respectfully resigned."

Rosenfield resigned minutes after Sheen appeared live on TMZ this morning ... where the actor insinuated Stan lied to the media on his behalf regarding the hotel trashing incident at The Plaza Hotel in NYC back in October.

Stan had issued a statement saying Charlie was hospitalized that night for an "allergic reaction."

When Mike Walters asked Charlie about the medical explanation, CS responded, "I was asleep when that statement went out."

Sheen added, "I respect Stan ... he was doing the best he could in that moment ... had I confirmed with him, I probably would have come up with something better. "


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yes, hope they can 5150 before he ODs.

1232 days ago


lol, so is "sheen" the new street slag for crack yet?

1232 days ago


Really. For Charlie's long time publicist to claim it was an allergic reaction was laughable. I guess he's upset Charlie admitted and much and confessed he was asleep or out of it when that press release went out, otherwise he would have nixed it.

This seems like it was just the final straw for him, an excuse to bail.

1232 days ago


He's having a nervous breakdown. All the signs are there......his family needs to intervene and get him help immediately before he signs over his life savings to the 2 bimbo's at his home.

There are only 2 outlets for addicts and he can't accept either.......intensive rehab/jail or overdose and die. This is why he is breaking down.

1232 days ago

Alan Carver    

Stan Rosenfield, he has my respect and support for unhitching himself from this train wreck in motion and waiting to happen! He is smart and knows when the ship is about to sink - without life jackets! Good For You Stan Rosenfield! You're doing the right thing by RUNNING as fast as you can off that train! Sheen you remain a douche and loser!

1232 days ago


Hey #7--Mikey-you stupid ****--That man you're calling a "dried up prune" has tons more life experience than Charlie does--believe it or not young people-yes & including porn stars--don't know more than someone older with more life experience and on-the-job-experience than someone 20+ years younger. That is common sense for most people but YOU DEAR MIKIE are obviously exceptionally intellectually deprived!! Grow a brain you moron!!

1232 days ago


In the real world, it would take about 5 minutes before someone punched chuck in the head for being such a condescending arrogant azz.

1232 days ago


So you had enough of drinking Charlie Sheen's "kool-aid" and slipping and sliding in Charlie Sheen's sh*t. It took how many YEARS for you to walk away from Charlie Sheen's Titanic?

1232 days ago


He may have passed a drug test but his brain has passed normal and become abby normal because of all of the drugs. The brain deteriorates with abuse. He should have a brain scan it probably looks like that of a turnip after all these years. No rational. It's terribly sad. Who knows maybe he'll end up like J. Paul Getty III and have a massive drug induced stroke and need 'round the clock care. Heartbreaking. Sadly he is so far gone that he doesn't even realize that yes, a person can party and have fun and do their job. Lots and LOTS of people do that ... and a perfect example of that is Vegas. People with more money than chuck. But they party and then they pull their heads out of their arses. Terribly sad chuck and his diseased malfunctioning irrational brain. He doesn't even realize that the only reason people are watching him is to see his train wreck.

1232 days ago


Poor Stan. I can imagine that he's come to the end of his tether. The client is just out of control and would not listen, phoning every news outlet with random outbursts, giving interviews to whoever will take the bite, leading one major station to believe that it has an exclusive, so that it spends millions advertising this during the Oscars. Perhaps Stan arranged this deal and loose cannon Charlie now makes him look like a fool with ABC. Charlie certainly did that on TMZ re: Stan’s efforts to cover up for the NY incident to the world. And of course, Charlie knows better - if he'd been around and not sleeping, they'd have come up with something better than an allergic reaction, he said. Well, if he was as clever as he says he is, he would have read the label before - in NY, and in all these other incidents.
I don't believe Stan's jumped from a sinking ship. I believe that he's spent ages trying to reason with manic Charlie to no available. Maybe he’s also decided to no longer be an enabler, covering up Charlie's messes. You heard Denise. Charlie's is often like this. Stan probably cares enough for Charlie to let him crash down in his own mess this time so that he can get proper help. Good on you Stan!!! You have to be cruel to be kind. Enough is enough, even if Charlie does bring his card house down with him.
Plus it must concern Stan that at some point Charlie may start calling him Achitzur or Elitzur or Shamir or Tzur – whatever his Hebrew name is. I'm Jewish and my father is a Holocaust survivor and while I try not to be paranoid (even about Mel’s rants), these kind of things always sit there ticking away at the back of your mind.
My fear is what happens when Charlie does crash into depression after such a manic run – what will happen? Who will help?
As a family member of mine says, he had to really hit rock bottom before he actually realised he needed help and started to actually get proper help. Where is Charlie’s rock bottom? And how tragic is it that this has to play out in front of a curious celebrity struck world to the “amusement” of some.
Please don’t blame TMZ for this. It is its jobs to get the scoop, pay the paparazzi for their prying pics, dish the dirt etc etc. Why shouldn’t it have tried to be ahead of the story? Yes, Mike did pander to Charlie, but how else do you get the person to open up to you on live TV? Yes, Mike at times seems to be at a loss as to what to ask next. But he also put the whole danger question – MJ and Heath Ledger dying etc – and he did it in a non-antagonistic way. He knew he was dealing with a loose cannon so he had to be careful. But he did out-scoop all those TV stations who thought they had the lead.

1232 days ago


Goes to show you, a part of his brain is burned, he can't think rationally because that part of his brain is charchol. Not much left up there, six feet under, not far away.

1232 days ago

Stan Rosenfield     

Stan Rosenfield

1232 days ago


even though he is being a complete jerk, i think most of us want to see him somehow pull out of this nosedive. that is the fascination of watching a train wreck. the hope that somehow, it's not really going to happen.

1232 days ago


This man seems to be on a Manic downward spiral. He needs help. Hes spouting off words and statements that will end up devastating his career. He runs all over to everyone who will listen to him and just says outrageous things. Hes got to get mental health help. He needs medication. He seems bipolar. Someone needs to help this man

1231 days ago


omg Greg #37 LLLLLLOOOOOOLLLLLLL. I laughed so long and hard it was great! Sad that it's human nature to want to watch a train wreck... Feel so bad for Martin and his family. I will continue to pray for Charlie, as his father asked us to. If we all did, a miracle could happen!

1231 days ago
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