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Lindsay Lohan

Joins Jimmy Kimmel's HoBo Club

2/28/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If you've ever wanted to see Hollywood's hottest women hump a workout ball, then Jimmy Kimmel's post-Oscar sketch mocking exercise infomercials is the video for you!

Make sure you watch the whole thing to catch Lindsay Lohan's cameo mocking her latest legal troubles.


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Lou #45 - she must have had major smoking lines in her upper lip (that most women get in their thirties/forties after years of smoking.) I said this before: her career is essentially over. Because of her hard partying lifestyle, she's had to resort to age defying techniques usually reserved for women twice her age. Her face is frozen for a 24 year old - how will she win that Oscar without natural movement?

1336 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

She looked horrible. Compared to the others in this skit. She should of been better warned by her handlers not to go against the other starlets. She looked puffy with her swollen lips. She just looks old and warn. Too bad considering her age.

Look at this picture here at this link.

It shows Lindsay when she was cute and then the difference 5 years later. Amazing how bad it is. Parents, keep your kids off drugs and don't let them idolize Hollywood types. Be a part of their lives.

I can't believe her handlers let her mock the justice system with this. She didn't earn any points with the judge here did she?

1336 days ago


Wow -- the only thing these ladies need to exercise is their prerogative to fire whatever dimbulb agents or managers who suggested they take part in such an embarrassing, lame, and unfunny sketch! The lot of them should be ashamed. As for Kimmel -- he should have his comedian's license revoked permanently for inflicting such humiliation on these previously A-list actresses...

1336 days ago

Lindsay Lohan    

I have been saying this over and over. Lindsay was niche back in the day. A fresh red headed cutie who did have some talent. Although Clearly she lost it all.

Now, there is a couple of better acting and cuter red headed actresses out there to fill the void;

Emma Stone ( amazing talent and a lot better looking than Lindsay. She has already proven she can handle it too.

Elizabeth Gillies ( now she looks like Lindsay Lohan when Lindsay looked good. She is an up and comer to watch. She is very talented and those who vision a rule for Lindsay needs to look at this girl. She would bring it better justice.

1336 days ago


Everybody always makes a big fuss over Conan but the real talent on TV is Kimmel! He really tells it like it is! His show was more entertaining last night than the whole awards show!

1336 days ago


Look at this picture here at this link.

It shows Lindsay when she was cute and then the difference 5 years later. Amazing how bad it is. Parents, keep your kids off drugs and don't let them idolize Hollywood types. Be a part of their lives.

Posted at 8:55 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by Lindsay Lohan


Wow, LOL ... who has that many wrinkles at 24?? Look at her neck! It's like those Meth posters. Years of drinking, smoking and doing drugs has left her looking horrible... now I get the whole Botox and lip augment thing... I'm guessing a neck tuck is next.

1336 days ago


I'm not sure why she would do this skit, perhaps it was to be grouped with the other actresses but she was obviously isolated from them. I don't think the skit did anything positive for her so I think it was a mistake. Also her part of the skit seemed to convey one message above all others, Lindsey is an expert on lying... er lions. I think it would be best for her to stay out of the public eye until her next court date.

1336 days ago



1336 days ago


It was "supposed" to be funny, right, like the Oscar show was "supposed" to be young and hip.

1336 days ago


There is no talent with Lindsay Lohan.

Everyone did a great job in that skit,and my opinion Lindsay didn't even need to be in it...What she have 15 seconds out of 7 minutes?

She had the least amount of talent among all the gals in it.

There are to many better actresses than Lindsay that are deserving.

Anytime a person see's Lindsay..she just ruins what a person is watching.

It's like there is that girl who blames,denies,is a drug addict,and always in trouble.

It takes the plot away from the movie,or show for that matter.

Hollywood..please keep her off the big screen.Nobody wants to watch her no more.

Move on to those more talented,and deserving.

By the way..her voice sounds like crap.

1336 days ago


I got a really good look at her during her performance last night via a photo at RoL and she looks really, really rough. Have to agree with the poster who wondered what was wrong with her eye? One was clearly squinting. (And she looks high in the photo. I also thought she looked high in court.) Her skin was weirdly shiny and plastic looking. Her hair looked dirty on top. Her make-up didn't hide the ravages of time. From a distance, she looks okay but close up she looks a right mess.

And I think others are right, legit actresses do NOT want to be seen with her. It's bad press. Not to mention that she might steal from them. And what does she have to offer to them? She's like someone's tag-along, criminal little sister these days.

1336 days ago


Bootsy #49, right you are! She MUST have some serious lines in the upper lip area that she needs to Botox. They usually don't show up until late 30's at the earliest, so she must have severely damaged her body with her partying ways. I've just never seen anything like this. Even Amy Winehouse has cleaned herself up and looks much better these days. Lindsay reminds me of those before and after mugshots of people on crack.

1336 days ago



WOW! Everyone should look at this photo. I thought I'd posted some bad pics of her, but MAN! But according to DUIna, Lindsay doesn't have a problem. It's all propaganda.

1336 days ago


faces of meth/death..her Entourage of Enablers are awful(ha,sorry for the pun)quiet today what are they planning??Mike sr. tell us your thoughts on how great and sexy your daughter looks ..creep.shut up Trollhans.

1336 days ago

Alan Carver    

@ Nicole, sincerely I say this, at least Lohan has one person as a fan. She should be ever so grateful to you for supporting her now defunct career. But I digress, the people saying on here that she shouldn't have done this bit, well let's see, she wasn't at the Oscars, and probably NOT extended an invite, let's face it, with all that Jewelery around it was probably better thought of than to have a soon-to-be convicted Grand Theft felon walking your red-carpet. And she is going to need money for her legal woes, if not for being able to buy JUNK FOOD during her stay at Lynwood in the coming weeks! It does not surprise me that she would do this Kimmel bit, because she has no other offers to do anything else. She only has making a mockery of her personal and legal woes, left. Well, and her court appearances, those are the only times the tv crews show up! She is now just a joke all the way around, and self deprecation is really all she can do ... what else is there? Nothing! Actually I think the public gets the last laugh here - we are all laughing at Lohan and she knows it - she is literally is - just a punchline in a joke now. She did this to herself and so all we can do is just laugh along with the rest of the world! HA HA HA HA HA!

1336 days ago
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