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Heather Mills' Ex-Rep: She Lied About Abuse from Paul

2/28/2011 9:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Heather Mills' ex-publicist has filed a  lawsuit against the former model, claiming Heather is a liar and a cheater who tried to fix the ending of "Celebrity Apprentice."

Heather Mills Lied

In the suit, Parapluie -- a publicity company -- claims Heather often made allegations about Paul McCartney to the firm, claiming he was a drunk, drug-abusing wife-beater.  Sources connected with the publicity company tell TMZ ... they believe Heather made the abuse stories up.

The documents state, Heather told one of the publicists, "I could kill [Paul], last night, he tried to choke me.  The marriage is over."  Sources connected to the firm tell TMZ ... they believe Heather was lying.

According to the suit -- obtained by TMZ -- the publicity firm claims it got her a shot at being on "Celebrity Apprentice," but Mills would only accept the gig if Donald Trump guaranteed she would win.  Trump denied her request.

The firm also says Heather lied when she said all of the money she made from "Dancing with the Stars" would go to charity.  The firm claims only a portion went to charity.

The publicity company is suing for unpaid fees totaling $168,000.

Calls to McCartney's rep have not been returned.


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Can these dumb "reality" shows die already?!?

I think if people want to be a celebrity, then they have to go through some finishing college before they ever get in front of a camera and get paid big bucks. Better yet, don't pay these "actors" big bucks at all! It's high time the actor/musician/athlete/socialite make less than construction workers.

1297 days ago


They have no real clue what took place between Heather and Paul during the marriage. How could they? This is absurd and they are flipping out all of these allegations as leverage to get paid.

What A holes. No business ethics. I'd make them spend a fortune and then I'd just pay them. Spend them into the ground with legal fees. That might make an impression.

1297 days ago


of course every one takes super star pauls side.because he is the name the famous one the idol.he was a douche to her.

1297 days ago


also the firm is suing her do yall really expect them to say good things about her??of course they are gonna say any and every thing to paint a bad picture of her for the lawsuit.

1297 days ago

Kelly Juntunen    

It doesn't surprise me. Women, and men, sometimes lie about abuse. Some "victims" even hit themselves to make it look like they were abused. I think it is best to identify the liar as quickly as possible...before it leads to perjury and further defamation.

1297 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Heather and Ok$ana, two pease in a pod -
Gold diggers and liars.

1297 days ago


Of course she lied; she lied previously about being a nude soft core model (full nudity with legs spread; pics of her posing naked showing off her crotch & chest were brought out & shown in her divorce trial, because she lied on the stand about never having done them), so it's not surprising she didn't tell the truth about other things. Her nickname is C*nty McC*ntster. She's one of the nastiest divorcee bitches of all time, so lying comes naturally to her...

1297 days ago


What a slag. I lost all respect for McCartney when he hooked up with her.

1297 days ago


Of course she is a liar and a gold digger. In fact she was an escort rather than a model.

1297 days ago

Hot Blooded    

What a slag. I lost all respect for McCartney when he hooked up with her.

Posted at 11:05 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Fellini

Agree 100%! Mills is a pathological liar, so I don't believe a single word she says.

1297 days ago


This really isn't a surprise to anyone. It's no secret that Heather Mills has been having severe financial problems in recent years. Karma seems to be "alive and well" in her case. How someone can blow $75 million dollars in such a short time span is beyond me. I guess trying to land another "well-to-do" trick daddy was somewhat difficult especially after she tried her best to "trash" Paul McCartney in the press. Men probably grab their wallets and run when they see her.

1297 days ago


This story doesn't have a leg to stand on...
Posted at 5:06 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Mike

Haha Mike! That made me seriously laugh out loud!!!!

1297 days ago


Is anyone surprised?

1297 days ago


No surprise here.
I read the divorce judgment shortly after it was rendered (it was available online) and in his impeccable British legalese, the judge called her a lying, greedy, grifting gold-digger.

1297 days ago


What??? She's a liar??? NO! lololololol

1297 days ago
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