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Nancy Reagan PRAISES Obama

3/1/2011 3:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barack Obama has at least ONE famous Republican supporter ... Nancy Reagan.

Nancy Reagan

The former First Lady of the United States was leaving Spago with her Secret Service team yesterday when a paparazzo asked, "How do you think Obama's doing now?"

Reagan simply replied, "He's doing well."

Obama recently announced that he read a book on Ronald ... we're guessing it scored him a few points with the Gipper's wife.


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#53 is the poster child for meth heads. You represent everything that is ugly in the U.S. right now.

Yes people of the world donate now to adopt a ******ger. With enough funds we can load them all into a rocket and send them to Mars where maybe someday they may evolve into actual humans! We can only hope!

1309 days ago


Just wondering...why does a tiny 89 year lady need TWO secret service agents in broad daylight at a public restaurant?

1309 days ago


Nancy is still the beautiful, elegant, poised person she was back when President Reagan was in office. I really enjoyed seeing this!

1309 days ago

my opinion    

@AnnaR well said.... it would make a better world for US ALL.

1309 days ago


@Acorn: Because that was what was promised to her for the rest of her life; one of the benefits of being married to a President (well, for those grand-fathered in).

Believe it or not, there are people out there ignorant and self-centered enough to go after a 90-year old woman, simply because of the fact that she was married to a President that they may not have liked.

1309 days ago

my opinion    

TMZ you NEED to better screen what comments are sent through...DISGUSTING

1309 days ago

Jeb Bush 2012    

We must all unite as Americans to defeat the Kenyan born, muslim communist residing in our WHITE House. He is waging Jihad against America and is imposing Sharia law! The only way to stop him is to demand more Tax Cuts for the Wealthy and prevent building of the Obama 9/11 victory Mosque at Ground Zero. Say no to Obama death panels murdering millions of our Sr. Citizens.

Also, he is a Negro!?!?!? He is name is HUSSIEN, muslims are scary! Jeb Bush is caucasian (WHITE) and he is a Bush!!! American Royalty! Perhaps the Supreme Court can appoint him President if Hussien is impeached.

Support your local Tea Party / Republican Candidate and save America by implementing more Tax Cuts for the Wealthy. No more $$$ for so called "unemployment benefits" for those lazy poor people, get a J O B you bums!

1309 days ago


Mz Reagan is old school - she has manners, unlike some of the misguided fools commenting on here and being so incredibly rude about your current President. How in the world do you expect anyone to have respect for you when you do not show respect for others. I think the U.S. is on a road of self-destruct. Try not to take the rest of the world with you.

Shame on you for being such hateful people.

1309 days ago


Just wondering...why does a tiny 89 year lady need TWO secret service agents in broad daylight at a public restaurant?

Posted at 12:41 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by acorn

Because if some whacko walks up and shoots or stabs her for their wacked out 15 minutes of fame, or whatever reason that motivates their deluded mind, you'd be wondering why the former First Lady of the United States, a frail and elderly woman, didn't have better Secret Service protection. That's why she has an entorauge of the best security officers this nation can offer. ;)

Face it a full time SS detail is the least of this nations financial problems... and the politic ramifications of her not having sufficient security would be huge if anything was attempted against her.

It's just common sense. Better to play it safe then be sorry later...

1309 days ago


How on earth do you equate a lack of criticism with approval. More likely for this dyed-in-the-wool lifelong conservative, she damns him with scant praise, as the saying goes.

1309 days ago


"He's doing well" is not PRAISING him.
Go easy on the headlines.

1309 days ago


I think I personally would have gone with no comment, instead of he's doing well. Because obviously he is not doing well.

1309 days ago


That comment that class act Nancy made was here nor there as far as praise goes.

1309 days ago


So TMZ thinks it is newsworthy to report that Mrs. Reagan say Obama is "doing well." She has respect for the office, unlike most socialists... I mean liberals.

Posted at 12:06 PM on Mar 1, 2011 by Rudy


Yeah right. Unlike the right wingers... i mean conservatives posting here who obviously have no respect for the office of the First Lady.

Pretty pathetic, double so seeing as her husband is an idol to most of them. How dare she show the slightest bit of class rather then launch into a hateful rant against Obama when casually asked her opinion by a paparazzo on the street. That's unacceptable to them and she must be thrown under the bus and derided and humiliated for it.

How classy...

What's with today's "TMZ Generation" of extremist liberals and conservatives? They are Ignorant, Obtuse, Hateful, Intolerant, Belligerent, Self Absorbed haters who put their own agenda before the needs of their country. They are a cancer on our society and i despise them whether they are liberals or conservatives. They are all wack job extremists, two sides of the same coin.

1309 days ago

my opinion    

why are you making a big deal out of her response?...Mrs.Reagan seems to have a sound mind and as she stated"PRESIDENT OBAMA IS DOING WELL!!!!"

Love President Obama keep up the good work, since you were given a mess from Bush

LOVE, PEACE, RESPECT & KINDNESS makes a better world for us ALL!!!

1309 days ago
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